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  • metalgearsolid

    Solid Snake Infiltrates Hollywood!

      Metal Gear Solid is coming to the Big screen! Well those of you that are huge MGS fans will be aware that they made a 65 min picture back in 2009, and it wasn’t a complete flop, scoring 6.5 on IMDB. But, what about […]

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  • Technology from a Student’s Perspective

    Technology from a Student’s Perspective

    If you’re a first year university student right now, chances are you’ll be getting the swing of student life. Once alien concepts such as lectures, seminars, the student union and halls of residence won’t seem quite so unfamiliar to you now and you’ll be loving every […]

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  • net-chat

    Chirping, Tweeting and other Internet Slang terms.

     First we were tweeting and soon we’re going to be chirping too, well according to software business Animal Systems we will. The University College London based business has developed a new Smartphone app that transmits data via a burst of ‘digital birdsong’ and is meant […]

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  • matrix

    Sci-Fi and our future!

    Your favourite Sci-Fi movie of all time: Our recent Facebook poll asking you what the greatest Sci-Fi of all time was – indicated that The Matrix was the most popular. I personally agree that The Matrix is a classic, even with the terrible sequels tainting […]

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  • 1

    Your favourite PC game of all time is…

    Recently, we asked our Facebook fans what their favourite PC game of all time was….(drumroll)… Minecraft took first place and was followed by League of Legends and Train Simulator 2012. Yes, you read that right… Train Simulator 2012 is your third favourite PC game of […]

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  • Diablo-III-epic-wallpaper

    Diablo III: worth the wait?

    With Diablo III having been on the shelves for over a week, you’ll no doubt have got your hands on a copy if you’re a fan of hack and slash games. There has been a massive amount of excitement and build up to the launch […]

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  • call-of-duty-black-ops2

    Black Ops 2: are you ready for it?

    If you thought the excitement couldn’t get any greater than with the original Black Ops, then you were wrong. Announced recently, Black Ops 2 is promising to deliver even more of what fans want. While it might almost be crossing over into Modern Warfare territory […]

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  • avengers-cast fi

    Film and computer game tie-ins: Avengers expansion

    With the glut of the latest summer blockbusters already starting to hit cinemas, it got us thinking about some of our favourite film tie-in games. There have been lots of great games based on existing film, giving gamers an already richly populated world that they […]

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  • st3

    Building the ultimate video editing PC: Part One

    If you’ve been reading our blog recently, you’d have seen that we’ve just put together a guide to making the ultimate photo editing PC. Not wanting those of you who prefer moving images to feel left out, we’ve got a guide to building a video […]

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  • richard_peters_alligator

    Building the perfect photo editing PC: part 3

    If you’ve already read part one and part two of these posts, you’ll know that professional wildlife photographer Richard Peters has been sharing his knowledge on the components you need in a photo editing PC. In his final post for us, Richard looks at monitors, […]

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