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    Laptop Bags for Women. Who’d Have Thought That!

    That most dreaded time of year is just around the corner.  And the pressure is on to ensure that you buy the perfect present for the woman in your life.   Make the wrong decision and you’re paying for it for the rest of the year! […]

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  • The Dabs Diamond Awards 2012!

    The Dabs Diamond Awards 2012!

    It was that time of year again as the great and the good of the technology industry gathered at the Midland Hotel in Manchester for the prestigious Diamond Awards 2012. With representatives from the biggest names in technology there, everyone waited with anticipation to see […]

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    PCTV Systems New Broadway 2T

    In the box are the unit itself, with antennae attached, a small mains transformer (with two different attachable adapters for use abroad), a CAT 5 cable and a small DVB-T aerial.  I also found a couple of IR emitters labelled “For Future Use” Setup was […]

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    Battlefield 3

    I've been seeing a lot of chat about Battlefield 3 recently, so I've spent some time today just soaking up the latest videos and screens. I am seriously looking forward to this game. If, for some reason, you haven't seen it yet, take a look:

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    Customer update – 17th March

    Update: Wednesday 16th March We’re really sorry if you’ve waited longer than usual for us to process your return. Your patience has been very much appreciated and we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience the wait may have caused you. We’re pleased to confirm that we’re […]

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