PCTV Systems New Broadway 2T

In the box are the unit itself, with antennae attached, a small mains transformer (with two different attachable adapters for use abroad), a CAT 5 cable and a small DVB-T aerial.  I also found a couple of IR emitters labelled “For Future Use”

PCTV Broadway unbox

Setup was a no-brainer, connect CAT 5 cable to unit and my switch, connect aerial cable to aerial socket and connect mains adapter to mains socket on the rear.

PCTV Broadway Rear

The LED on the front flashed for a few seconds, and then stayed on, I assumed it was ready to rock, so I picked up my iPad, ran Safari browser and entered distan.tv in the address bar. 

After entering the default password, I went into setup and hit “Scan Channels”.  About 3 minutes later I had my full complement of freeview channels displayed. 

Changing the settings to stream at the highest bitrate, the video quality was more than acceptable and suffered no glitches, dropouts or freezing. 

I then decided to add an external video source, in the form of my BT Vision box, via the S-Video connector on the back and after a few seconds of buffering, this also produced an acceptable picture.  I did think about the IR emitters in the box and assumed this to be for a future version of the software to allow full control of external set top boxes. 

I also had an iPod touch handy, so I ran Safari browser and again went to distan.tv, just as with the iPad, there were no issues.

All in all, a great device, purpose built for devices where it is impossible to add a USB tuner.  The additional facility of having video inputs on the rear for things like set-top boxes and security cameras, just adds to the flexibility of the device.

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