Free Game Friday Bonanza: The Seven Technological Wonders of the World

For this week’s Free Game Friday we have no less than seven games to give away as a bumper prize bonanza.  As good things quite often come in seven, it got me thinking about the seven wonders of the world and, more specifically, how they are all starting to look pretty dated.  I mean, come on, how useful is a giant pyramid these days? Can it run Crysis 2? I think not.. And the hanging gardens of Babylon? My mum has a hanging basket at the front of her house, and I know for a fact that it doesn’t have WiFi, so what’s the point?

Anyway, it’s because of this thinking that I’ve decided we need to set the record straight and announce the real seven wonders of the world. No, I don’t think we need to include tall buildings, long bridges or, I don’t know, boats (or something), we need to select 7 technological wonders of the world that have had a real effect on our lives. Things that we seriously couldn’t live without, that are truly wonders of our world.

So, we are giving away a bundle of seven games in this week’s competition. To enter, simply answer the following question and we’ll choose someone at random

So here’s the question: What in your opinion should be selected to be in the Seven Wonders of the Tech World?  What I’m looking for is your thoughts on a piece of technology that is around today that has really had a significant impact in our everyday lives, or is simply stupidly impressive.  This can be anything from a mobile phone to space rockets, but I’d like to know which item specifically, no generalisations please.

There it is, let me know what you’d like to see in the Seven Technological Wonders of the World in the comments below and, if picked, you’ll win a copy of Shogun Total War 2, Crysis 2, Stalker: Call of Pripyat, Dirt 2, Lost Planet 2, Operation Flashpoint Red River and Medal of Honor.  That’s a game per wonder, can’t really say fairer than that, can you?

The winner will be announced on Friday and the Seven Wonders of the World will be announced next week, so get going and best of luck!

    • Ian O’Donnell

      The combustion engine!

    • bev_metallica on Twitter

      Mobile phones with wi-fi. How else can I connect to Dabs from work and not get busted?! Seriously – a wi-fi phone is awesome – travel information, maps, catch up on your fave blogs whilst stuck in a queue, so many uses. Couldn’t live without it!

    • Kyle J-W

      The greatest piece of technology ever is obviously THE INTERNET.
      Where would be today if we didn’t have it.

    • Alun Heseltine

      I’d love to say the Space Shuttle, but I truely think it has to be the Internet. I think it’s just turned 20, and if you think how different things were 20 odd years ago, how different something as simple as ordering a new piece of tech from a mail order company was, it took forever (well, between a week and 28 days!), we can now order a new hard drive and by the next morning it’s been delivered! Also consider the transfer of information, and how communications have been revolutionised by the internet… what’s it like when you can’t check your twitter feed, or facebook updates when out and about, or when you get home to find your broadband connection has gone down? I’t pretty much unbearable and must be rectified instantly and at all costs!
      Yep, like it or loath it, I’d say it has to be the one of the Seven Wonders of the Tech World.

    • Jonny

      I think the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) at CERN has to be the wonder of the technological world! It is the largest and most expensive scientific experiment ever and may hold the key to ‘Life, The Universe and Everything!” (The answer to which may or may not be ’42’ – we will have to wait for the LHC to find the answers!)

    • SamWhistler

      My wonder of the tech world is high speed broadband- can you even imagine going back to dial up? beeeepppppppppppbeeppbzzeeppppp…. no you can’t use the phone at the same time…. beeeeeeeep… enjoy your 10 minute wait for this probably useless webpage….bzzeeeep.

    • Julie squires

      It has to be the internet and the ability to skype!
      I am a mum of 2 and as cabin crew I work all over the world. With skype I feel I can be close to them, speaking and seeing them every night before they go to bed. It makes me feel that the world today is a smaller place because out of choice I would always prefer to be at home. Skype makes me feel that I am so much closer than I actually am!

