DDR4, Should I Upgrade?

When DDR4 was first launched back in September 2014 experts predicted that, like previous generations, it will take a good 6-12 months before PC enthusiasts/ gamers will start seriously thinking about installing it in their machines.

So, as it’s now been 15 months since its introduction, where are we at with the technology and should it be adopted by gamers and PC enthusiasts?

As DDR4 technology has evolved over the last year or so, prices have plummeted, power consumption has decreased and speeds have risen. Continue reading DDR4, Should I Upgrade?

TFT Panel Technology – What To Look For?

When looking for a monitor, it’s easy to get sucked in by a manufacturers performance claims. This article aims to give you an understanding of the panel technology so you can get a feel for the overall performance of the display and how it should perform in real environments.

Most manufacturers will list the panel technology within the specifications of a product, this information never used to be available.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular panel technologies you’re likely to see on the market today: Continue reading TFT Panel Technology – What To Look For?