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WIN! August Bank Holiday: Intel Limited Edition Skull Gear Package! + GAMES!

Morning all, its the Friday before the always welcome August Bank Holiday and for THIS WEEKEND only i am giving you guys the change to WIN 5 of my just arrived Limited Edition Skull Gear packages from Intel! Click images to enlarge to also see some awards and my head on a sumo body.

The Box!

Skull Gear

The Contents: Mouse Mat, Water bottle, T-Shirt & stickers

Skull Gear

All you have to do is buy ANY item from under the COMPONENTS & STORAGE tab on the website between NOW and Tuesday 30th August and you go into the draw!

Yes people that means that you could buy anything from the classic 99p Startech RUBBER FEET or a £479 Asus Intel Gamer/Overclocking Bundle and you could still win!

So place your orders, put the Sales Order Numbers below or on the forum thread and ill announce the lucky winners next week!

Not only that but anyone (up to 25 people) that promotes this Fun Bank Holiday contest externally (and provides proof) from bags a free copy of Operation Flashpoint Red River! OH YES!


Better Late Than Never!

“Dunc, when ARE you doing another blog?!”

I know, I know, it’s been a while – and I can only apologise to those of you that have followed Dunc’s Deals since July last year – I really have been busy and not lazy (as some have suggested – yes you Debs!) but hopefully from here on out normal service will resume with weekly ramblings and a few hand-picked specials!

The wise amongst you have already signed up to the forum and been taking advantage of the latest and greatest deals we’ve been dropping on there. Sam, Matt and I have tried to keep the questions answered and the community members are always on hand to help – if you’re not yet a member get involved!

First off, I hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year! Although it does seem a distant memory now, it really was only four weeks ago! Thank god its almost pay-day as its been a long month – with that said we have some belting deals for you below. Bully is back for the 2011 – and he wants you to invest your wages wisely!


January has been an unbelievably busy month for products on dabs. We announced that thanks to the success of our Self-Build Bundles we have brought Patriot Memory on as a brand in its own right, and have some killer deals on their ranges in stock today.

Also this month, Intel released their long awaited and hugely anticipated 2nd Generation Core Processors – the new Core i5 and Core i7 CPUs came into stock and many sold out instantly! We have got a huge range of Gigabyte and Asus motherboards ready for the new LGA 1155 socket CPUs and as ever we have some brand new Self-Build Bundles ready – review the full Intel page here.

Corsair Vengeance Memory, which was released to huge acclaim last year was also made available at Dabs this month – we have the full range set-up and plenty of stock at great pricing. Make sure you check the deals below for some great Dunc’s Deals on Memory!

Our lead designer, Mike, has been hard at work putting together the new PC Upgrade for 2011 landing page which looks the dogs wotsits – on there you will find the latest and greatest PC Components ready for any PC Upgrade, bookmark it and check back regularly!

Wrapping up “news” this week is the NVIDIA launch of the brand new GTX 560Ti graphics cards. The new addition to the GeForce line up “equips you with up to 3x the performance of previous generations and enjoy the GeForce GTX gaming experience with the latest technologies such as DirectX 11, NVIDIA® Surround, 3D Vision™, PhysX®, and SLI®” With a starting price of £199.99 these are well worth a look – we recommend the 1GHz Gigabyte Super Overclocked BADBWOY!

While on the subject of NVIDIA, make sure you check out the ‘Show Us Your Claw’ competition where you could win an NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX560 Ti 3D Vision PC or 5 runners up prizes of the new GeForce® GTX560 Ti graphics cards! Be innovative with your entries!



New Year, New Deals… same Challenge Dunc! Just as you did in the yesteryear 2010, you can keep firing in the ‘Price Match Challenges’ and specific deal requests to the email inbox, I am still getting lots but welcome more – get in touch you will always get a reply!

Now the real reason for the delay in Dunc’s Deals returning is I’ve been waiting for Bully to fully recover from his MAMMOTH new year hangover (he was a real mess) but he’s back on form now and has lined up FIVE killer deals for the weekend!

Iiiiiin 1! OCZ Technology 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 already over £25 off, yours with an extra £5 off, usually £39.99!

Iiiiiin 2! Corsair Memory Vengeance 6GB (3x2GB) DDR3, currently £84.99, yours for under £80!

Iiiiiin 3! NetGear Stora 2-Bay NAS, currently £64.99, get £5 off with Bully!

Iiiiiin 4! Asus Intel 2nd Generation P67 Bundle (Mobo and CPU), £5 off – under £295!

Iiiiiin 5! Western Digital 1TB Elements Desktop Hard Drive, currently £49.99 – now £46.99!

Finally make sure you check out the Crucial RealSSD Price downs – these are limited time offers to save up to £50 on SATA 6Gb/s solid state drives!

Keep spreading the word of the blog, offers and dabs in general, and remember if you send me examples of you getting the word out and I’ll send you a download code for Lost Planet 2!



Andy Gray and Richard Keys have been the talk of the country this week following some choice words about female officials in football – no matter what you think about it, the best review of the whole situation was the reporting hypocrisy discussed by Charlie Brooker on last nights 10 O’Clock Live on Channel 4! If you missed it, 4OD!

I want to sign off today in the spirit of Russell Howard with a “Good News” story that I hope some of you have seen. The man with the Golden Voice – Ted Williams – an ex-radio voiceover from Ohio has been re-discovered on the streets following years of drink and drug abuse and a chance YouTube clip has helped him get back on his feet and to work once again! Super-fans of  homeless Ted will be pleased to know that his former tent AND infamous cardboard sign are now for sale on ebay! Good luck to you Ted!


Dunc’s Deals: Doing Exactly What It Says On The Tin!