    • Doofage

      The kettle! jesus i would go mad without tea and me kettle makes it so easy to make. A true wonder of the technological world 😀

    • Disko

      Seven wonders:
      1. The silicone chip – storing data on a silicone based product!
      2. Heat shield adhesive – a glue that’s used on the space shuttle that’s stronger than metal!
      3. wi-fi & uhf – transporting data without wires!
      4. Anti-gravity – need I say more.
      5. The wheel – one of the best inventions ever!

    • iain maciver

      nitrus oxide broadband for unbelieable speed

    • Alistair Green

      Would have to agree on the internet – I don’t even remember how we made it through the 80’s and 90’s. Imagine the world without it.

    • Nick

      All the answers are great, a mobile phone, the space shuttle even the Internet pale in comparison to the simplest of technical marvels. The item has revolutionised our entire lives with it none of the marvels we use today nor the 7 brilliant games on offer…. What is it? The Transistor

      Before the transistor was invented Moores law was a pipe dream Computers were the size of caravans or larger and had all the processing power of a shuttle-cock. The transistor changed everything it led the the integrated circuit board which in turn led to the iPhone, the moon landings, the shuttle and the Internet and more importantly to gaming.

    • Alistair Green

      meant to say 70’s and 80’s – whoops

    • Anthony

      In my humble opinion the one thing I cant live without is TV screens. It displays everything from news to sport to comedy. Then you have tv for xbox and also computers. It something we will end up spend more time looking at, more hours will be spent looking over sleeping.

    • Kelly West

      It has to be the wireless router – no more wires – well not trailing around me anyway :)

    • Louise

      Would have to say the Internet. Can’t imagine how I lived without it

    • Ben Larsen

      Radio telescopes. These things can literally look back in time – to the dawn of the universe. Seeing things that we never even dreamt of before. How freaking cool is that???

    • Laurie Maclean

      GHD hair straightners! Just amazing. Its a shame none were available 20 years ago when I was at school…where I earned the name lamby because of my frizzy, wooly hair!!

    • MaxHeadroom

      The great wonder of the tech World Surely the Intel Processor i7 2500K
      2 The Internet
      3 WiFi
      4 Android Tablets
      5 Digital SLR Camera 14MegaPixels
      6 60″ Flatscreen TV
      7 International Space Station

    • Melanie Gardiner

      I’m another voter for the internet, it’s changed the way we communicate, research, shop, spend our leisure time. It’s a wonder how we all coped without it.

    • Mandy Mason

      Without question for me has to be the internet. Can’t imagine having to go down to the library again to look up answers!!

    • carole mcdonald

      The egg slicer

    • Susan Chafer

      The MRI scanner. How many people owe their lives to those?

    • Tony

      The Iphone. Access to information at your finger tips when on the move!

    • Jaffo

      The Internet
      The Personal Computer
      The International Space Station
      The Hubble Space Telescope
      The Large Hadron Collider
      The Folding@home Distributed Computing Project
      The Joint European Torus

      If I had to be specific on the personal computer then I will say the C64 (my first!)


    • helen maher

      The Internet. its amazing, wonderful, and blows me away!

    • Laura

      The jet engine ! made the world accessible

    • Priscilla Stubbs

      The Computer as so many other modern technologies link in with it.

    • Stephen Irving

      dual processor

    • Jen Schofield

      The microwave – how my student life would have had to survive on cereal all year without one!

    • alex cook

      the electric lightbulb without which we would still be sitting in the dark with flickering candles or dangerous gas lights!

      and that’s without even considering that it was totally instrumental in driving tech development there would be no domestic electricity without it!!

    • joanna PARKER

      Definately the internet, cant imagine what we did before it!


      The mobile phone

    • Suzanne Hill

      The mobile phone because I am old enough to remember life without one and there was never a phone box around when you needed one

    • emma speers

      Wireless internet!

      i say this without doubt… I mean how else would i be on here doing this right now?

      And for other people with family hundreds of miles away, able to take to their family / friends and keep in touch… I mean phones are impressive, but really the internet is taking over right?

