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Exclusive New Range of ASUS Self-Build Motherboard Bundles

We’re excited to announce that we’ve just added even more components to our range, say hello to our new selection of self-build motherboards.

We’ve teamed up with ASUS and CORSAIR to develop a range of self-build PC bundles that are exclusive to From basic to high performance, Intel or AMD processors, we can guarantee a self-build bundle to suit every need – whether it be for gaming, professional or powerful home computing purposes.

“We’re all about equipping our customers with the essential components they need to get the best out of their computing experience,” explained Tony Harris, Head of Consumer Marketing at “By empowering people with the right tools, this gives them freedom to create their own custom PC – which coupled with the exclusive partnership with ASUS means our customers get excellent value for money.”

You can now choose from several fantastic self-build bundles – Supreme 2, Ultimate 4, Gamer 7, FM Performance 2, Performance 4, Home Office 1 and Super Value 1. For avid gamers, the Intel® ASUS Ultimate 4 bundle includes the Maximus VII Ranger motherboard, Core i7-4790K plus 8GB Vengeance Pro Memory – for increased throughput and less CPU usage for the ultimate gaming experience.

With plenty of great deals to choose from, is the one-stop shop for all things technical – for more information visit the website here: Self-build bundles.

ASUS self build bundles


Your Perfect Gadget Competition

Here in the Dabs office, we take tea very seriously.

Rigidly enforcing a brew schedule which, if anyone has the misfortune to deviate from, will face consequences that will plague the rest of their careers. It acts as the key to our ignitions while we chug away providing you with awesome daily deals.

So you can imagine the atmosphere when we run out of milk.

First, there’s the initial disappointment followed by swift acceptance; we can manage without a brew for a while we say, we won’t be slaves to a piping hot overwhelmingly British beverage.

But it isn’t long before the withdrawal symptons begin; the shakes, the short tempers, the hallucinations. Worst of all, in a desperate attempt to fill the tea shaped void, someone even contemplates getting a machine brew.

This is exactly why we need a gadget or gizmo which tells us when we’re running low on supplies, something like this:


It’s a milk jug which knows when you’re running low on milk. Designed by a Canadian based agency, the jug is fitted with a weight sensor monitoring how much milk is left. Once it has reached low levels, the system will automatically send a notification to your smartphone and use your device’s GPS to suggest nearby locations where you can re-stock on the white stuff.

A pretty awesome gadget for an office that treats tea drinking like it’s an Olympic sport, if only there was a device that did the same for tea bags and we’d be first in the queue to order one.

But it got us thinking, what fictional or generally awesome gadget do you yearn for? Is it real or is it an idea that you ponder about wondering why it hasn’t been done already? We’re looking for creative ideas here folks so be original, and also consider how the gizmo would vastly improve your life.

Post your ideas to the forum: and I shall check them out to see which ones are the best, of which will be awarded prizes!

The competition deadline is Friday 25th May, good luck folks!

Dabs Sale aly

Merry Christmas from dabs/January sale starts today!

With Christmas nearly upon us, we thought it was time to kick off our January sale. While we realise it’s not quite January yet, we always like to be one step ahead here at dabs, so if Santa didn’t quite deliver, go check out the January Sale page for some fantastic deals like:



On top of all these deals, we have a range of voucher codes to give you even more money off. £10 off if you spend £199, £25 when you spend £399, and £400 off when you spend £599. Get the codes here.

We hope you enjoy the sale. In the meantime, on behalf of everyone here at dabs, we all wish you a very merry, tech-filled Christmas.