“Twas The Week Before Christmas…”

Commence screaming! Yes people, as I am sure you realise, its exactly one week until Christmas eve… and therefore nottalotta days to get those gifts in! I spent last night wandering aimlessly around Middlebook (for those not in the know that is the retail park next to the World Famous Reebok Stadium) looking for present ideas, alas it was slim pickings – it was like a venue of vultures had been scavenging!  Is it just me, or do the shops seem busier than EVER?! God bless online shopping !

These last two weeks have been crazy in the office preparing for Christmas and our upcoming January sales – but ‘tis always the season to blog!  

Our Advent Calendar has been running all month, and 17 days in, the deals have been flying out of the door. It’s the last week to take advantage, so ensure you check daily for our little surprises and some fantastic deals. Our final push towards Christmas has been to continue to ensure you get the products you need at the very best prices, and the Christmas Price Match Challenge offer will continue until next week – get those requests in soon!

After the NVIDIA GTX 570 launch earlier this month the long awaited –and previously discussed – Caymen parts from AMD/ATI are now available! The Radeon 6900 Series has launched this week with the 6950 and 6970 parts first out the gate – you can take a look at the range here.


As mentioned earlier, keep firing in the ‘Price Match Challenges’ and specific deal requests to the email inbox, I am working through them as fast as possible!

Bully has rolled his sleeves up this week to deliver 5 KNOCKOUT offers! Lets get to it!

Iiiiiin 1! Samsung 1.5TB G3 Station with £5 off, usually £64.99!

Iiiiiin 2! Asus O!Play HD2 HD Media Player, now with £5 off,  just £89.99!

Iiiiiin 3! Western Digital 2TB My Book Essential, currently £89.99, get £5 off with Bully!

Iiiiiin 4! Asus AMD Performance Bundle (Mobo/CPU/Memory), £10 off – under £140!

Iiiiiin 5! NetGear ReadyNas Duo (2 Bay) NAS, currently £129.97 – now £123.98!

Keep spreading the word of the blog, offers and dabs in general, and remember if you send me examples of you getting the word out and I’ll send you a download code for Lost Planet 2!



Well that’s it for this week I’m afraid! I would say have a relaxing weekend, but I can guarantee most of you will be running around trying to secure last minute gifts, and of course decorating your Christmas Trees. I am sure for most of us it will be a cost-effective affair but that hasn’t stopped the Emirates Palace hotel in Abu Dhabi lavishing $11 million on theirs! In the UK we are keeping it classy by perching Chantelle from Big Brother as a human fairy at the Lakeside shopping centre – I always knew she’d reach dizzy heights *groan*

When you do get a moment this weekend ensure you visit the Christmas Store to pick up those last minute gifts that – weather permitting – we will do all we can to get them to you by Christmas!


World Cup Fallout, Frozen Britain and Bully Drops 10 Deals!

“Snow is falling, all around me!”

Unless you have literally been living under a rock this week then you will have, in some way or another, been affected by this snow! What better way to sum that up than in the immortal words of Shakin’ Stevens! Dabs has been affected too with some members of staff not being able to get in and so its all hands on deck – so you’ll be pleased to know (Debra) it’s a short blog today!

The whole country has been gripped by the Snow this week with not only the transport network and school infrastructure grinding to a holt but as usual the news networks went weather crazy! If you didn’t watch the Charlie Brooker’s Newswipe News Coverage Of “Frozen Britain” piece from earlier in the year, then this is a perfect time to check it out! General slippy hilarity and the over-exaggerated media view of the cold snap!

Away from being typically British and chatting about the weather, the rest of the week has been dominated by two pieces of news:  Julian Assange becoming a household name with the most recent secret file leaks via the WikiLeaks website, and of course the news that despite having a “excellent remarkable presentation” (Sepp Blatter’s words) they opted to give World Cup 2018 to Russia…there are no words.

Onto the good news now, and its all related! Last week’s month end FREEBIE FRENZY went so well we have decided to carry on with one of them and bring in a new one!

  • FREE Delivery on ALL External Hard Drives during December
  • FREE Microsoft Compact Mouse with ALL Laptops and Netbooks (worth £18)

Once again, these are limited time offers, so be quick and capitalise in time for Christmas! As if that wasn’t enough, we are SO committed to getting you the best deals and the best prices that we have reintroduced the Price Match Challenge in time for Christmas!



It’s been another busy week for new products hitting the web in time for Christmas; first up we have the two new Seagate Barracuda Green 3.5” Hard Drives with SATA 6Gb/s interface – available in 2TB and 1.5TB capacities. The new Barracuda LP family offer a low-power drive with rock-solid performance and whisper-quiet, super-cool operation.

Also made available this week is the new range of ReadyNAS Ultra 2’s from Netgear. The ReadyNAS Ultra series are twice as fast as legacy ReadyNAS products and offer the most flexibility for those who want to store, share and protect your prized multimedia collections. The Diskless model starts at £289.99.

Zotac have also released new additions to their Z-Box Mini-PC/Barebone range including the DVD-RW versions of their hugely successful Blu-Ray models – the full range can now be seen here.



The machine that is Challenge Dunc rolled on against this week with both ‘Price Match Challenges’ and specific deal requests coming to the email inbox – keep them coming, Christmas is looming!

Bully is all fired up this weekend as a little bird told him this weekend was gonna be a stonker for online sales so he’s rolled out the big guns for you!

Iiiiiin 1! Freecom 320GB XXS Mobile Drive, was £55, now under £37!

Iiiiiin 2! Gigabyte Ultimate Self-Build PC Bundle, now with £70 off, just £379.98!

Iiiiiin 3! Kingston HyperX 6GB (3x2GB) DDR3 Memory, currently £99.99, get £30 off with Bully!