      It so impressive, you dont even have to go to the bank anymore!

      And half the time instead of phoning a companies customer services, you can talk to an agent online, live – how impressive is that!

    • Christina Palmer

      The Internet – how else could I find and enter so many competitions and find the answers needed to enter them.

    • pam cooper

      fridge freezer and washingmachine couldnt do without it

    • Emma Wolski

      The iphone with all its apps and wifi etc! I always said I didn’t need one however now I do not know how I would get by and dread the day I lose it as I’m terrible for remembering to back it up lol!!!

    • Christina

      I am sure it has to be the internet – for all the best and worst reasons

    • Maya Russell

      I think it has to be television – giving us entertainment, news, historical, geographical, or scientific programmes in PICTURES!

    • simone lee


    • Ann

      the automatic washing machine, I remember the days of the old twin tub or hand washing.

    • Andy

      The Hubble telescope, its shown us the wonders of the universe

    • John Kelly

      Got to be the internet!

    • Geoff Hibbert

      Obviously it’s the TV

    • darth_careful

      My top 2: the internet has changed the way we live our lives, but without antibiotics a lot of us wouldn’t have lives in the first place. Let’s hear some love for Alexander Fleming!

    • Ben Lyons

      seven wonders of the tech world (in no particular order)
      1.IOS – apple ipad
      In recent years apple has gone from strength to strength, from just another player to a domineering force in tech, and its all down to one thing, their user interface.
      Starting with the first iphone apples ios made phones that were both smart and easy (even my dad can use them). Tablets have been around for over 10 years, but the first successful one was the ipad, why? again a fun simple and usable interface.
      and thats not even beginning to mention the app store, an invention that in only a few short years has changed the way be buy our software.

      2. Linux
      When Linux was launched it also opened up an new era, suddenly programmers around the world could build their operating systems in the way they wanted them, but even better they could get together and improve them, and again in a short time its become a standard of our lives, so much so that even apple and Microsoft use large chunks of the linux kernal in their desktop operating systems. But Linux isn’t the story here, it was simply the first example of a BIG project created in a public way. Today so much of the software that we use in our day to day lives are updates,upgraded and improved by hordes of users who feel responsible and empowered. and not forgetting that you can now run your pc for $100 cheaper!

      3. Microsoft kinect
      While still in the early days the kinect has push the boundaries of how we interact with out computers. I’ve been following NI and haptic devices for a few years, and until recently it seemed like there were still major issues, yet with a couple of cameras and an infrared light mircosoft found a simple solution. Already the kinect has left the domain of the xbox360, and can now be found in banks, powering interactive shop windows and strapped on top of roomba’s, in fact its hard to mention the kinect without several references to the film minority report.

      4. Mars rovers
      how can you pick a favourite between spirit and opportunity? simply put you can’t. a plucky pair of robots that weren’t expected to last a single winter and yet lasted 7 years, enduring broken wheels and running to the bitter end. Forget the awesome contribution to science, These guys are to space exploration what the moon landings were to my parents.

      more to folow…….

    • Laura Pritchard

      The Internet – without a doubt.

    • Mel Chambers

      The ball bearing!

    • AP

      Definitely the silicon chip…things got really exciting from then on… and so many more inventions were developed on computers etc.

    • TOM

      Television without a doubt . From its origins in B/W to all the current day applications.
      Could not live without it.

    • Rory Campion

      Mobile phone masts disguised as trees. Genius.

    • Steven Montgomery

      The internet, to get the real news of what’s going on in the world 😉

    • Paul Johnston

      I would agree with the combustion engine although Carol has a point with the egg slicer!


      the internet without a doubt but more so broadband ! dial up was so annoying

    • Emily Hutchinson

      Got to be the internet – with online shopping and banking and even online dating, it saves everyone time, but it must be life changing for those who live in remote areas or who are housebound.

