Chirping, Tweeting and other Internet Slang terms.

 First we were tweeting and soon we’re going to be chirping too, well according to software business Animal Systems we will.

The University College London based business has developed a new Smartphone app that transmits data via a burst of ‘digital birdsong’ and is meant to revolutionise the way in which we share images and files between phones.

Chirp plays a two-second bird noise that when heard by other devices triggers a download and could be highly beneficial as it can quickly send data to multiple devices at once without the need for a wireless connection or for them to be paired.

It definitely sounds impressive, a system that makes it quick and easy to send data to each other and could potentially be used over public address systems and radio transmissions to send people images and links. It’s also simple and fun, an app that allows you to ‘chirp’ information from your phone to another is something that I can see catching on and become hip and trendy. Soon, thousands of people will be ‘chirping’ to each other, ad campaigns will ‘chirp’ to you directly in an attempt to sell you the latest gadgets and a new technology related word will enter our vocabularies.

It does seem to be phenomena of the 21st century, technology is moving forward at breakneck speeds and you can be guaranteed that the English language is zapping forward alongside it. The development of the Internet has given way to a whole host of new and exciting words at such a fast pace that even if you went back just five years I bet their would be half the amount of Internet terms we have today. Let’s have a look at a few of them:

‘Tweeting:’      The act of posting something on the social networking site Twitter or how most celebrities bitch and moan about other celebrities in the 21st century.

‘Trolling:’         The art of deliberately disrupting a forum thread with hateful or annoying comments purely to cause anger and irritation, most trolls will act tough only when they’re using a computer screen as a shield.

‘Liking:’            Clicking the ‘Like’ function on social networking site Facebook whenever you see something you like funnily enough, pretty soon we won’t have to express our emotions over anything, all we’ll do is press an ‘emotion’ button for all of life’s little moments- isn’t Facebook great?

‘Pwn’               To ‘Pwn’ something means to have complete control over it and to be ‘Pwned’ by something means to be dominated by it.

‘Flaming’         ‘Flaming’ a thread means to rant about an uninteresting topic, have a blatently ridiculous opinion on something or be hostile to a particular person or group, similar to ‘trolling.’

So at the speed that the Internet is developing, it’s a pretty fair prediction to say that new words will continue to enter cyberspace for the foreseeable future. Thanks for reading and if you guys can think of more Internet slang leave them in the comments below!