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  • metalgearsolid

    Solid Snake Infiltrates Hollywood!

      Metal Gear Solid is coming to the Big screen! Well those of you that are huge MGS fans will be aware that they made a 65 min picture back in 2009, and it wasn’t a complete flop, scoring 6.5 on IMDB. But, what about […]

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  • Bag-banner

    Laptop Bags for Women. Who’d Have Thought That!

    That most dreaded time of year is just around the corner.  And the pressure is on to ensure that you buy the perfect present for the woman in your life.   Make the wrong decision and you’re paying for it for the rest of the year! […]

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  • Technology from a Student’s Perspective

    Technology from a Student’s Perspective

    If you’re a first year university student right now, chances are you’ll be getting the swing of student life. Once alien concepts such as lectures, seminars, the student union and halls of residence won’t seem quite so unfamiliar to you now and you’ll be loving every […]

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  • matt-withoutaplan

    Part 2 – The Man Without a Plan

    The next step in Matt's journey to build his first PC...

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  • matt the n00b

    Part 1: A n00b In Need

    For 6 long years I’ve sat here helping to shift boxes of things I don’t really understand. Don’t get me wrong, I know DDR5 memory is an improvement on DDR3 and that Intel’s Core i7 processor is a step up from their Core i5, but I don’t really know why. (Apparently, “cos it’s 2 more“ isn’t a sufficient answer!) So to try and expand my limited knowledge, and to keep me busy for the next few weeks, I’m going to roll up my shirt sleeves, do a bit of research and build a desktop PC from scratch.

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  • The Dabs Diamond Awards 2012!

    The Dabs Diamond Awards 2012!

    It was that time of year again as the great and the good of the technology industry gathered at the Midland Hotel in Manchester for the prestigious Diamond Awards 2012. With representatives from the biggest names in technology there, everyone waited with anticipation to see […]

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  • net-chat

    Chirping, Tweeting and other Internet Slang terms.

     First we were tweeting and soon we’re going to be chirping too, well according to software business Animal Systems we will. The University College London based business has developed a new Smartphone app that transmits data via a burst of ‘digital birdsong’ and is meant […]

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  • surface-tablet

    The Microsoft Surface- the end of the Laptop?

    Here in the Dabs office, we’re all very excited. And when I say we’re all very excited, what I really mean is I’m very excited. The tech-nerd in me has risen right to the top today as I have discovered Microsoft’s first ever tablet and […]

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  • matrix

    Sci-Fi and our future!

    Your favourite Sci-Fi movie of all time: Our recent Facebook poll asking you what the greatest Sci-Fi of all time was – indicated that The Matrix was the most popular. I personally agree that The Matrix is a classic, even with the terrible sequels tainting […]

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  • 48077-deus-ex-human-revolution

    Win Deus Ex: Human Revolution, DiRT: Showdown and Nexuiz this Friday!

    Update: Congratulations @fazeypie you’ve just won this competition. Enjoy! If you haven’t already, enter our competition for the chance to win Deus Ex: Human Revolution, DiRT: Showdown and Nexuiz TODAY!!! Perfect weekend of gaming sorted. (Winner will be chosen at 4pm 22/06/2012) # All you need to do is follow our […]

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