Iiiiiin 4! Synology DS210J 2-Bay NAS Server , £10 Off already and now, £5 extra off – under £135!

Iiiiiin 5! Samsung 1.5TB G3 Station Desktop Hard Drive, currently £64.99 – now with £5 off!

Iiiiiin 6! OCZ Technology 120GB Vertex 2 Solid State Drive, currently £169.99 – now with £5 off!

Iiiiiin 7! Asus GeForce GTX 470 Graphics Card, currently £179.99 – get £5 off this weekend!

Iiiiiin 8! Asus O!Play HD2 HD Media Player, currently £99.99 – stream for less with £5 off!

Iiiiiin 9! Iomega 500GB eGo Portable Ruby Red USB 3.0 currently £59.99, yours with £5 off!

Iiiiiin 10! Asus Intel Ultimate Motherboard & CPU Bundle, with £10 off, now £339.98!

Keep spreading the word of the blog, offers and dabs in general, and remember that if you buy a deal you could WIN A BUNDLE (see last week for details) – send me examples of you getting the word out and I’ll send you a download code for Lost Planet 2!


Enjoy one of the last few weekends before Christmas, and the snow while you don’t have to travel to work! If you do get snowed in, or want to hide from the cold weather, then ensure you keep warm with our HOT Christmas deals in the Christmas Store.

This weekend I intend to mourn not only the failed World Cup bid but also a comic legend! Time to dust off my copies of Airplane and the Naked Gun films and pay tribute to the legend Leslie Nielson who sadly died this week at the age of 84 – hence the quote!


Freebie Frenzy, Great Giveaways and Bootiful Month End Deals!

“Did someone say FREE Stuff?”

Coca ColaWhile the rest of us try and keep warm during this cold snap, plan Christmas, and enjoy the fact that the Coca-Cola advert is back on the TV to mark the real start of the festive season – the two Korea’s decided it was a good time for some Winter War Games!  Can’t we all just watch the Ashes and drink Mulled wine?!

As well as the start of the Ashes, this week also saw the announcement of the much anticipated Royal Wedding date; April 29th 2011 – which is now to be a Bank Holiday (wahey!) – which has prompted most of dabs, and indeed the country, to take the days between as holiday! I for one was already off, as my best mate is getting married that very same day and I am to be on Best Man duties – so sorry Will, I’ll have to decline your offer to be at the Abbey that day!

Those of you who monitor press releases, and get our emails, will already be aware by now that we are marking THIS weekend as THE weekend to get all your Christmas Shopping sorted! For most of us it’s the last payday before Christmas, and as such, we have decided to have a FREEBIE FRENZY!

As the press release states: “Our deals are open to everyone and are not just reserved for lunchtimes or Friday’s, what’s more they’re on products that people actually want to buy. It’s simply our way of rewarding our valued customers and spreading a little bit of Christmas cheer.”

Be quick though, these deals are strictly until the end of November, we won’t be able to hold our directors and CEO at bay for long – they are coming for us – I hear them now!!


The Kingston Memory promotion continues this week – as it will until Christmas – so lookout for an email if you’ve bought any qualifying Kingston or Kingston ValueRAM Range products, as you may end up with a 128GB SSDNow V100 Solid State Drive Desktop Bundle worth £169.98! If you haven’t ordered memory yet, then what are you waiting for? Click here for details!

DLink NASIf you are looking to dip your toe into the Network Attached Storage arena this Christmas, then D-Link have just released the product for you! The brand new DNS-320 ShareCenter Pulse is a 2-Bay NAS option that offers backup and media features that make it ideal for storing and sharing photos, music, movies and work files on a home network. Not only that, but at £79.99 it’s a price not to be missed! Take a look, and use the bundles to bag yourself some Hard Drives for less!

Many of you* have already been taking advantage of the new Asus AMD Gamer bundle on that features the Asus M4A87TD EVO Motherboard, AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition & 4GB DDR3 Patriot Memory for less than £300. It’s now even more compelling as, while stocks last, I’ve added a bonus where you can claim Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 for PC! *This includes Chris from our Internal Technical Support team who gave me this killer quote; “Put this together and all I can say is OMG. Makes my previous dual core look like a pocket calculator!”

This week also saw the Intel FREE Lost Planet 2 Game Download Promotion go where, on selected Intel Core i7 and Core i5 processors, 80GB, 120GB and 160GB Solid State Drives and Intel Extreme motherboards, you can claim a download of Lost Planet 2 – see the included products here.



It’s been another massive week for Challenge Dunc and ‘Price Match Challenges’ via the email inbox – so thanks to everyone that got in touch and took advantage! Special thanks go to “Cmdrx3” from our forum who dropped his comments in this thread. Not only did he get a great deal, but I also threw in a free game as a thank you for deciding to shop with!

Bully is ready to deliver the top 5 deals of the week ,and as with last week, any orders of these deals could put you in with the chance of winning an Asus M4A87TD EVO and a AMD Phenom II X6 1075T 3.0Ghz Processor – worth over £220. Simply click through, buy one of the deals and then email via with your order number and I will put you in the draw! Spread the word of the blog and the deals and send me examples of you getting the word out and ill send you a download code for Lost Planet 2!

Iiiiiin 1! LG Electronics N1T1 1TB NAS With DVDRW, was £129.99, now under £110!

Iiiiiin 2! Western Digital 1TB Elements Desktop Hard Drive, now with £10 off, just £49.98!

Iiiiiin 3! Asus GTX 470 Graphics Card is already at an unbelievable £179.98 – with this link you get £10 off that!

Iiiiiin 4! If your tempted by SSD then get £10 off this OCZ Technology 120GB Vertex 2! Usually £179.98, via this link you can buy for £169.98!