    • Janine Atkin

      The Keplar space telescope is impressive and significant as its the first project dedicated solely to the discovery of exoplanets. If mankind is to survive for another million years the exploration and colonisation of space is essential.

    • edward

      Remote Robotic Surgery (sew me up Scotty)

    • Katie Simmonds

      1) The internet – it allows people to communicate with each other from their own homes. They can talk, see each other, shop, work, watch live television, get live news/sport updates. I’d never have thought that even possible when I was a child.
      2) The Whirlwind machine by MIT – the first ever computer with RAM. This was a massive development in what has led to our current technological lifestyles. It was the first computer with a magnetic core and real-time graphics. Where would we be now without this?
      3) AT&T’s Bell Telephone Laboratories – silhouette images on television. This was to be the first ever television, leading to what we now see as moving images on our TV. Almost every household has at least 1 television and I think the first television is a must-have for inclusion in this list.
      4) The Sony Walkman. This was the first real ‘on-the-go’ music player. It began with cassettes, and led to such developments as the iPod.
      5) The iPod. Having every album you own on a device that fits into your pocket is still miraculous.
      6) The iPhone. The first “smart-phone”. Enables people to access the internet, games, music, and a touch-screen and much more – all on their mobile phone.
      7) The Nintendo Wii. It took computer gaming to a new dimension, reaching a new audience – of women, and encouraging fitness. It prompted other computer manufacturers to copy, and led to a new, emerging computer gaming generation of consoles that sense your movement.

    • Ginnette Simmonds

      Definitely the internet … almost everything done with a click of a button!

    • Toan Pham

      The joystick/control pad, which has allowed non-technical people to become less scare of technology.

    • Chris Davies

      I would love to see the transistor, it don’t go nowhere without no transistor!

    • Jayne K

      The TV remote – gives guys that feeling of power and control in a fast changing world.

    • Sheila O’Donoghue

      The iphone…internet, phone calls, camera were ever you are you can still keep in touch.

    • Sean Stephenson

      Digital downloads – books/music/films. The amount of physical resources (paper/metal etc) that will be saved due to digital media will be incredible.

    • Helen

      It just has to be the internet

    • Henri

      Internet is way too general. I have to say Twitter and/or google. Those two have had the biggest impact on my life for sure.

    • darren

      i guess it just has to be the internet for the whole new world that it opens up for people.

    • rachael lines

      You lot are forgetting the basics, the fundamental can not live without bits of tech.. the alarm clock and the kettle. Evolution changes the design of these things, but our reliance on them is always exists. Yes more developed and life changing gadgets have been born but these two items were behind the blueprints of all the wonders of the world. Like sewing seeds or the chicken egg argument, truly amazing and worthy of utmost respect!

      Must say I do love my kettle but my alarm clock is not a friend of mine.

    • j darrington

      the modern laser should be in with a shout, cant wait for my own personal light saber steak knife:D

    • Lynn Doe

      I think one of the seven Wonders would be The Toastie Maker. I have no idea how we ever survived as civilised people before this little gadget was invented. I cant even comprehend how people Pre-Toastie maker ever got through life without the Melted Cheese and baked bean Toastie.

    • Alison Sperry

      Touchscreens. You’ve got the Nintendo DS to thank for bringing them back to the fore. Now they’re everywhere, most new phones have touchscreens, and let’s not forget things like tablet PCs. Apple iPad, anyone?

    • david NEVILLE

      the microchip
      as most tecnology relies on it
      powers any thing from the tv remote control to the nuclear missiles
      also cash machines, computers, toys, gps systems ,
      traffic lights, digital dashboards in cars, and sky boxes

    • Michelle Rayner

      I would add scanner machines to the technology list because they save lives including mine – things that do not show on xrays do show on scans and can be dealt with early to avoid problems later – brilliant!

