Free Game Friday: Crysis 2

For this week’s Free Game Friday we have one of the most eagerly anticipated titles of the year, Crysis 2!

Who among us has never wanted to augment their own considerable combat attributes in such a relatively simple fashion by donning a custom battle suit.

I long for the day when we can pull on various sized  battle gear from something as snug as what the Power Rangers had, to Iron Man and right up to Gundam Wing Mech Battle Suits or Evangelion alien type/otherworldly technology.

Fortunately most of us have no need for such a creation though I for one can think of loads of situations in my everyday life where being dressed in a super suit which gave me incredible speed, strength and agility would be very useful.  I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been running late, seen my train coming into the platform and wished I had the ability to release a short burst of extreme speed to catch that train and avoid being late.

So if you’ve gotten to this part of the post then this must be a game you’d quite like to own.  Sweet, I want to give it to you, it is for Free Game Friday after all.  Here’s how I find out who you are a get to know a little bit about you.  For your first entry, simply retweet the following post on Twitter: Tweet this

Then for your second entry, all you have to do is answer the following question:

There have been some truly great first person shooters around since we all begun PC gaming.  With each successful iteration of the genre we all thought we had witnessed something more explosive than the previous incarnation, but how do you go about deciding the greatest?  Here’s a rather rudimentary and entirely hypothetical situation that I have devised…

If the lead protagonist for the respective titles of Crysis, Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, Doom and any other first person shooters were dumped into a massive battle arena who would be the last man standing?

Tricky question and perhaps we would need to put a few caveats in place to create an even playing field but I’ll leave it to you to decide.

Let me know what you think, I’d love to hear your ideas and there’s an extra entry for a Crysis 2 download for PC available for your troubles.

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    18 thoughts on “Free Game Friday: Crysis 2

    1. Easy! When all of the others have scrapped it out to the point of exhaustion, Duke Nukem saunters in late and mops up the survivors. Balls of Steel, you know ;p

    2. Wolfenstein 3D started it all, I remember 1st seeing this on a PC & thinking WOW, but for some reason every one remembers Doom, which came after Wolfenstein 3D, if you are talking 1st person then the game that got me hooked from start to the end was Bioshock, but if you are talking 1st person shooter then its hard. Halo was good, doom was fun. The WW 2 Call of Duty’s all seem the same to me, so I would get the points to modern warfare at this time.

    3. If it had to be anyone it would probably be Lo-wang of Shadow Warrior fame, not only would he put people down with hilarious racially stereotypical insults but he also carries a nuke (he would obviously have to just pop around a corner to avoid the blast himself, the joys of game physics in the late nineties!).

    4. If the lead protagonist for the respective titles of Crysis, Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, Doom and any other first person shooters were dumped into a massive battle arena who would be the last man standing?

      That is one hard question to answer! I think the terrain would have a big part to play,we all know Doomguy is awful at jumping, so it would need to be a flat place with a few boxes and low walls. But not too low so Medal of Honor and Call of Duty protagonists can crouch and snipe. But would their sniping be any match for Crysis‘s “Nano Suit”?

      I think Doomguy may not last long, bound by the physics of the old shootemup realms, I imagine he’ll end up with a bullet in his head, being too slow to turn around and shoot the perp.
      It would be a level playing feild between Medal of Honor and Call of Duty, each one not giving up until either one of both die!
      Although it’s a bit of a copout, but Crysis would probably win by default, being smart enough to leave them to it!
      Because I’m not happy with that ending, I’ll introduce Halo in the mix and let them too seriously battle it out!

    5. As much as this comment will be laughed upon. I think the game which will never get outdated is the original Counter-Strike. It has battled through new and exciting fps games yet still has a huge user base. It’s still even passing the newer ‘counter-strike: source’ players, it trully is the most addicting yet simple fps game of all time in my oppinion.

    6. Master Chief – Too Slow
      Duke Nukem – Too Late
      The Quake Marine – Too Brown
      Gordon Freeman – Too Distracted By Alyx
      Tommy from Prey – Too P.C.
      Bill from L4D – Too Dead Already
      B.J.Blaskowitz – Too Ridiculously Named
      The Predator – Too Ugly, Mofo
      Soap from COD – Too Slippery
      The Doom Guy – Too Dimensional!

      Guess that just leaves The Sarge from Quake 3!

    7. Definitely Doom guy, he fought his way to hell and back and killed all sorts of nasties and Cyberdemons, he can hold his own against a few main characters.

    8. I could spend such a long time thinking about this but I think it would be Care Archer from No One Lives Forever. She would distract all the male characters with her looks and take them all out with her spy tech and gadgets.

    9. I’m thinking the last man standing would be Gordon Freeman with his crowbar I reckon the BFG would just recharge his suit and when he is done with the crowbar he can break out the the upgraded Gravity Gun (or Zero Point Gravity Manipulator if you prefer).

    10. Caleb from Blood – guns akimbo with the napalm launcher or flare gun would just pwn any other game character 😀

    11. Duke would let them fight it out, then kick CrysisDude in the dick while his shields are recharging.
      “Power armour is for pussies” ya know 😀

    12. Sorry, but the ultimate winner would be Spartan 117 aka Masterchief. He would completely wipe out any and all opposition – never mind all these fancy new guns and whatnot – the old trusty battle rifle is all that’s needed to reign supreme.

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