Iiiiiin 5! If you’re looking for the PERFECT Stocking Filler, the bag the Buffalo 500GB JustStore 2.5″ Hard Drive, already with £5 off at £44.99, available for you today for less than £40!

Keep spreading the word of the blog, offers and dabs in general, and remember that if you buy a deal you could WIN A BUNDLE – send me examples of you getting the word out and I’ll send you a download code for Lost Planet 2!



Well that’s it, the final blog of November – which means it really is Christmas in 27 days – ARGGGHHHHH! Scary! Make sure you use our Christmas Store and Catalogue to get the very best deals before they run out!

In the countdown to the most Turkey-Tastic time of year, it was a shock to hear yesterday – which ironically was also Turkey Day (Thanksgiving) in America – that one of most iconic men in food, Bernard Matthews, has passed away. Having coined the catchprase “Bootiful” and took turkey to the masses he will be remembered by many… even vegetarians and Turkey Twizzler botherer Jamie Oliver!

Enjoy your weekends* and even though its set to be cold don’t do what Michelle in our marketing team did last week and walk over hot coals for charity! No seriously, she did, watch the video! They raised a grand though, fair play!

*I’m praying for some snow but it looks like it will just be cold and icy – brrrrrrrilliant!


Knighted Beef, Scooby Doo, World Toilet Day, Pudsey & WIN An AMD Bundle!

“And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids” 

In a week where fashion faux pas and Mike’s hair have dominated the headlines in the office, the wider world has had its eyes on the upcoming Royal Nuptials – and Jason Manford seeing sense and quitting The One Show. 

TowerAs if the scare of Mike’s new bonce, and Jag and Michelle’s matching jumpers wasn’t enough , I – the ever fearless and intrepid Dunc – spent Wednesday evening in a Hoghton Tower ( the 3rd most haunted house in Britain apparently). Now, I’m no Yvette Fielding – and definitely no Derek Acorah (who still owes me an evening of my life and £25 quid after the shambles at Manchester Opera House years ago) – but if you’re ever wondering what to do on a cold, miserable winter evening; get yourself down to your local paranormal abode. Mulled wine, open fires and steak pie, intermixed with a wander through a 16th Century home to follow in the footsteps of William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens and King James I – who is said to have famously knighted a loin of beef, thus becoming ‘Sir Loin’. What a great way to spend a midweek evening! Alas, no spectres to report nor any Scooby Doo villains masquerading as ghosts that needed to be unmasked. 

In other office news, Christmas is now in full effect with the Christmas Store open, and this week we’ve added the digital edition of the Catalogue and our Stocking Filler suggestions – make sure you take a look this week! 

In other news, if you have been reading Dunc’s Deals since Day Dot then you will recall the Old Spice references in the very first edition “Helloooo….is it me you’re looking for?” Well today the winners of the .net Awards 2010 have been announced and the Viral campaign of the year rightly went to the guys from Old Spice – I’m still on a horse

WinnerLast week I announced that Luke Patchesa had won the 8GB iPod Touch right here on the blog! This week I have been spreading the joy to winning customers of the Dunc’s Deals “Buy & Win” promotions that are scattered across the site. Terry Corbett was the winner of the Intel 40GB SSD that we had up for grabs for Intel Processor orders during October. Terry said of the win; “This has come has a big surprise. I have used for a number of years and always get excellent service and value for money.” So there you have it, folks – it really does pay to be a Dunc’s Deals reader!

I contacted Mick Hewitt to share the news that he was the winner of the Intel 160GB SSD that we had up for grabs for those who bought our ASUS Intel Self-Build Bundles. “The components that I bought in my order were competitively priced, arrived extremely quickly, very well packaged and have built me a good, solid, fast system. This little gem will make it even faster,” Mick said. 

As Terry and Mick will testify, you sometimes get a little bit extra when you buy from dabs – we are always worth a visit! That leads me nicely into a Christmas “Buy & Win” promotion… 



…from Kingston! Having launched their new SSDNow V100 Series last week, we have secured SIX units of the new 128GB SSDNow V100 Solid State Drive Desktop Bundle worth £169.98 and each week will be giving one away to customers. To stand a chance of winning you just have to order an item from our Kingston or Kingston ValueRAM Range and each Monday a customer from the past 7 days orders will be selected and contacted. Spread the word! 

As if that wasn’t enough,  Laura in our Product Management Team has just launched an Optical Deals Bonanza showcasing our best deals from across the range – so whether its External DVD Drives, Internal SATA Drives, LightScribe Drives or Slim Drives – we’ve got you covered… for less than you might think! 

The first stock of the anticipated Western Digital WD TV® Live Hub™ 1TB arrived yesterday,  and promptly shot straight out of the door! This fantastic new product will be back in stock soon so ensure you get your orders on now to secure stock before Christmas. Click here to find out how the Hub helps “Bring Your Life To Life.” In the meantime, we’ve dropped the price of the WD TV HD Live Media Player to under £80 – a perfect stocking filler. 



This week has been my busiest yet for ‘Price Match Challenges’ and deal requests! One extremely happy customer was Alex who asked for a customised Intel Self-Build Bundle and ended up getting a special deal on a FULL system build just by emailing in! Keep them coming in! 

It’s Deal Time once again and Bully returns to deliver the top 5 deals of the week – with a twist! If you buy from this page using the special link then you qualify to go into a draw to win an Asus M4A87TD EVO Motherboard and a AMD Phenom II X6 1075T 3.0Ghz Processor – worth over £220. Simply click through, buy one of the deals and then email via with your order number and I will put you in the draw! Spread the word and send me examples of you getting the word out and ill send you a download code for Lost Planet 2! 

