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  • dd13v2

    Kilts, Mr Boombastic, Sabertooth Motherboards & Deals Galore!

    “Challenge Dunc, It’s like Challenge Anneka without Shell-suits!” Its update 13 and I start with the news that it is indeed unlucky for some – in this case me! I’ve been stitched up, royally stitched up! A couple of weeks ago the marketing team kindly […]

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  • duncs-deals-12v3

    Pandas & Buddy Holly, Ferraris & Tablets – Oh & Cake!

    “NEVER SAY NO TO PANDA!”    Pinch, Punch, first day of the month – make a wish! September is over and October us upon us – rejoice in the knowledge that it’s about to get colder! Don’t worry though, between dabs.com and Dunc’s Deals we’ll keep […]

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  • duncs-deals-update11

    Influenza, Facebook, Diamond Awards & Deals!

    “Facebook is down…U.S. climbs out of recession” It’s now officially autumn! Yesterday saw us roll into the new season and brought us ever closer to the inevitability of winter, and of course, Christmas – which is now less than 100 days away! I love summer […]

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  • duncs-deals-update10

    Gingerbread & Fry-ups, Stephen Fry & 3D, United at last!

    “Bless The Bottoms of Technology!” According to my trusty calendar it’s been 10 weeks since I first started the Dunc’s Deal updates! In less than three months you guys, and girls, have embraced the Dunc and taken advantage of plenty of free offers and exclusive […]

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  • duncs-deals-update9

    Beer, The Blitz, Win a Sonos & Watermelons to the face!

    “Get in it to win it! The Dabs Blog Name Game!” The headline news 70 years ago was that of the commencement of the Blitz… this week we saw Wayne Rooney’s indiscretions and the Queen Vic burning down – oh how far we’ve come! Seriously […]

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  • duncs-deals-update7

    Mountain Rescue, Mafia and Monday off!

    What a difference a week makes, 168 little hours! Well, well, well… here we are again! It’s Friday! Not just any Friday though – it’s special in oh so many ways! First off, it’s the last Friday of the month, which means its Pay Day. […]

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  • duncs-deals-update6


    Helping Kris Akabusi (tenuous), Hose-pipe Bans and Crazy Deals! It’s Friday once again and as I am writing this, and you are reading it, it must mean we all survived Friday 13th – although looking out of the window here at dabs it looks like […]

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  • duncs-deals-update5

    I Wear My Stunna Glasses At Night

    Keith Lemon, Peas, Exclusive deals & Ben the Dog needs a meal! Well done if you’re reading this today – Friday 13th – or even afterwards; as it means you survived “the most feared day of the year”. Despite my claims that I am terrified […]

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  • duncs-deals-update4

    I hate you so much right now!

    UFO’s, Presidents, Bundles, Free Stuff and Exclusive Deals! It’s that time again! Friday used to just signal the last day of the working week, the culmination of days that have flown by and left you begging for the weekend – now it also means you […]

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  • duncs-deals-update3


    Anyone else as surprised as me that it’s Friday already?! Don’t get me wrong I couldn’t be happier, after all the weekend starts at 5PM with the Wonder Years on Radio 1, but I actually have no idea where this week went! One thing I […]

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