Indie Game of the Week: Gateways

A free trial version is commonplace for most forthcoming Indie titles but this is nothing to be scoffed at, as it’s a great opportunity to get to grips with a innovative title from its humble beginnings, and maybe one day it’ll turn out to be something as big as Minecraft.

This week, we’re taking a quick look at a title from Smudged Cat Games called Gateways, an 2D platform game that has strong puzzle gameplay elements.  Extending on the simple and elegant gameplay of Portal, Gateways also equips the main protagonist with a tool that  allows the character to pass through walls, floors and ceilings, passing through one gateway and emerging through the other.  The extension is that the gateways have different effects meaning that the player will either shrink, grow, manipulate gravity or even create a clone.

Other tools are also present within the game that can help access deeper areas of the map and unlock tougher puzzles. The game even has an able ‘help system’ to ensure you’re not stuck in a tough situation for any longer than you choose to be.

Needless to say, that given this is a free trial, it is more than worthwhile downloading and giving a thorough play through. If you like portal at all or would like to try a new take on the 2D puzzle-platformer this will be entertaining. Have a look at the video below and then give it a go. When you have had a play, let me know what you thought of it.