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  • Crysis Console FI

    Our top 5 game remakes

    The recent release of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition got us thinking, what are the best computer game remakes of all time? Remakes of classic games are all the rage right now, so what are your favourites? While I haven’t played the new Halo yet […]

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  • Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 fi

    What next for the Call of Duty franchise?

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 has been upon us for a few weeks now. Not only has it reaffirmed the franchise’s position as the top selling shooter of all time, but it has also brought to an end a trilogy that started in 2007, […]

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  • Doom Behind You

    Dabs Technical Glossary: The Gaming Edition

    It’s easy to enjoy the gaming experience without understanding all the terms and definitions used.  But once you do understand the most common terms, it opens you up to an even greater appreciation of some the games that you have enjoyed.  And you’ll be better […]

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  • Hard Reset Indie Game

    Indie Game of the Week: Hard Reset

    Hard Reset is a very impressive Indie game, that the developers at Flying Wild Hog only revealed July this year.  Now two months on, the game is a fully fledged shooter which is released early this week.  Incredibly, they managed to pack a great deal […]

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  • Deus Ex Human Revolution Dabs FI

    Winners of the Deus Ex: Human Revolution Free Game Friday giveaway

    Morning all, it’s Tuesday the 6th of September and it is another wet and windy day, but we will cheer two of our fans up today with the announcement of the winners of the Deus Ex: Human Revolution Free Game Friday competition that we ran […]

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  • paintball_1

    Weekly gaming tips. #1: Take it offline

    I’ve been a gamer for well over 17 years now, so I’d like to think that the difference in my gaming skills between now and my 10 year old self playing Space Invaders is pretty substantial.  Whilst the majority of my gaming at the moment […]

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  • Operation Flashpoint Red River FI

    Free Game Friday: Operation Flashpoint: Red River

    For this week's Free Game Friday we have what many consider to be the 'thinking man's' first person shooter, Operation Flashpoint: Red River. This being the sequel to Operation Flashpoint: Dragon rising, it is once again an attempt to reproduce realistic military combat scenarios, though this incarnation is not quite so merciless as its predecessor. This means that you'll still need patience, strategical thinking and above all else, great teamwork.

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  • cod-sniper

    The greatest weapon never made

    Perfect Dark’s Farsight rifle (allows you to see through walls) coupled with the incredibly high fire rate (and visual impact) of Doom 2’s plasma gun. Just watch your ammo levels

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  • stalker_call_of_pripyat crop

    Free Game Friday: S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Call of Pripyat

    For this week’s Free Game Friday, I have something stuffed up my technology laden sleeve that is a little different but not too different.

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  • modern-warfare-2

    Free Game Friday: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

    When I say “Friday”, what’s the first thing you think about? The weekend? Beers at the local perhaps? No, of course you don’t.  Friday means one thing to everyone these days; Free Game Friday.  So to give us all something to look forward to, we’ll […]

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