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Indie Game of the Week: Level building, level editing, level destruction in Io

One of the cool things about Minecraft is that you can create a custom environment built from the game’s terrain. These painstaking masterpieces are an extension of the architects interests outside of the Minecraft world.  They can become deeply involving and extremely satisfying upon completion.  One of my personal favourites is this Minecraft Starship Enterprise creation, which perhaps says a bit about my interests.

So, let’s take a look at something similar: Io.  This is a game entirely dedicated to level building and editing.  Essentially taking one kernel of gameplay mechanic, adding sufficient warmth until it explodes into a deliciously sweet creative world building concept that oozes creativity and charm. Catering to such a specific taste is perhaps something that only an indie game developer could even dare to consider, but it’s great to see it carried off so well.

In fairness to the game, it should probably be viewed as a 3D platformer.  Whilst the video below does focus on level editing, when complete, the developers at Bytegrove intend to include puzzles which are solved using the unique clay gun, a level editing tool that allows you to bend, morph and burrow through rock, dirt and lava like it’s soggy cake and you have a chainsaw.

It’s an interesting start and I’m looking forward to seeing how this game progresses.  The video below should whet your appetite enough for you to take an interest too.

If you have any suggestions for next weeks indie game, send it over for us to consider.

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    1. Minecraft could be a unique game. I’ve been playing it for quite a while now and I’m uncertain if I enjoy it. The gameplay is different, do you guys have any recommendations to spice it up? How about recommending any servers to learn multiplayer? Appreciate your help!

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