    • lia

      I reeeeeeeeeeeally want to say toaster because grilling toast is an absolute chore and I am obsessed with toast and marmite, but it has to be the internet. I can watch a movie, while checking my bank balance, whilst shopping for food, while chatting live to friends, while trying to shoot ducks for imaginary prizes, AND looking up all the people I couldn’t stand at school on Facebook and hoping they’re now spotty and 56 stone. ALL at the same time. Genius.

    • Ellen Stafford

      Has to be broadband internet for me. The internet has been part of my life since I was 15. I remember when it was dial up and was really slow and expensive. I dreaded the phone bills each quarter.

      Also the telephone and mobile phones. And Television and the tv remote.

    • helen watson

      Television – it gave us the first glance of the rest of the world

    • ann carline

      The internet I wouldn’t be able to enter this competition without it

    • vivien pawson


    • Joseph Jones

      the aeroplane

    • Jarvisio

      I would say the wii for finally bringing gaming to be accessible for all ages. It is a goliath sales wise too even if it isn’t my favorite console!

    • Steph Armstrong

      For me – the internet – I don’t know how I managed without it – I can spend money without leaving the comfort of my own home – not even to pick up a parcel as its delivered direct to my door.

    • Sean Langridge

      I would have to say computers, where would modern day life be without one. Computing has made a massive BOOM! In the productivity or the human race =D

    • tony houghton

      tv and the internet

    • Louise Heathcote

      Has to be t’internet and Wi-Fi

    • Andy Thompson

      The Internet
      The Personal Computer
      Hubble Space Telescope
      Mobile phones
      The combustion engine
      The Wheel

    • Sue lempkowski

      The mobile phone

    • janice taylor

      Just has to be the internet, so much info at the touch of a few keys.

    • peter

      the humble battery – portable power in ever decreasing form that allows to do so many things on the move, and very cheaply too

    • Sue Harrison

      The world wide web… how amazing that you can find the answer to any question in seconds :)

    • Andrea Johnson

      The internet. It’s made things so different

    • suzzee langton

      Teleportation to go inside the games!

    • Elinor Bevan

      Mobile Phones, even the basic ones. Gone are the days when you had to wait till someone got home to call them, now you can literally keep in touch 24 hours a day!

    • Jackie ONeill

      The internet was my first thought but wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for computers. Tough call between the two but got to be the internet as opens up the world to us.

    • Leanne Bucknall

      I think the telephone has definitely got to be included in the seven wonders since without it we wouldn’t have any of the major technology of today. Without the telephone we wouldn’t have radio, television, internet, since they are all derived from the original telephone signal.

    • Thomas Steele


    • rena plumridge

      The internet – wow amazing questions answers and worries & problems solved.

    • Nick

      I’d have to put the internet number one, but would also include digital cameras. Can you remember the days of taking 24 pictures on a film and not even knowing how good they were? Now it’s thousands to choose from and store – so maybe hard drives should be on there too.

    • Adam

      Its obviously the internet that has had the biggest impact over the years as its continues to grow bigger.

    • Tommy Sweenie

      Got to be a Sky + box, as I just couldn’t live without it.

    • Nick Chambers

      The electric tin opener.

    • Melanie McNair

      I’d have to say the internet as you can do so much through, chat to friends, read newspapers all from the comfort of your own home.

    • Caroline Lyons

      The mobile phone, otherwise known as a tracking device !

    • tracey

      it would certainly be the internet for me especailly how these days you can access it any where on most devices

    • Age

      Wi-fi – internet? Through the air? Madness! In the olden days you’d have been burnt at the stake!

    • Jon Payne

      digital computers. Without this no other tech would be possible

    • Greg


    • Martin

      I have worked with a lot of high tech kit from GCMS and FTIR systems to cd players and mobile phones, but without the humble low tech paper clip many would cease to function.

    • Alex

      The internet – I just can’t imagine life without it.

    • Heather Gutowski

      Microwave, couldn’t manage without it.

    • Su

      1. The mobile phone – how did we keep in touch before

    • Jane

      The computer – I couldn’t live without mine!