Iiiiiin 1! LG Electronics N2R1 NAS 2TB (2 x 1TB) With DVDRW final reduction, now under £190

Iiiiiin 2! Buffalo 1TB MiniStation Shockproof Portable Hard Drive, currently £79.99, you can have £5 off now just £74.98

Iiiiiin 3! This week I’ve dropped the OCZ Technology 128GB Onyx SSD to under £140, this is now at a not to be missed price!

Iiiiiin 4! The new Asus O!Play HD2 HD Media Player with USB 3.0 is already less than £100 but you can grab it with £10 off!

Iiiiiin 5! The new Sapphire Technology ATI Radeon 6870 is already under £190 but today you can buy it for £179.98!

Once again spread the word of these deals and the WIN A BUNDLE offer and send me examples of you getting the word out and ill send you a download code for Lost Planet 2! 



First up, something which has caught the eye today is the launch of the Domestic “Flush Tracker” to celebrate World Toilet day. If you’ve ever wondered “How far does your flush go” then fear not as now you can track from anywhere in the world – distance travelled and velocity are all covered in this little beauty! Thomas Crapper would be proud! 

If any of you heeded my suggestion last week and checked your attic to see if there is a small fortunes worth of Chinese porcelain lying around, then you might be in the financial position to snap up Phil Neville’s three-storey apartment in Manchester’s tallest building. The three bedroom property is thought to be the most expensive of its kind in Manchester and is on the market for a cool £4million! Perhaps he’s moving into brother Gary’s Telly Tubby house

In honour of the aforementioned engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton (about which my missus Caroline has been far too excited about*) RightMove have also released a list of suitable homes they could choose from, don’t know about you but I’ve always quite fancied a castle! 

Finally, tonight is Children In Need, and to celebrate we are donating up to £10 to this fantastic cause when you buy any model of the BT Verve 410 Cordless Phones , before November 21st! Take advantage of a great new handset and ensure you help make a difference to a great charity! 

*The answer is still no, we aren’t having any tatty marital merchandise of the day, I wont have my home filled with the same tat all our parents did when the last one took place!



Del Boy, Apples not Oranges, Check your attics and Bully’s Back

“He Who Dares…WINS!”

It’s Friday,  and in keeping with tradition, it’s not only the last day of the working week – but also time for my take on the last 7 days! Before I move onto the current, first a quick glance to the past and something to always reflect on – yesterday marked 11/11 and the offices here at dabs, as well as millions of you across the UK, fell silent to pay your respects to the millions of servicemen and women who have given their lives for this country in all conflicts since the First World War. Lest we Forget.

Office wise, it’s been another crazy week, as we have been finalising all our plans for Christmas. No, I don’t mean planning our Christmas party, or how to decorate the office (although there has been some of that too!); but rather we have been securing all our top deals for the festive season, and producing our not-to-be-missed Christmas gift catalogue! Last week I told you how our head of Design, Mike, has been chained to his desk and been plied with food – not much has changed this week to be fair – and as a result, yesterday saw his efforts rewarded with the launch of our Christmas store on We are showcasing our best deals and Christmas gift recommendations, and will be updating the selection daily as the latest stock and offers land. Even if you’re not feeling festive just yet, ensure you take a look today so you don’t miss out!

Tony HartThe office was abuzz last week following my last update referencing ‘Welephant’ – as the northern folk amongst came over all nostalgic for our school days! So much so, it led another of our design team, Gareth, to unveil his greatest childhood moment to the room! As a young whippersnapper, in just ONE day, he managed to meet Welephant AND the legend that was Tony Hart* in the Galleries Shopping Centre in Wigan, see people – dreams really can come true!

*Disappointingly Morph had failed to make the effort.

Del Boy & DuncAs if one icon of the small screen wasn’t enough, we also had the one and only wheeler dealer – my role model of the past three decades – Del Trotter in the office last week! He stopped by as part of a promotion day we were running and took a shine to the marketing team – our two Michelle’s in particular – and when he saw my cardboard cut out we just had to have a photo. Check it out to the right – living the dream!

ApprenticeThis week, outside of the wonderful world of Dabs, I have spent some time catching up with some TV I’ve missed over the past week or so. My thanks have to go to Alex Epstein of ‘The Apprentice’ fame for giving me my ‘crying-with-laughter-moment-of-the-week’ before getting booted from the show. In a VT – that stands for video tape (that’s one for Keith Lemon fans!) – he informed the word that he is not “a corporate clone” and “thinks outside the box” before dropping the bomb….”If I was an apple pie, the apples inside would be orange.” There really are no words…

Regular visitors to the blog will have read that we have been giving you the chance to win an 8GB iPod Touch over the past fortnight. All you had to do was place your order and email me via with your order number. The entries flew in last week, and this morning, a winner was selected – Luke Patchesa. Congratulations, Luke,  an 8GB iPod Touch is on its way to you! See… it’s that simple people, read the blog and you can take advantage of some fantastic offers! Tell all your friends!



ApprenticeLast week,  ATI had their say with the new 6870 and 6850 range of graphics cards; but today their frenemies in Green are back on the scene to lay down a marker with the GTX 580 range which has just hit It’s the card TechRadar are calling “The Fermi card we’ve always deserved.” I can even vouch for that, as NVIDIA took the time to drop into the office yesterday to show off the new cards – in SLI – and they are most definitely faster, cooler and quieter than their predecessors. The Endless City DX11 test demo that they ran in 3D blew us all away.

The level of detail – shadows, lighting, texture – were hugely impressive. We also got a look at Tessellation Man, which was a clever way to explain how Tessellation works on the 580. The alien character could be attacked and modified to show how the GPU could easily handle a huge range of actions every second, whilst always looking smooth and visually stunning.

While we wait to see how ATI respond with their Caymen cards – which are rumoured to be delayed, due to cooling issues we believe – the GTX 580 is not a card to be ignored.

