Dunc's Deals: Doing Exactly What It Says On The Tin!

“Twas The Week Before Christmas…”

Commence screaming! Yes people, as I am sure you realise, its exactly one week until Christmas eve… and therefore nottalotta days to get those gifts in! I spent last night wandering aimlessly around Middlebook (for those not in the know that is the retail park next to the World Famous Reebok Stadium) looking for present ideas, alas it was slim pickings – it was like a venue of vultures had been scavenging!  Is it just me, or do the shops seem busier than EVER?! God bless online shopping !

These last two weeks have been crazy in the office preparing for Christmas and our upcoming January sales – but ‘tis always the season to blog!  

Our Advent Calendar has been running all month, and 17 days in, the deals have been flying out of the door. It’s the last week to take advantage, so ensure you check daily for our little surprises and some fantastic deals. Our final push towards Christmas has been to continue to ensure you get the products you need at the very best prices, and the Christmas Price Match Challenge offer will continue until next week – get those requests in soon!

After the NVIDIA GTX 570 launch earlier this month the long awaited –and previously discussed – Caymen parts from AMD/ATI are now available! The Radeon 6900 Series has launched this week with the 6950 and 6970 parts first out the gate – you can take a look at the range here.


As mentioned earlier, keep firing in the ‘Price Match Challenges’ and specific deal requests to the email inbox, I am working through them as fast as possible!

Bully has rolled his sleeves up this week to deliver 5 KNOCKOUT offers! Lets get to it!

Iiiiiin 1! Samsung 1.5TB G3 Station with £5 off, usually £64.99!

Iiiiiin 2! Asus O!Play HD2 HD Media Player, now with £5 off,  just £89.99!

Iiiiiin 3! Western Digital 2TB My Book Essential, currently £89.99, get £5 off with Bully!

Iiiiiin 4! Asus AMD Performance Bundle (Mobo/CPU/Memory), £10 off – under £140!

Iiiiiin 5! NetGear ReadyNas Duo (2 Bay) NAS, currently £129.97 – now £123.98!

Keep spreading the word of the blog, offers and dabs in general, and remember if you send me examples of you getting the word out and I’ll send you a download code for Lost Planet 2!



Well that’s it for this week I’m afraid! I would say have a relaxing weekend, but I can guarantee most of you will be running around trying to secure last minute gifts, and of course decorating your Christmas Trees. I am sure for most of us it will be a cost-effective affair but that hasn’t stopped the Emirates Palace hotel in Abu Dhabi lavishing $11 million on theirs! In the UK we are keeping it classy by perching Chantelle from Big Brother as a human fairy at the Lakeside shopping centre – I always knew she’d reach dizzy heights *groan*

When you do get a moment this weekend ensure you visit the Christmas Store to pick up those last minute gifts that – weather permitting – we will do all we can to get them to you by Christmas!

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