Mountain Rescue, Mafia and Monday off!

What a difference a week makes, 168 little hours!

Well, well, well… here we are again! It’s Friday! Not just any Friday though – it’s special in oh so many ways! First off, it’s the last Friday of the month, which means its Pay Day. Luckily Ann in Human Resources agreed to pay me – but only because I ensure she gets her weekly Bacon and Cheese toastie for breakfast. Secondly, the last Friday of the month means Nicola – PA to the directors of dabs.com – lets us wear our own clothes, as long as we pay a quid for charity. Now I still say own clothes as if I’m at school – I always wear my own clothes – it’s socially inappropriate not to… but “dress down day” sounds rubbish!

So here I am typing away furiously with my Bacon Barm in one hand and my £1 ready to donate to Bolton Mountain Rescue (don’t ask) placed on my keyboard. Another reason why this Friday is EXTRA special is that it’s a Bank Holiday weekend – is it just me or does it feel ages since the last? The marketing team – Sam, Matt and our newest designer Michelle – were so excited that they have been working hard on a fantastic Bank Holiday offers email that went our last night, and also bargain-filled landing page on the website. So don’t worry about the weather this weekend, spend some time looking over our Bank Holiday bargains and invest your pay cheque wisely!

“168 little hours” ago it was last Friday, and I was telling you how looking out of the window here at dabs seemed like the apocalypse was upon us. Well I’m happy to report that Bolton was spared this week, and it is currently glorious sunshine! Will it last? We doubt it! Edit: Its 3.30pm and it looks like hell again!

As I also told you last week, I am now sat next to ‘Social Media Guru’ Sam. The response to last week’s #Free Game Friday on Twitter, and our “What do you like about dabs” Facebook giveaway were very impressive. ‘Follow’ and ‘Like’ us respectively to get involved!

The ‘Speak To Dunc‘ section has also been busy this week – thanks for all your comments and suggestions. Please keep sending them in! You never know, a ‘Don’ might visit your inbox if I like what you send in…


MAFIA II IS HERE, ARM YOURSELF WITH AN NVIDIA® GeForce® GRAPHICS CARD! Sorry for shouting – it’s the excitement in the office! The game is out now, and the NVIDIA promotion is live. Steve (consumer team product manager) and Clive (Customer Services Supervisor) have already accosted me begging for vouchers! However I’m afraid if you want to grab a free download…you can… but only when you buy qualifying NVIDIA® GeForce® graphics card – check the landing page out for full details.

From the FreeD winners announcement, to last week’s un-boxing of the ASUS AMD and Intel Self Build PC Bundles, the feedback for the last couple of videos has been really positive. Unfortunately I haven’t had time to complete one this week, as I’ve been working non-stop to get the best deals around for my loyal ‘Dunc’s Deals’ readers. For next week’s video, I’m calling in the troops, Dunc needs YOU! I want you to drop me a line via ‘Speak To Dunc‘ with your suggestions as to what YOU want me to video next week. But please do keep it clean, and keep it legal – I don’t want to end up on fail blog (which by the way is a great YouTube channel if you’re ever in the mood for some good old-fashioned laughter at other people’s misfortune)! I think this is my favourite fail blog video of all time…Best Man Fail.

I also told you last week that the hotly-anticipated exclusive XFX CrossFireX 5770 Graphics Card bundle was available. The offer actually received a ‘Kit Guru Must Have‘ award this week – so thanks to the guys there! Remember that the offer comes with two single slot variants of the 5770, a Dirt2 game download, and when you buy you can email me to claim a £10 DabsPlay voucher! In addition, to celebrate the ‘Kit Guru Must Have’ award, we are giving a FREE download of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 to anyone who buys before August 30th 2010. Simply place your order and I will send you a download code via email, worth £34.99!


I received some great feedback about the exclusive offers on Dunc’s Deals last week, so I have decided to repeat a couple, as well as offer a few extra ones for you today. First up, I want to replicate the £25 discount offer on the Asus AMD Ultimate – strictly for Dunc’s Deal readers. For the Asus Intel Entry bundle, you can have £5 off – and remember the Intel Bundles could win you a £300 Solid State Drive!

A couple of ‘Storage Specials’ for you now! I’m repeating the £5 discount offer on the Seagate 2TB Barracuda – now just £84.98. Or if you’d rather upgrade to SSD, then this Corsair 128GB Performance is perfect – even better with £10 off just for you!

We’ve also just dropped the price of the Buffalo 2TB LinkStation Live NAS by £15 for all users – but for Dunc’s Deals readers, I’ve squeezed another fiver off for you! Finally, for storage, here is the Hitachi 1TB XL Series Desktop hard drive with £5 off (usual price £54.99)!

Promotion wise we have just been able to restart the Kingston SSD Pricedown Promotion to run between August 25th – September 10th 2010, check it out today, you can save up to £35! Intel have also done some price moves on their X25 Mainstream Sold State Drives so ensure you take a look at the range.

Finally – as I am excited about the Bank Holiday Weekend I have decided to give away some games to anyone who buys a graphics card over £100 between August 26th and August 31st 2010. If you buy any ATI Radeon or NVIDIA GeForce graphic card worth over £100 – you can claim a free game! Click here to find out how!

Enjoy the deals – make suggestions as to what else you’d like to see here by contacting me!


Well that’s it – another week down – and yes, that means its 119 days to Christmas… whoa, that’s actually pretty scary! Have a great extended weekend everyone – take advantage of the extra day, and make sure you check out the Bank Holiday Bargains page and all the other deals we’ve got for you below.