Helping Kris Akabusi (tenuous), Hose-pipe Bans and Crazy Deals!

It’s Friday once again and as I am writing this, and you are reading it, it must mean we all survived Friday 13th – although looking out of the window here at dabs it looks like the apocalypse. It is gloomy and currently lashing it down…not only that, but there are some rumbles of thunder… is it really mid-august? It’s not all doom and gloom though for us up north; yesterday our Hose Pipe Ban was lifted – yeah, thanks for recognising that it has rained for seven weeks straight up north United Utilities!

Another reason to be happy is that the football season is back; Blackpool are flying high, Preston are bottom of the league (sorry Mike – our head designer and loyal/foolhardy/optimistic PNE fan) and Bolton are mid-table! Happy days! If you don’t like football don’t worry; X-Factor starts tomorrow! I for one look forward to seeing Simon crush the dreams of mis-guided teens for the next few weeks!

So while your Saturdays now belong to Jeff Stelling and Simon Cowell, your Fridays still belong to Dunc… so onto the good stuff!

After last week telling you that we had a big desk move at dabs – I too have been relocated – in fact I am now sat next to our “Social Media Guru” Sam (he doesn’t call himself that, we do). He is the man who handles all your Twitter and Facebook queries. He also launches unique promotions for dabs including Free Game Friday on Twitter – follow us now to take part!

Now the Kris Akabusi link may be tenuous but allow me to explain. Last week I told you that a Massachusetts man had a pea plant was growing in his lung – that question was subsequently in our local Pub Quiz this week and my team, Quiz Akabusi , were in quick with the answer. Just shows that you can visit dabs.com, read Dunc’s Deals, buy some kit, and be successful at quizzes. Winner! So if you’re in a pub quiz team, let Dunc help you out – always remember that Bluetooth was named after King Harald of Denmark, and Kentucky is known as ‘The Bluegrass State’. You can thank me later…

Speaking of winning things, Laura – our Networking and Optical/PSU product manager – wants to see your originality, or be made to laugh! To win a Plextor 4x External Slim Top-loading BD-ROM worth £79.99 all you have to do is follow us on Twitter or Facebook and tell us what Blu-ray film you are most looking forward to watching and why – easy!

Thanks again for all your comments and free download claims via the Speak To Dunc section – this week I want to find out what you DO and DON’T like about dabs. Anything and everything. After all, if we don’t know, we cant help! Drop me a comment today and I will ensure that you get a free download voucher for Assassins Creed II!

Before we get onto the products a quick shoutout to all the students getting their results this week, hopefully you all got what you needed! Whether you’re after something ready for school/college or just looking to invest your student loans wisely, ensure you take a moment to look over our extensive Back To School range.


Thanks for checking out last week’s video that announced the winners of our NVIDIA Free D Promotion we ran in July – if you missed it, watch it now on our YouTube channel. One man I reckon did watch it was Comedian David Mitchell – he was so upset about not winning, he used his popular Soapbox on YouTube to complain about the gimmickry of bad 3D… in bad 3D! If you want to watch his video, click here – but if you want to watch it in 3D, then drop me a message on Speak To Dunc and I’ll send you a set of cardboard 3D glasses – 20 pairs available!

When I filmed last week’s video, I also unboxed our brand new ASUS AMD and Intel Self Build PC Bundles. If you’ve ever wondered what you actually get in there, or want to see the fantastic prizes available for buying the AMD or Intel versions, check out the video below.

Please be aware that when I filmed the video, the Intel promotion was not confirmed; but I can now tell you that anyone buying one of the Value, Performance or Ultimate Intel Self-Build Bundles will be automatically entered into a draw to win an Intel 160GB X25-M Solid State Drive worth over £300!

As promised last week our XFX CrossFireX 5770 Graphics Card bundle is now in stock! Two single slot variants of the 5770 are in the bundle, along with a Dirt2 game download. When you buy you can email me to claim a £10 DabsPlay voucher! Another dabs.com exclusive!


Once again, you lot went crazy for the exclusive Dunc’s Deal special offers; so I want to keep this tradition up! To get the discounts, just use the special links below!

First off, let’s give you some crazy pricing on the bundles you’ve just seen above! For the Asus AMD Ultimate bundle how does £25 off grab you? For the Asus Intel Performance bundle you can have £10 off! Remember too that the AMD bundles get you in the pot to win a Case and PSU, and the Intel bundles could net you a free SSD!

Looking for storage? Look no further with this exclusive price of £44.99 on the Samsung 1TB Spinpoint F3 7200RPM hard drive, or if you need more space I have £5 off the Seagate 2TB Barracuda – now just £84.98. Finally before I sign off on the exclusives, we just took stock of this Buffalo 1TB Linkstation Duo – this Dunc’s Deal link gets you £10 off!

Keep the orders coming in for the Asus AMD Self-Build PC Bundles – you haven’t disappointed so far! Don’t forget that orders in August go into a draw to win a Corsair Professional Series HX750W PSU worth over £110 and a Thermaltake Aguila VD1000BNS Mid Tower ATX Case worth over £60!

I hinted last week that loyal Intel customers were soon to be catered for with an Entry, Performance and Ultimate Bundle – the latter packs a Core i7-930! Take a look now and get your orders on. We will have a similar promo for a giveaway on these bundles to be launched next week; however rest assured that all orders for August will be counted in the draw!


OK calm down, don’t get too excited, I said ‘may be’! I’m supposed to be off diving with Tiger Sharks this weekend with the missus, so it depends if one of them decides I look tasty – fingers crossed they are veggie and Dunc doesn’t end up fish food! Have a great weekend everybody – check out the other deals we’ve got for you below and get in touch via Speak To Dunc. For those wanting RSS feeds too – it’s coming… sooner than you think!

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