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Free Game Friday: Medal of Honor

The first person shooter genre is a fierce battleground at the moment within gaming.  No single game can sit comfortably at the top, as the title of ‘gamer favourite’ is hotly contested.  I’ve loved playing through Call of Duty: Black Ops, have returned to Medal of Honour countless times over the last few weeks, and yet will keep finding myself returning to Battlefield Bad Company 2 for the multiplayer.  If you’re considering getting stuck in but are having trouble deciding what to go for, allow me to make that decision a little easier for you.

Whilst Call of Duty may have the crazy (and some would say unrealistic) storyline and events in single player, it can feel somewhat ridiculous at times, so it’s great to take time out to play more of a combat simulation such as Medal of Honor.

In MoH, you become part of a little known squad of handpicked warriors completing missions of the utmost urgency and of course, failure is not an option.  Fighting your way through Taliban strongholds in the mountains of Afghanistan, you really get to know the warriors in your squad and, although it’s just a game, you start to worry about how they are doing in the firefight.  On top of this, there is a battle scene that will simply take your breath away, but you’ll have to play it to find out what I’m talking about.

So if this is something you want to get involved with then here’s what you need to do. As always with Free Game Friday, you have two chances to enter.  For your first entry, simply retweet the following post on Twitter: Tweet this

For the second entry, leave a comment on this post to the following question:

I’ve been playing first person shooters since Castle Wolfenstein was first released.  My home PC (no less than a 386) managed to cope fairly easily with this, but I’ve enjoyed seeing the games progress as the hardware has become available.  So the question is, what first person shooter have you most enjoyed playing?

Let me know what you think, it’d be great to see what you guys have come up with and hey, you may even win a top PC game for your troubles.

    42 thoughts on “Free Game Friday: Medal of Honor

    1. It’s actually quite a tough call, but I’d probably have to say Half Life 2 as the gameplay, physics, environment, enemies and story line were close to perfect for its time. It’s also the only game that’s ever given me motion sickness! :)

    2. I have to say that the one I always end up returning to time and time again is Counter Strike: Source. The Half Life 2 series is just so much fun too.

    3. I must be honest and say the first FPS I ever played was GoldenEye and have been hooked on games of this type ever since.

    4. My favorite game was probably Rainbox Six Raven Shield. I played it for years and I was alot younger and I suppose that adds to it. It was the first game I played in a clan and leagues in and since then I haven’t been able to get enough.

    5. Joeyetchells – Twitter

      Well I’d have to say GoldenEye 007 on the N64 at a young age, the game was sooo addictive xD couldnt keep off it :) same as the majority of the James bond N64 Series.

    6. Best first person shooter that I’ve played is probably Bioshock, the game was absolutely outstanding and still looks good now even a few years after its release.

    7. This will be quite surprising for a topic such as this one, but I tend to not be a big fan of the generic first-person-shooters. However, there are some odd gems that even I cannot resist. Borderlands is the most recent example of an FPS I keep coming back to but I also love Modern Warfare (1) and Arma 2.
      Anything set in either WW2 or Modern Settings (topical areas such as Afghanistan) provides not just a good gaming experience but a great insight in conflicts that should matter to us.

    8. System Shock 2 is my favourite game of all time, and I’ve really enjoyed playing and replaying it over the years. It’s a first-person-shooter/RPG hybrid, so it has a lot more to it than most games in the genre.

    9. I’m currently enjoying myself playing Killing floor since the Christmas period but I would have to say Modern Warfare is my favorite. Nice graphics and a very good team based multiplayer game.

    10. Of course, there are always the classics, such as Unreal Tournament and Doom, which can’t be forgotten … Also I must admit I loved Far Cry too

    11. I was a big fan of DOOM on my brothers PC in the 90’s but when I finally built a gaming PC of my own I loved Call Of Duty 2 & had to be forced of my seat.Still do play it from time 2 time .

    12. After playing Cod:black ops and Battlefield:Bad company 2 I would say Battlefield just edges it for me so I’m expecting Medal of Honour to be an awsome game.

    13. Mine has to be Counterstrike. I was an avid player of this for many years all the way back from beta 4 through to Counterstrike Source. I’ve had my own clans including girl clans and even been to large LAN events to compete! I’ve made many friends from it and consider it the game I will always go back to!


    14. Unreal Tournament has a special place in my heart – I’ve never been very good at first person shooters, but I spent hours watching my son, hosting LANs and ferrying him to tournaments. Those maps feel like real places in my memory.

    15. The winner is undoubtedly Solider Of Fortune which is now edging on 10 years old. Most first person shooters since have followed virtually the same route, however for it’s age it still has great graphics, plenty of tension, atmospherics and excitement as you peer round corners, crawl under vehichles and sneak through tunnels with your trusty Sniper Rifle in hand (my preferred weapon of choice). The sounds effects are still fantastic and very realistic but it’s the gameplay that matters and this is one game that sucks you in with each part of the mission you try to complete. Even weapon choice is up there with todays games so all in all it’s a winner that just has to be re-played, even then it’s still hard to complete.

    16. We used to play Quake 1 on our network at work, graphics were basic but playability and speed was mental.

      Used a mod called superoats which had sticky incendiary grenades which would stop you in your tracks for a couple of seconds before blowing you to bits, hilarious.

    17. Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam is by far the best fps out there, visually,gameplay and the fact you can fly the helicopters which are so realistic. The lighting,sounds all add to the realistic feel of the game. My number one choice!

    18. My first real gaming (outside the spectrum 16k – tetris) was DOOM. 4 of us setup a network
      version at college to play it. On the first night we played for 6 hours of which when I
      closed my eyes to sleep I could still see the tunnels and passages of the game! We were
      lucky to get to play it on a Digital 486(sx model).

    19. Not played MoH for a couple of years now, but for it’s a far more linear game than CoD series or something like Half Life. I like the chance to explore games, do my own thing rather than just achieve the mission objectives and that to me wasn’t a strong point.

      Having said that might kids are ripping through CoD games on PS3 at a serious rate to the point where longevity seems compromised for flashy stuff.


    20. Oh come on! It has to be Goldeneye – the destruction of the Mephistophelean Janus organisation and thus saving the world’s electronics from certain destruction was the most satisfying game ever made!

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