Black Friday & Cyber Monday at

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have fast become the biggest shopping days of the year at and we expect 2015 to be no different. We’ve got plenty of deals to launch at 00:01 on the 27th November.

Originating from the US, ‘Black Friday’ takes place on the Friday following Thanksgiving (a day which lies on the fourth Thursday in November). Traditionally, Black Friday has been regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season in the US. Continue reading Black Friday & Cyber Monday at

Just Added: Latest products added to this week

Big week for Apple this week at with the launch of their new Apple TV. Only time will tell whether their latest generation of Apple TV will shake up the market, but the inclusion of an app store is certainly a step in the right direction if the iPhone is anything to go by. Plenty of other products added too but here are our highlights:

Apple TV 32/64 GB

apple-tv Continue reading Just Added: Latest products added to this week

How Do Motherboards Work?

A motherboard is an essential component for any computer to work. It’s the main circuit board that connects together all of a computer’s different parts and allows them to communicate with one another. It’s also sometimes referred to as the main board, system board, mobo or MB.

Consider it like the central nervous system in your body. The motherboard links all of the computer’s individual parts and components together, enabling the CPU (the brain of the computer) to gain access and control each part. Continue reading How Do Motherboards Work?