This week has also seen the launch of the new SSDNow V100 Series from Kingston. Available in 64GB, 128GB and 256GB capacities, the new drives offer Sequential read throughput of 250 MB/s and Sequential write throughput’s of 230 MB/s on 256GB and 128GB – with the 64 GB offering 145 MB/s. We have the 64GB and 128GB options available now with stock landing soon – you can get the standalone drives or the Desktop or Notebook Bundles.



Another productive week in terms of new deals for you – shown below – and also the Dunc’s Deal inbox has been filling up with more ‘Price Match Challenges’ and deal requests! Keep them coming in!

It’s Deal Time, and Bully is back again this week as you guys seemed to love him – so without further ado…

Iiiiiin 1! Buffalo 1TB (2 x 500GB) DriveStation Duo final reduction, now over 50% off at £49.98!

Iiiiiin 2! Gigabyte AMD Ultimate Self-Build Bundle with the Phenom II X6, now under £420 with 2 free games!

Iiiiiin 3! Speed up your system today – for less The OCZ Technology 128GB Onyx Series is now under £145! Limited time offer!

Iiiiiin 4! Price downs on a selection of AMD processors! Athlon II now from £44.99 and Phenom II X6’s now starting from £139.98!

Iiiiiin 5! Get £5 off the Samsung 1TB Spinpoint MT2 2.5” Mobile Hard Drive, currently £74.98, yours today for under £70!

Remember, keep spreading word about the blog offers and let me know when you mention the blog online as you WILL bag yourself a freebie!


No, I’m not talking about the daytime TV tripe fronted by Ben Fogle, Lorne Spicer and the like, that might land you £17.57 from your unwanted loft-fodder – I am talking about checking your attic to see if there is £43 MILLION quids worth of unwanted Chinese porcelain knocking about! That’s what a brother and sister in London discovered when doing a house-clearance! I know what I am spending my weekend doing…alas; I expect the only millions in my attic are spiders and particles of dust!


Win a Samsung Tellybox, 3TB, ChristNAS, Welephant and Bad Jokes

“Don’t Call It A Come Back!” 

Hello. It’s me. Dunc. Remember me?

Old faithful readers of Dunc’s Deal will realise that it’s been three long weeks since my last update. I’m not one for excuses, but I will let you know why I’ve been MIA. Two weeks ago was the morning after the infamous Dabs Diamond Awards – and yes as per your voting I wore the kilt! In true Diamond Awards fashion, we were all feeling a little delicate the morning after, and all my hazy mind would focus on was Dominos Pizza. Then last week – as kindly documented by Michelle – I was MIA! I actually took a little holiday – which I know shouldn’t be allowed, as the Customer Service team have been telling me all week!

I’m back now and fully refreshed, so let’s get back to the deals! Make sure you subscribe to the blog so you can get RSS updates whenever we post!

8GB iPod TouchLast week Michelle launched a great promotion for you guys to win an iPod – but guess what – you didn’t take advantage! Shame on you! So for one week (ends 11/11/10) I am going to extend the offer  for you to win an 8GB iPod Touch. Simply place your order and email me via with your order number. I will then enter you into the draw and will announce the winner next week.

 As mentioned in my last post, the forum is up and running, and in under three weeks we have already racked up 1,000 posts and over 450 members! Thanks to all the active posters and readers of the forum. If you’re not a member, make sure you sign up today and take advantage of the community knowledge and platform to get in touch with us!

Since I got back we’ve all been busy in the office preparing for everyone’s* favourite time of year – Christmas! This week our head of Design, Mike, has been chained to his desk and been plied with Dominos Pizza in order to get our Christmas Consumer Catalogue out of the door. Many of you will receive it through the post over the coming weeks and the rest will be able to access it online with the digital edition which is coming soon!

*everyone except Michelle – the marketing manager – who makes Scrooge look festive! 

The catalogue is packed full of festive deals and offers – some of which I’ve been working on myself! They include the fantastic Synology Santa and our Merry ChristNAS promotion which gives you the chance to win Apple iPods just for buying Network Attached Storage from dabs! 



This industry never ceases to amaze me! In just three weeks the amount of product news I could deliver here is mind-boggling! I’ve selected a few gems for you that you should definitely consider!

First up is the long awaited and hugely sought after 3TB internal hard drives from WD. The storage giant broke rank and got the 3TB beats to market first – even ensuring they have a ready made solution for the Operating System inability to hand over 2.2TB! The new drives, available in 2.5TB and 3TB options, ship with the Host Bus Adapter required to overcome the software issue! Stock on the 3TB is expected later this month – get your orders on today to avoid disappointment. 

As Michelle mentioned last week the new range of ATI Radeon graphics cards hit the shelves last week – the new 6800 series delivered the 6870 and 6850 at fantastic new price points – ensure you check out the ranges. 

What’s fast and Portable and coming into stock on


Well it’s the brand new WD My Passport range with USB 3.0 connectivity

*Ripple of groans from around the office* 

It’s no joke! Check them out today

Promotion-wise, we’ve teamed up with Shuttle to give you the chance to win a Samsung LE32C530 32″ 5 Series 1080p FullHD LCD TV worth over £350 in November! The promotion is simple – just buy any of the Shuttle products shown on the promo page during November and you will automatically go into a draw to win when your order has been shipped. To find out more click here



Thanks for filling up my Dunc’s Deal inbox while I was away – once again, the response to “Challenge Dunc” has been immense and I am going to keep the doors open via email or speak to Dunc. Keep the suggested deals, ‘Price Match Challenges’ and any requests coming in, and ill do all I can to help!   

