Shogun 2: Total War

Free Game Friday: Total War: Shogun 2

For this week’s Free Game Friday we have the latest installment of the Total War series, Shogun 2!

It has been quite some time since the original Shogun came to light, over a decade now. But by all accounts this latest incarnation is one of the most immersive titles within its genre. Set during Japan’s ceremonial and decorative feudal period, the wide range of art and sculpture available to the designers has helped to create a visually stunning look, vividly displayed and beautifully brought to life.

One of the key differences you’ll spot if you’re familiar with the Total War series is that it has almost scaled things down to a closer, more personal view point. This can seem like a criticism, but indeed it’s the opposite; the progression from village leader to legendary warlord is intended to pull you more completely into the reality of the game. This refinement has be well handled and it is clear that a great deal of consideration has gone into ensuring the game is accessible to new players as well as challenging to those that have followed the series. Your glorious campaign should not be tainted by any oversights in gameplay mechanics, it should be complete and a demonstration of your mastery of your, surroundings, combat strategies and ultimately your opponent.

I clearly like the game and indeed the series, but by now you’re wondering how you get your hands on this game for yourself, after all it is Free Game Friday. Well it couldn’t be simpler; for your first entry, simply retweet the following post on Twitter: Tweet this

Then for your second entry, all you have to do is let me know your thoughts on the following:

There are few things in this world better than a magnificent victory. With this in mind, I’d like you to reminisce over your own greatest victory from gaming. Whether it be in defeating a local rival in a football derby on Fifa, landing your first finishing move in Mortal Kombat or defeating a hideous multi-headed monster in a classic turn-based RPG.

Share your victories and accomplishments, every battle counts from any genre on any platform but the more nail biting and hard fought the better. And, there’s the added bonus of getting an extra entry to win this top game.

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    10 thoughts on “Free Game Friday: Total War: Shogun 2

    1. Many moons ago, playing in an Action Quake 2 5v5 clan match, we were playing a tie-break map and I was the last remaining member of our team against their last man

      As we scoured the map for each other the tension became unbearable so I decided to go all “Wrath of Khan” and think three dimensionally by climbing onto the rooftops of the buildings in the map. From my vantage point I glimpsed my nemesis darting by below, unaware of my presence above.

      In the hushed server, I followed him across the rooftops, waiting for a gap I could fit through and when the opportunity came, I dropped down behind him and shotgunned his torso across the sky.

      The boom of my shotgun made me jump after so many minutes of near silence, I like to think it made my opponent soil himself… Match won!

    2. I’d have to say that my greatest battle would either be a 10v10 on World of warcraft in the Battle of gilneas where the score was 2000 – 0 and nobody on my team had died, we had killed there whole team each member over 100 times :) although… when you think of greatest victory i start to think of a game ive spent so much time and effort into winning which i could not leave out
      this game is age of empires 2 the age of kings, every battle in this game was immense, matches going on for around 6-8 hours but pillaging every village and making secret diplomacys gets you through it! this is how i won a 4v4 by betraying my own team and other members and leading off on my own! :)

    3. HA, this sounds like something Rimmer would enjoy.

      ‘…The only way was north; I had to go for it
      and pray the Gods were smiling on me. I picked up the dice and threw
      two sixes. Caldecott couldn’t believe it. My go again; another two

      Unfortunately I can’t top Rimmer’s nail biting risk story but I did get gold in all the challenge levels in SC2 the other day. I had previously given up but recently took it up again after improving by playing many multi-player battles. A long 8-9 months in the making but got there in the end.

    4. My greatest victory was completing the first ever game we had on the Sega Master System. My son was only 4 and really adored it, I’d never played a game before – but together we got to the end!

    5. My greatest victory was in Warcraft III, I was playing Orcs, my opponents, night elves. The game lasted somewhere around the forty minute mark and we were both getting tired. After a series of very heated skirmishes, with me mostly on the defensive while I teched to tier3, my opponent broke into my base and began tearing me apart. Unknown to him however, I’d recently put up a third expansion and three Tauren Totems. I discretely began training Shamans at my burning base, running them out the back door while he was busy hammering on my town hall. I’ll never forget the satisfaction of his asking, “why don’t you just gg already” just before I descended on his army with eight blood-lusted, fully-upgraded, totem-healed taurens. *sigh* I watch the replay whenever I’m feeling down. It brightens my day 😀

    6. Mine would have to be on Counter Stirke:Source – Gun Game Turbo (For those unawares, gun gameturbo is where you start on the glock, then level up each time you get a kill). My gamer tag is ‘Mr Stabby’ on Steam, so as you can imagine, I like to stab people. (In game of course!) The beauty of gun game is that you also level up if you stab someone.

      The day was sunny, ’twas the height of summer 2008, and I was in the mood for a quick game. It did not go well. I got stabbed ALOT, probably due to my name. I was not happy about this, so a quick game turned into a 2 hour session. I was getting more and more wound up, so decided I would go for an entire game without shooting anyone, just stabbing.

      It paid off, I was the first to get through all the weapons and won the game by stabbing alone! (Only the grenade level can’t be passed using the knife). I had redeemed my good name, and felt much better about the days events there-after.

      Good times.

    7. Well one of my greatest achievements would have been an Annihilation of the enemy team single handedly in Heroes of Newerth where i was playing as Moon Queen and managed to destroy the enemy team without having to activate my Ultimate. My heart was in my mouth at the time and when i reached home base safe i got up and stuck my head out the window for fresh air… I was literally shaking from it. So yeah that was my amazing victory that i probably will never manage to replicate ever again 😛

    8. The greatest victory i have ever made in my history of gaming was when i bested Diablo II – Lord of Destruction in single player on Hell difficulty.

      I was a single barbarian hacking and slashing my way through the countless numbers of monsters and demons when i finally after weeks of fighting reached Baals throne room. After 2 hours of struggle i killed all the minions and prepared me for Baal himself. I ventured in to the Worldstone chamber, i fought and fought and finally with a critical blow i slayed Baal and could breath out.

      That was the greatest moment in gaming for me.

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