Del Boy, Apples not Oranges, Check your attics and Bully’s Back

“He Who Dares…WINS!”

It’s Friday,  and in keeping with tradition, it’s not only the last day of the working week – but also time for my take on the last 7 days! Before I move onto the current, first a quick glance to the past and something to always reflect on – yesterday marked 11/11 and the offices here at dabs, as well as millions of you across the UK, fell silent to pay your respects to the millions of servicemen and women who have given their lives for this country in all conflicts since the First World War. Lest we Forget.

Office wise, it’s been another crazy week, as we have been finalising all our plans for Christmas. No, I don’t mean planning our Christmas party, or how to decorate the office (although there has been some of that too!); but rather we have been securing all our top deals for the festive season, and producing our not-to-be-missed Christmas gift catalogue! Last week I told you how our head of Design, Mike, has been chained to his desk and been plied with food – not much has changed this week to be fair – and as a result, yesterday saw his efforts rewarded with the launch of our Christmas store on We are showcasing our best deals and Christmas gift recommendations, and will be updating the selection daily as the latest stock and offers land. Even if you’re not feeling festive just yet, ensure you take a look today so you don’t miss out!

Tony HartThe office was abuzz last week following my last update referencing ‘Welephant’ – as the northern folk amongst came over all nostalgic for our school days! So much so, it led another of our design team, Gareth, to unveil his greatest childhood moment to the room! As a young whippersnapper, in just ONE day, he managed to meet Welephant AND the legend that was Tony Hart* in the Galleries Shopping Centre in Wigan, see people – dreams really can come true!

*Disappointingly Morph had failed to make the effort.

Del Boy & DuncAs if one icon of the small screen wasn’t enough, we also had the one and only wheeler dealer – my role model of the past three decades – Del Trotter in the office last week! He stopped by as part of a promotion day we were running and took a shine to the marketing team – our two Michelle’s in particular – and when he saw my cardboard cut out we just had to have a photo. Check it out to the right – living the dream!

ApprenticeThis week, outside of the wonderful world of Dabs, I have spent some time catching up with some TV I’ve missed over the past week or so. My thanks have to go to Alex Epstein of ‘The Apprentice’ fame for giving me my ‘crying-with-laughter-moment-of-the-week’ before getting booted from the show. In a VT – that stands for video tape (that’s one for Keith Lemon fans!) – he informed the word that he is not “a corporate clone” and “thinks outside the box” before dropping the bomb….”If I was an apple pie, the apples inside would be orange.” There really are no words…

Regular visitors to the blog will have read that we have been giving you the chance to win an 8GB iPod Touch over the past fortnight. All you had to do was place your order and email me via with your order number. The entries flew in last week, and this morning, a winner was selected – Luke Patchesa. Congratulations, Luke,  an 8GB iPod Touch is on its way to you! See… it’s that simple people, read the blog and you can take advantage of some fantastic offers! Tell all your friends!



ApprenticeLast week,  ATI had their say with the new 6870 and 6850 range of graphics cards; but today their frenemies in Green are back on the scene to lay down a marker with the GTX 580 range which has just hit It’s the card TechRadar are calling “The Fermi card we’ve always deserved.” I can even vouch for that, as NVIDIA took the time to drop into the office yesterday to show off the new cards – in SLI – and they are most definitely faster, cooler and quieter than their predecessors. The Endless City DX11 test demo that they ran in 3D blew us all away.

The level of detail – shadows, lighting, texture – were hugely impressive. We also got a look at Tessellation Man, which was a clever way to explain how Tessellation works on the 580. The alien character could be attacked and modified to show how the GPU could easily handle a huge range of actions every second, whilst always looking smooth and visually stunning.

While we wait to see how ATI respond with their Caymen cards – which are rumoured to be delayed, due to cooling issues we believe – the GTX 580 is not a card to be ignored.

This week has also seen the launch of the new SSDNow V100 Series from Kingston. Available in 64GB, 128GB and 256GB capacities, the new drives offer Sequential read throughput of 250 MB/s and Sequential write throughput’s of 230 MB/s on 256GB and 128GB – with the 64 GB offering 145 MB/s. We have the 64GB and 128GB options available now with stock landing soon – you can get the standalone drives or the Desktop or Notebook Bundles.



Another productive week in terms of new deals for you – shown below – and also the Dunc’s Deal inbox has been filling up with more ‘Price Match Challenges’ and deal requests! Keep them coming in!

It’s Deal Time, and Bully is back again this week as you guys seemed to love him – so without further ado…

Iiiiiin 1! Buffalo 1TB (2 x 500GB) DriveStation Duo final reduction, now over 50% off at £49.98!

Iiiiiin 2! Gigabyte AMD Ultimate Self-Build Bundle with the Phenom II X6, now under £420 with 2 free games!

Iiiiiin 3! Speed up your system today – for less The OCZ Technology 128GB Onyx Series is now under £145! Limited time offer!

Iiiiiin 4! Price downs on a selection of AMD processors! Athlon II now from £44.99 and Phenom II X6’s now starting from £139.98!

Iiiiiin 5! Get £5 off the Samsung 1TB Spinpoint MT2 2.5” Mobile Hard Drive, currently £74.98, yours today for under £70!

Remember, keep spreading word about the blog offers and let me know when you mention the blog online as you WILL bag yourself a freebie!


No, I’m not talking about the daytime TV tripe fronted by Ben Fogle, Lorne Spicer and the like, that might land you £17.57 from your unwanted loft-fodder – I am talking about checking your attic to see if there is £43 MILLION quids worth of unwanted Chinese porcelain knocking about! That’s what a brother and sister in London discovered when doing a house-clearance! I know what I am spending my weekend doing…alas; I expect the only millions in my attic are spiders and particles of dust!

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