With the office currently buzzing about upcoming trip to the darts (or ‘the arrows’ for those in the know), this week I’ve been influenced by Bullseye hero, Bully – so… 

Iiiiiin 1! ATI Lovers can bag the XFX Radeon 5770 1GB, currently £109.99, yours today for £106.99!
Iiiiiin 2! NVIDIA fans can get the Gigabyte GTX 460 1GB, currently £169.98, yours today for £164.99!
Iiiiiin 3! There has never been a better time to self-build with this Asus Intel Value Bundle with Motherboard and CPU, currently £144.98, yours today for £139.99!
Iiiiiin 4! No discounts here, it’s already an amazing price! The Seagate 500GB MomentusXT Hybrid Hard Drive gives you SSD-Like Performance at an affordable price! Only £94.98!
Iiiiiin 5! Save yourself £10 on the Samsung 1TB Portable Hard Drive, currently £84.98, yours today for £74.98

Remember, keep spreading word about the blog offers and let me know about when you mention the blog online as you WILL bag yourself a freebie! 



 The age old adage is never more apt than on Bonfire Night! Tonight’s the night millions of us will risk life and limb for a sparkler and a dream! Dogs will seek refuge under dining tables while people will stand in the rain for hours eating toffee apples and edging closer to flames licking off door frames and old pallets.

Enjoy your fire-filled weekends, but stay safe, or I’ll send Welephant round – he was at our school every year to make sure we were safe from the hazards of flame! Remember remember the 5th of November… and remember remember to stop by next week for more Dunc’s Deals updates! 


Dunc's Missing!

Where is Dunc? Help! Components guru missing in action!

Its official, Dunc has left the building!! The desk of the bushy eye-browed one is looking sadly empty and someone has already nicked his chair!  Hang on, calm down, before you start to panic and dig your black arm bands out you can breathe a sigh of relief as he’s only taken a few days annual leave. Yes, he’s been working his little Nvidia branded socks* off so much that we’ve decided he deserves a (small) break. For this week I’m afraid you’re stuck with me but rest assured normal service will be resumed next week.

(*Dunc has a variety of socks and has no preference to NVidia or any other brand)8GB iPod Touch

Now, I’m not going to pretend to be a product expert like Dunc, nor can I promise you witty antidotes about big breakfasts, kilts and curries but what I can offer you are great deals and a cracking competition. I’ve rifled through Dunc’s stash of goodies and if you place an order between now and Bonfire night you could be in with a chance of winning an 8GB iPod Touch. Simply place your order and email Dunc at your order number. He’ll enter you into the draw and will announce the lucky winner in his blog next week.

So, what’s new at Dabs? Well, last week we hosted the annual Dabs Diamond Awards where we awarded your favourite manufacturers a prestigious Diamond Award. Thousands of you voted and on the night we had all your favourite brands there gagging to know who the winners were. Check out our winners list to see if your favourite brand won. If they didn’t make it this year make sure you vote for them next year!

The awards must have put us in a good mood as this week we’ve gone promotion crazy with offers on Storage, laptops and a range of Sony products. If storage is your thing then check out our latest storage deals in our Storage Spectacular. There’s something for everyone with 2TB internal drives from £72.99, 1TB external storage at just £54.99 and SSD at £144.99 for 128GB. If you’re on the look out for a new laptop or netbook, we’ve got some great deals in our Pricecrash at the moment starting with netbooks at £223 up to an Acer Core i5 at just £597.99. My favourite is actually the Core i3 Acer at £419.99 and the way they’re flying out this week I don’t think that I’m the only one.  

Storage Spectacular

If Sony is the only brand for you then you’ll love their VAT back promo which they launched this week.  There’s a range of products from laptops and touchscreen PCs to digital cameras and LCD TVs. Buy before the 24th December and Sony will refund the VAT you pay. We’re a bit light on stock at the moment but rest assured it will be here soon!

We’ve also had a busy week preparing for the launch of our Christmas store. Yes I know it feels like ages off and the fact that it seems to arrive earlier each year is annoying but we know that a lot of you like to get ahead with your shopping so keep checking the site for our Christmas gift ideas. We’ll have something for everyone and if you’re stuck for gift ideas for your very own IT guru why not drop Dunc an email for some suggestions?Mr Frosty

If I’m honest I’m not a big fan of Christmas and yes, I do know that the marketing team call me Scrooge! In my defence I personally think that my dislike of Christmas stems from me not getting the present that I really wanted when I was a kid. Year after year I put it on the list and year after year dear old Santa failed to deliver. What was it you ask? Mr Frosty! That fantastic machine that turned ice into a rather poor excuse for a slush puppy! I appreciate now that I probably would have used it once and then got bored of it but it’s just not the point! Anyway rant over! What have you always wanted for Christmas but never got?   Post your comment below and the most amusing answer will win £200 to spend on whatever they want at Dabs! Originality please – certain female x-factor judges or premiership footballers are Rio Riotnot what we had in mind!

Talking of my childhood, I read this week that Sony are stopping production of the Sony cassette Walkman in Japan. To be honest with you I didn’t realise that they still made them having sold my soul to Apple some years ago but it did get me thinking about my first MP3 player. It was a Rio Riot and weighed a ton but it was 20GB and cost me 50 quid back from Dabs in 2003. I must admit to hiding it in my bag on train journeys and it did need its own generator to charge it but the point is that it got me onto MP3 and I have never looked back.  What was the first piece of tech to make a difference to your life? 

For those of you who always want the latest kit you’ll probably have the new ati 6800 series on your radar. We’ve got a variety of cards in stock in both the 6870 and 6850 ranges. Check them out today.

And finally talk moves back to Christmas (bah humbug) with Dunc’s very own Synology Santa promo. Simply buy the Synology 2 bay Nas and each week one lucky buyer will win two 1TB hard drives. This promo is running until the 28th November so there’s plenty of time to win!