    • Jonathan Bailey

      I consider the toast maker to be right up there. Ever tried to make a toast in a pan? It’s a nightmare. Cheesy, bready, filling-y goodness from such a simple but essential kitchen invention. Also, the microwave telescope. If you’ve never seen a field of giant radio dishes move in synchronous dance before then you haven’t lived. And these things do everything: pictures of space, the sound of space(!) and always on the lookout for ET!

    • Naomi K

      iPods – life is just so much better now that you can listen to music on the go without annoying anyone. It’s great for boredom when waiting around and most of them can be charged up rather than cost you a fortune in batteries. Be honest, it’s probbaly the best known piece of technology certainly in my generation, and lots of other products were created based on it. It deserves it’s rightful place as one of the Seven Technological Wonders of the World.

    • Tony Prendeville

      My vote goes to Twitter. Twitter allows news to spread to dozens of millions of people within minutes of breaking, and it has revolutionised the way artists/creators/celebrities share content with their fans. Using the search feature can allow you to “take the pulse” of a population on certain issues, to see how people are reacting to news items. It allows friends to communicate, even when they’re on different continents.

    • Levi Freeman

      The modern microchip in my opinion belongs in the seven technological wonders of the world. The capabilities it has enabled us to do are countless. Look at your modern computer and compare it to the one you would’ve seen around ten years ago. Aesthetically a lot of changes, but the major changes are what is in the inside. 10 years ago the memory capacity inside the computer was limited, with 256 mb being the limit to what the memory capacity could be. Now thanks to microchips getting smaller whilst being able to hold even more data it has allowed the capacity to increase to an average of 3gb of memory on a computer. The more memory the faster you computer runs and more tasks it is able to process. Don’t let the amazing power of the microchip stop there. Look at most electronics around you, and the advancement of technology nowadays is solely down to the advances of the micro chip. Just anticipate what the future can hold

    • Nathan H

      Internet, Smartphones, iPod, Sky+, GPS, Hubble telescope, Bluetooth, the laser

    • susan willshee

      Definitely need to include Broadband internet in your seven wonders. Yes, OK, OK, I know there are wonderful items such as mobiles and i-pads and netbooks and games consoles, but let’s face it, if we didn’t have Broadband all these other things would be pretty boring.

      Without Broadband there would be no wi-fi connection for phones and computers. You could access the web on your i-pad or netbook but the load time per page would be so slow it would be like watching paint dry.
      You could obviously play on your Wii or X-box or whatever but only with those in the same room. Certainly no chance of playing against someone on the other side of the world.

      Broadband for me has to be number 1 in the seven wonders of the tech world.

    • kuli

      The engine. Where could we go without it. Also the microchip, the start of the next generation.

    • kim mayhead

      I think the Kindle/E-Reader is the best thing ever !

    • Kim

      I agree with the internet and mobile phones but (and it may sound lazy) but I could not live without my dishwasher. My other half never does the pots so this peice of genius saves arguments, that is unless I see him loading it wrong!

    • Alice

      Absolutely internet. It’s my job and my hobby, basically.. my life!

    • Julie

      Lets thank Tesla for his methods of A.C. electricity distribution

    • Christine Johnson

      The moble phone its the best way of keeping in touch, remembering when we had the old red telephone boxes they used to eat all your money or spit it back out and were so dirty, the mobile phone you can take anywhere and now you can even track a person

    • Hazel

      The internet – it has allowed us all to have information at our fingertips. I just hope we use it wisely in the future as it develops even further as it’s potential for misuse is vast.

    • Anthony

      The computer mouse – a simple idea that revolutionised how people interact with computers. It made computers easier to use and accessible to the masses. It does its job and you don’t notice it. However, it must be considered one of the wonders of the techworld because without it computing probably wouldn’t have developed as rapidly as it did.

