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Free Game Friday: The best thing in gaming right now

For this Free Game Friday competition, we’d like to hear your thoughts (telepathy anyone?).  Specifically, I would like to know what you think the best thing in gaming is right now.  Is it the increasing trend towards 3D gaming?  Is it the competitiveness of SSD manufacturers, producing ever more powerful devices?  Is it simply a title that you are so into, that you’re happy to exclusively spend all of your free time playing it?  Or perhaps it’s all the amazing cosplay that you’ve seen, at all the game shows that have taken place recently?

Whatever it is, let me know but here’s the catch.  There’s a word limit and that limit is 100!  Sounds easy but trust me, when you get started on something you love, you’ll find that 100 words isn’t a lot at all.

Leave your entry in the comments section of this blog post and you will be entered into the prize draw to win a Plantronics GameCom X95 Wireless Gaming Headset for Xbox 360 and a download for Batman: Arkham City.  I’d also like to use a few of the entries as part of a future blog post, so if you’d like to be a guest blogger, now is the time to have a go.

Best of luck and if you have any questions, be sure to ask.

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    34 thoughts on “Free Game Friday: The best thing in gaming right now

    1. My favorite thing about gaming right now is the massive amounts of games that are coming out that are of a great quality, especially indie games.

    2. Right now for me it has to be Gears of War 3. I know it’s a console game, but I kinda started going off gaming for a while, but this has rekindled my passion for games. The multiplayer is awesome, has a very good single player story, Horde is as fun as ever, but for me my favourite addition is the new beast mode. Hopefully they’ll release it on PC given time, and will get to see how much better the graphics look then.

    3. Due to the improvements in gaming graphics combined with game play is can be so immersive you easily get involved in the story lines and are great entertainment.

    4. I would be claiming how the games are the best thing out right now, but with recent images and in testing that Sony is creating a Gaming helmet which is a 150” screen in your eyes.

      Right now, id say thats going to change the way gaming is everywhere.

      Right now, That is what is going to bring gaming into a next-gen.

    5. Over the past couple of years games such as Minecraft, Amnesia, Bastion, Braid, VVVVVV and plenty of others which deserve a mention have really pushed the boundaries of what can be expected of a small independent studio and games in general.

      Alongside these lovingly crafted games are communities which endeavour to promote projects with events such as Ludum Dare ( and the Humble Indie Bundles ( which help smaller studios and titles gain the exposure they deserve.

      And that’s why I’d say the best thing in gaming right now is the resurgence of indie games.

    6. When it comes to PC gaming, I’d say multiple monitor gaming (Nvidia Surround/AMD Eyefinity) is what I’m most interested in. Though of course you need powerful graphics card(s) and the desk space for 3+ monitorsm of course!

    7. 100 words? That isn’t nearly enough! But here goes:

      The best thing in gaming right now is the competition. Lose the competition, and you lose the quality games and peripherals/accessories. We’ve been brought Kinect, Move, 3D and multihead gaming in the last few years, and there’s more greatness to come in the future; WiiU, mind control (currently in its infancy) and surely there is more not yes in the public eye. That’s not to mention the explosion in indie games, bringing titles such as Space Pirates and Zombies, Dungeons of Dredmor and Gratuitous Space Battles. A little cliche, but as a gamer, I feel the future is now.

      1. Gah, 4th line of my entry should read “surely there is more not yet in the public eye” (“Don’t call me Shirley!”) rather than “not yes”… Need an edit function. 😛

    8. Personally, the best thing about gaming currently is that no matter what type of gamer you are, the platform you play on, or how large your gaming budget is, there are brilliant, innovative, genre-encompassing, high quality games available to you, from the cheapest Indie and smartphone games all the way up to the huge budget AAA titles. There is something for everyone!

    9. OnLive!

      Full fledged PC games on either your TV or any PC be it low, mid or high range, with save games and info all stored on the cloud! Bridging the gap between PC and console experiences with a low-cost solution that allows people to be flexible in their gaming choice, this is the future!

    10. To me, the best thing in gaming right now is going back and playing Playstation 1 and 2 games, and remembering how much I loved to play them. Also, I love how developers are listening to the community who were madly in love with a game from a last gen console, so they have re-made a few classics in HD for the PS3 and Xbox 360. I like the stretch that developers make to try and keep everyone happy.

    11. The best thing in gaming right now? Indie games

      So many great indie games right now. I find myself buying, playing and enjoying more indie games than non indie games at the moment. My favourites being world of goo, cthulhu saves the world and super meat boy… so far.

      Here’s to more indie games!

    12. the best thing i like about gaming right now is the latest hardware from around 30 secounds+ from the push of the power button ,weather your on a pc or a console you can be in you current favourite game and be either shooting /spellcasting/racing your way to a win .

    13. it has to be the microsoft kinect, by far the greatest leap in how we interact ( and actually play ) games since, well , the mouse. While its got some issues still, the kinect has opened up new doors and (hopefully) will change the way we interact with our computing devices, and not just for games.

    14. The best thing in gaming right now is simply the amount of great games that are released, both by big publishers and small indie developers. It makes my hobby a full time enjoyment. There is never a point in time where I feel I have nothing to play.

      Sure it costs a bit, but gaming is the only entertainment medium that can feed me brilliant interactive gameplay, along with beautiful environments, great characters, ear pleasing music and interesting stories.

