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3D Scanning on the HP TopShot LaserJet Pro M275

Can new technology turn printing, copying and scanning from mundane to exciting?  The HP TopShot is attempting to do just that, and here’s how.

At Dabs.com we often come across new exciting technology – that’s a large part of why we do what we do here – but occasionally, there are those products that take our breath away by making the ordinary, extra ordinary Take printing for example; for the most part we use our printers to produce a hardcopy of a document. But there’s potential in the HP TopShot, for the more imaginative among us to produce personal works of contemporary art.

Let me introduce you to TopShot Scanning. As part of the LaserJet Pro M275, TopShot scanning enables easy and quick capture of high-quality images of documents; as well as 3D objects, which can then be used for printed materials or online. The LaserJet Pro M275 achieves this through a camera which is embedded into a hinged arm elevated above the scanning platform, also known as the capture stage of the device.  By combining a high-quality lens and a high-resolution sensor, any small object can be captured through a total of six images per scan or copy. Here is an example of what it can do below.

So this is where I begin gazing even deeper into future, and I ask myself, ‘how long before homes and small businesses are able to scan, print, send and project scale representation of products and objects’?  You might start small with ornaments, jewellery and handheld devices but before long you expand onto bigger objects including; computer components, games consoles, TVs and other home electronics. Let’s face it, this is a long way from the development of the flat hologram, in fact, this printer may well turn out to be the 21st century equivalent of R2D2.

So, if you were to scan 3D objects to send to someone on a printed material or online, what would you scan and who would you send it to?


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