That’s it from me. Enjoy your weekend and don’t forget to put your clocks back an hour!


Forums and Football, Deals and Dopiaza

“McDunc – I’m Not Lovin’ It”

Just when you thought this week couldn’t get any betterafter the jubilant return of the Chilean miners… it’s the return of Dunc! Happy Friday everyone!

In the same week as 33 Chilean miners returned from two months underground, FC recorded their second win on the bounce – two amazing feats of endurance and teamwork! I am still at a loss to as how it happened – not the Chilean miners, they got out thanks to planning and precision – I’m talking about our back to back victories! The mind boggles!

For next week only, you can call me McDunc – no thanks to you lot. I’m going back to my semi-Scottish roots! In the seven days since the last update, the majority of you have managed to ensure that the “Should Dunc wear a Kilt to the Dabs Diamond Awards later this month” poll is leaning heavily in favour of me donning the tartan and showing my pins – thanks for that! While I may be less than grateful for your votes in the poll, we are grateful for all your votes for the actual awards – the response has been overwhelming! The votes are now closed and are being counted and verified by our very own Dermot O’Leary – Michelle. The winners will be announced online after the awards ceremony next week, as will the winner of the prize for voting – stay tuned!

Today marks the day that the long awaited new game Medal of Honor is released in the UK, and as those eagle eyed regulars to the blog will have seen, we have secured an exclusive offer in conjunction with the guys at EA Store. For today only you can get 20% off with a voucher code, to get the code and the full details check out the blog post.

This week we have launched two new aspects on – a new section of the Blog called “Ponderings” and our long awaited forum! The new blog section opened with our very own Matt giving his thoughts on memories and the need, or rather not, to retain them.

The forum, which went live yesterday, has been in the idea stages for some time and we know many of you have been waiting for us to get one online for even longer! Well the wait is over – and we have to thank all the IT guys (Alex, Ste, Mark), the marketing team (Mike, Matt and Sam) and everyone who helped bring the forum online over recent weeks. Sign up today and get posting, as there is a special prize that will be announced later today on the forum!


In The News

Quiet week in all honesty, lots going on but very little of it has caught my eye – don’t forget you guys can always submit stories you find interesting via comments or Speak to Dunc and ill ensure if I use them you get credited! One thing that did catch the eye was the ever-busy Google. Whilst finding time to squeeze in  a 32% jump in profits, they also have announced that they have been testing automated cars that have clocked up over 100,000 miles without human interaction – crazy!


Product News!

Last week you guys took to the news of the Synology USB Station 2 pre-order by placing your pre-orders in droves! Today stock has landed and you can now secure the product for under £80!

This week we have a host of new offers ready for you to take advantage of, the first is a new Self-Build bundle! Those of you who are familiar with our Asus Intel and AMD bundles will know what to expect, but this time we have partnered with Gigabyte to offer a one off Ultimate Bundle! The bundle sees the GA-890FXA-UD5 Motherboard, AMD Phenom II X6 1055T, Corsair 4GB DDR3 [2x2GB] Memory and  Windows 7 Home Premium brought together for under £450! Not only that, but we are throwing in 2 Game Downloads: Storm Rise + Lost Planet! Stock due next week!

This week saw the launch of the new NVIDIA GTS 430 range of Graphics cards that are aimed at the casual gamer market and those looking for performance from their PC. From editing photos to HD video, watching blu-ray movies and playing DX11 titles like Civilization V – the new cards pack a punch at a great price point. Check out the range we have starting at under £60.

Finally, just today we have launched two new promotions on First up is the Netgear ReadyNAS duo, where you can claim a 1TB or 2TB hard drive for free on selected models and the second is on Western Digital VelociRaptor Hard Drives where you can get yourself a FREE copy of the just released Medal of Honor game for PC! Check out the full details and see the included drives here.



Product Deals & Challenge Dunc Continues!

After a great response to last week’s “Challenge Dunc” I’m looking forward to seeing what next this brings – suggest deals you want to see and drop me a note via ‘Speak to Dunc’ with your ‘Price Match Challenges’ this week, and I’ll do all I can to get the deal you need!

First up on the exclusive front, I want to ensure you get the BEST price in the market right now for the Samsung 1TB S2 Portable hard drive. Currently on dabs you can get at an already amazing price of £89.99, and last week I offered it to you guys for £79.99. But for one week only, with this link, you can get it for even less – £76.98!

Moving on to some Solid State Drive deals, we’ve just taken stock of some fantastically price OCZ Onyx Series products. The 64GB is now down to £79.99 and the 128GB has hit a great price of £159.98. I can’t knock anything else off, but I am going to say that if you buy one you can have a £40 game voucher for EA Store – just email me with your Sales Order Number!

Some of you have already spotted it, but to those that haven’t, you should take advantage of the special bundle that is on the Intel Ultimate Self-Build Bundle. Right now you can save over £20 on Kingston HyperX 6GB (3x2GB) DDR3 1600MHz Memory when bought with the bundle – check it out today and take advantage!

Remember, keep spreading word about the blog offers and let me know about when you mention the blog online as you WILL bag yourself a freebie!

Anyone For Curry?

OK that’s it for another week – I’m off out tonight with some of the boys from work for a few beverages of the alcoholic variety and a curry at Akbars in Manchester! It is with a heavy heart (but a belly full of curry) that we will be celebrating the departure of Mike in our IT Development team, who is off to pastures new – yes celebrating, we didn’t like him much anyway! Only joking Mike, you know you’ll be missed!!

Have a good weekend and don’t forget to enter our “Win a experience worth £150”. In the words of our proposal Romeo, Mike, as mentioned last week – “I only have one question…”