    15. Battlefield Bad Company 2: I know it’s been out for many months now and I was a late adopter, but after over 260 hours of multiplayer gameplay it is the most played game I’ve ever had.
      The sheer competitive and team based challenges keep me playing many times a week both with and without friends.
      I also completed the single player three times just to get all the achievements!
      Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fanboy normally, I’ve played all the COD’s and Halo etc but nothing has gripped me like Battlefield.
      Bring on Battlefield 3 next month!

    16. For me it’s not a game or device, it’s the digital distribution service that Steam pioneered. The appeal of gaming for me has always been innovative exciting gameplay, something which modern gaming lacks due to the traditional retail markets constant need for big selling franchises.

      Services like Steam and Xbox Live allow smaller developers, who have an amazing wealth of innovation, to reach the mass audience. Games like Limbo and Bastion are critical to the future of gaming and these games would never have made it into our lives without the digital distribution model that Steam created.

    17. For me, the best thing about gaming is that it is increasingly easy for families to play console games and there is a wealth of choice out there now for families.

      As a girl gamer, the only games available when I was younger were the likes of Super Mario, but there was little appeal for the average family to play games together. Now I have children and we have Wii Fit and Xbox connect, so we can all play together. Also my daughter has her own NDS with games that are suitable for her age that she enjoys.

    18. I feel that the best thing in gaming is the rise of the smartphone. With their ever-increasing power, superb AMOLED- or Retina-displays and low power-consumption, we are seeing graphically demanding, beautiful games that we can play on-the-go, without having to sacrifice portability.
      When you combine this with the sheer volume of high-quality games and their immediate availability thanks to our always-connected world, we finally have an ecosystem that can topple the legendary GameBoy.
      With Microsoft (and others) working on bringing us real-time multiplayer whereby phones, computers and consoles can game against each other, the future is looking awesome.

      – Paul

    19. Indies. Easily the best thing to happen to gaming for years!

      Here’s my justification in EXACTLY 41 words…

      Frozen Synapse. Defense Grid. Dungeons of Dredmor. @Retroremakes. Time, Gentlemen, Please. Project Zomboid. Anomaly: Warzone Earth. The entire Puppygames catalogue. Sanctum. World of Goo. Digitanks. AI War. Galcon. Chime. Audiosurf. Super Laser Racer. Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Recettear. VVVVVV. SpaceChem. Defcon.

      And that, your honour, concludes the case for the prosecution.


    20. Best thing for me at the moment is online multiplayer mode. I know its old news but Its improved so much over the last two years its unbelievable. Now when I’m buying I lean more towards games that have a great online mode ie. Battlefield 2, a game like that can last you a year whereas most games you’ll have one or two play through’s and it’ll be traded of left gathering dust.

    21. The best thing about gaming is the sheer amount of amazing titles we have to play in the upcoming months, even games already out are getting big updates (WoW, Witcher 2 etc.). Makes me feel even worse about the fact that I have just transitioned to working life from that of a Student.

    22. Best thing in gaming? Hmmm… it’s a toss up. On one hand you have the Steam digital distribution platform, which has made gaming accessible to anyone with a PC. On the other side are things like the Humble Bundles and Child’s Play, showing gamers as being people with voices and caring about the world they live in.

    23. The best thing about gaming at the moment is that the PC is king again which is great for all gamers as it means a hardware refresh of the console market is just around the corner! That means a whole slew of new titles, better graphics, improved performance, new features, fancier physics simulation and hopefully more innovative use of Kinect, Move and the Wii-U. Unfortunately, then it’ll be all “the PC is dead” again for 5 years!

    24. The best thing about gaming right now (for me) is the thriving indie scene that’s actually daring to do something different. Unlike the major publishers, who are content to just pump out yearly updates to franchises like Call of Duty and FIFA, the indie developers are putting out such wonderful title as Braid, Limbo, Minecraft, World of Goo Audiosurf and the upcoming Fez. They bring a much needed injection of variety to what is, in my mind at least, a stagnating industry, content the rehash the same ideas over and over again.

    25. The best thing about gaming right now? It’s that the golden age of gaming is *always* right now. That means you have 20 years+ of great games available to you, usually with the click of a button. Every game ever made can be played right now, often needing no more than a browser, or you can fire up your console or Steam and play the latest incredibly immersive games like BF3 or Deus Ex.

    26. Now I’m playing F1 2011 and I’m loving it, it is so good and i definitely need a new VGA to play it in all its magnificence. With the new VGA i will play the next Batman game too so I hope I’ll win it :)

    27. I think the best thing in gaming now is the improvement in games which are not of the shoot ’em up, gorefest type. Rune Factory 3 is being played in my house at the minute- and very much enjoyed.

    28. The best thing about gaming now is that it is mainstream. Everyone plays games thesedays, on consoles, PCs, smartphones, even Facebook! The first generation of gamers has become parents to the second and that has also led to an evolution in gaming with things like Kinect and the Wii. Gaming is in fine shape!

    29. The best thing I’ve seen in gaming has to be the guy who cosplayed Kratos at Eurogamer 2011. Most of the cosplayers I’ve seen this year have been poor, but this guy must have spent hours and hours getting ready. This beat anything else this year, and beat most professional costumes. I think he should win the prize, but he’s not here. So I’ll enter on his behalf. Pic if your interested : (the link counts as one word – no spaces 😉 )

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