    • MARK

      broadband best invention ever

    • LISA

      i love my iphone


      im a telly addict so the tv for me

    • THOMAS

      microwave great for me cant cook

    • Thelma

      the internet

    • Jane Morrice

      It would have to be the Internet I think

    • Jamie Gallant

      The internet!

    • Lee Gardner

      the internet for me that would be ace

    • Tracey Wolverson

      Motion sensored air fresheners! They make my home smell lovely! even when my hubby has had a curry! ( everyones been there! Phewwwwwy ! ) lol

    • Ian Campbell

      The Airbus A380, a remarkable feat of engineering.

    • Davydown

      Simply put, the iPhone. Yeah OK this an obvious and potentialy unpopular answer, but honestly this device has affected my life more than any other. Here’s why.

      My partner and I were recently in Tokyo, more specifically, we were in Tokyo when the massive earthquake struck. My iPhone was our lifeline. Using Skype this little device allowed us to speak to panicked relatives without breaking the bank. It kept us up to date with all the latest developments. When we were lost (without wi-fi) the GPS came to our rescue. It allowed us to access the best advice, break the language barrier and crucially kept us entertained.

      In short the iPhone is the Swiss army knife of devices, portable and versatile. More importantly it offered a touch of normality in a chaotic situation.

    • Susan Pringle

      The internet! Best thing ever!

    • Sally B

      For stupid impressive, I would vote for the Bagger 288, the World’s largest digging machine. Seriously, it’s like something out of Thunderbirds!

      • Ryan

        Hi Sally. You’ve been selected as the winner of this week’s Free Game Friday competition, congratulations! We’ll send you an email confirming how to claim your prize. Thanks.

        • Sally B

          Many thanks for the great news! Gonna spend the weekend playing Crysis now ready for C2! 😀

    • Mandy

      The microprocessor. It has paved the way for all the other massive leaps in technological advancement in the last 50 or so years. PCs, smartphones, medical imaging, data processing, space shuttles, fly-by-wire, the net… pretty much everything!

    • Justine H

      The Smartphone. I have a £100 PAYG Android phone but it has a faster processor than my first PC. It makes calls, sends texts and emails, accesses the web, has apps for social networking, built-in satellite navigation, plays the radio, mp3s and videos, has a built in camera and camcorder, bluetooth and wifi. Utterly incredible machines.

    • Nick

      Printing press. allowed knowledge to be retained from one generation to another. Basic building block of our entire civilization. Not as fancy or flash as all the more modern technological wonders but was the precursor to it all.

    • Geoff Edgcombe

      The Microchip … not the McCain variety … it’s practically in every single thing we use nowadays (apart from the pencil … not that I use pencils … but you know where I’m coming from)

    • SavCom

      Seven tech wonders?

      The Internet (and all protocols)
      The mobile smartphone
      The personal computer (Where would the Internet be without standards?)
      Mechanised Transport (all forms)
      Universities (without these, none of the above would have been possible)
      and …
      Electrical Power generation and distribution (underpins all of the above)

    • Stevie

      Well, it’s gotta be the transistor, hasn’t it? Without it we’d still be stuck with enormous radios and computers that fill a room and are as powerful as a pocket calculator, wouldn’t we?

    • Kathleen D


    • Jake C

      The library of Alexandria had claim to be included in the list of ancient wonders of the world as it contained to collective works of all human knowledge at the time. Arguably, with the Internet (1st choice) and a Smartphone (2nd choice), you can carry today’s knowledge around with you in your pocket. Truly staggering.

      Also, you can post to Dabs comps whilst reclining in the conservatory on a sunny Friday afternoon.

      Have a nice weekend everybody!


    • carol phile

      joint replacements, without which so many peope would lead a restricted and painful life

    • Phil Holland

      Has to be the world wide web

    • Levi Freeman

      so the winner was the stupidest answer not the most realistic?

    • Clemente Tesseneer

      Super post, found you on AOL and grateful I came. Keep up the awesome job!