Indie Game of the Week: Stealth Bastard

 There are some fantastic indie games out there and try as I might, I know I miss a bunch of thoroughly entertaining titles.  That knowledge is the sort of thing that keeps me up at night, the thought that I’m missing out, disturbs me even in my sleep.   And as well as that, these hard working indie game developers are the unsung heroes of the games industry, tirelessly pushing for innovation and creativity.  You’ll often read an interview, where the main reason an indie developer works on a title is because they want to make a game that they themselves would want to play.  That’s it, that’s the sole driver, which means that what they produce is the result of a love of their art form and a gift ti the end user.

Today I am pleased to shine a spotlight on Stealth Bastard.  First, let me start off by saying, it is FREE.  That’s my favourite price.  But more importantly than even the price is the gameplay.  The basic premise of Stealth Bastard is to avoid death by detection.  If you’re caught, then you’ll be killed in a grotesque manner.  So what is it that will relieve you of your life?  Spikes are the more rudimentary culprit along with sharp jagged edges, which rotate at speed.  Security robots don’t like you and they are armed with high powered lasers.  These lasers will split your left from your right, your top from your bottom and leave it all scatter about the room.  And then there is a full complement of traps that will crush you until you burst into chunky bits of inanimate flesh and bone.

You’re one friend as you attempt to escape these death rooms?  The shadows, from within the shadows, you are safe.  The biggest oversight in the series of impressively protected rooms are that none of the robot or security cameras are equipped with low-light sensors.  I bet the guy in charge of security is kicking himself for leaving that one out.  I mean, who goes through all the trouble and expensive of installing kill robots armed with lasers and then doesn’t consider what happens when the lights are switched off?

Playing through the levels that are preset, is great fun.  But this game extends its shelf-life by allowing you to create and edit your own level designs and then upload them so that other can best themselves against your maniacal constructions.  The global leaderboards means that you’ll see how you rank against other players and may mock you achievements or embolden you to achieve more.

This is a top game, that at the very least deserve your acknowledgement.  Take 15 minutes out of your day to give it a try.  And let’s all hope that there will continue to be more games of this quality.  The video below is the official trailer for the game.