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It’s that time again! Friday used to just signal the last day of the working week, the culmination of days that have flown by and left you begging for the weekend – now it also means you get to hear from me! I know; I love weekends too! I have to be careful while writing this, nothing untoward; it’s just that I am typing while tucking into some home-baking. Caroline, in our Marketing Team, has made our Consumer Manager Neil a birthday cake for his 40th (34th) – nothing better than a Victoria Sponge in the office – and I am littering my keyboard with crumbs.

In a week where we found out that Churchill had UFO concerns and a member of The Fugees wants to be president (of Haiti) it’s been all go for me too – sort of. Again I have been responding to more emails and comments via the ‘Speak To Dunc’ section – thanks to every one of you who took time out to drop me a line. From the technology questions, the price match enquiries, right through to the two chaps who stayed up until gone midnight – one who had some nice things to say and the other who took time to launch a tirade of abuse towards me and my avatar, much love…you were the inspiration for the Kelis quote above! Don’t be shy, next time leave your email so we can talk about your spelling!

The dabs offices have been a hive of activity this week with visits from, amongst others, Startech – who make stuff you need but you don’t neccessarily know it (check out their ConXit Wizard), Kingston – who are going to be doing some VERY special pricing on Kingston SSD next week on dabs.com and wedged in-between, we saw Linksys/Flip Video and discussed some great new kit coming from them over the coming weeks. If you want the best from your broadband and wireless connections, and you’re into video, then these two are going to be giving you all you need – we’ll be keeping you posted!

In technology news, we were pleased to see some news on TechRadar about PC Gaming being confirmed “double the size of consoles” – what are you waiting for? Let me help you ‘Revive Your PC‘ today!

I told you last week that Starcraft II came out, and I am pleased to see that 1.5 million of you went out to buy it – I’d like to take all the credit – but I can’t. What I can take credit for is replying to all the emails from those of you who claimed their FREE TRIAL of Starcraft II that I announced last week with selected NVIDIA graphics cards. They have been flying out! Keep claiming!

Unfortunately I’ve had no time this week to do a product video – but ensure you check back next week! In the meantime, why not subscribe to the channel where you can watch the previous videos of the un-boxing of both the Asus ARES 5870 and the LG N1T1 NAS.

I’ve got more Pre-Order and New Product news today. After Corsair gave us the 600T Graphite Series Mid-Tower Gaming Case pre-order details last week they followed it up with their Hydro Series H70 High-Performance CPU Cooler – take a look at it today and place an order to get one the moment they land in mid August.

Kingston have announced their range of Water Cooled HyperX memory products this week. Three kits will be available to satisfy 4GB and 6GB dual and triple channel setups – look out for them on dabs next week!

In other news, I’ve had some enquiries from people who want to benefit from USB3 and SATA 6GBs connectors but don’t want to upgrade their full setup. Dunc recommends investing in the Asus USS6 USB 3.0 / SATA 600 PCI-Express Card – easy peasy!


Now then, lets get down to business! Debs has given me some REAL EXCLUSIVES this week on Dunc’s Deals – exclusive pricing just for you on some storage! The Buffalo 500GB LinkStation Live II NAS has just come into stock at £79.99, but for you Dunc’s Deal readers, you can have it for £74.99 – just by clicking here!

Perhaps NAS isn’t for you, maybe you need your files to access on the go, if so then the Iomega 500GB Select Portable Hard Drive is perfect, even better with £5 off as a Dunc’s Deal reader – click here!

During July we had our range of Asus AMD Self-Build PC Bundles on dabs.com and you ate them up – not literally, the heatsink would get stuck in your teeth – but you liked them enough to clear us out! We’ve got both the Ultimate and Performance bundles back in stock as of this week and the Performance bundle has been pimped up with a better Processor and Memory. Not only that, but we have managed to secure a Case & PSU for a giveaway linked to the bundles. During August, anyone who buys one of the bundles goes into the draw to win a Corsair Professional Series HX750W PSU worth over £110 and a Thermaltake Aguila VD1000BNS Mid Tower ATX Case worth over £60! Nice!

Last month we did a giveaway on the same set of products and the winner was Mr MacDonald from the Isle of Lewis who scooped the XFX 850W Black Edition PSU worth over £120! Congratulations!

Never fear loyal Intel customers – there are a set of ASUS Intel Bundles coming into dabs next week. We are covering all bases again with Entry and Performance options plus an Ultimate Bundle; which packs a Core i7-930!


Well regardless, I’ll be back next week with more exclusives, more giveaways and more product chat! Next week I will be discussing an XFX 5770 CrossFire Bundle we are getting in for you – which will ship with Dirt2 and a £10 Voucher for a Blu-Ray on DabsPlay. Not only that but I hope to have a product video ready- don’t worry though if I’m busy I have a cardboard cut-out in the office that can stand in for me…no really marketing have had one made – I am pretty much redundant now. See me/him/it here.

That’s me done, have a great weekend – mourn the canning of Google Wave; ok done – and make sure you check out the recommended Dunc’s Deals below, get in touch via Speak to Dunc or email directly.
PS – if you get this far, you win a prize – first 50 people to email me or use Speak To Dunc to give a comment about this blog can have a free download of Stormrise or Stalker: Call Of Pripyat!* Simples!

*While they last!

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