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  • Android Fragmentation - do we really have a choice?

    Android Fragmentation – do we really have a choice?

    Last week Ryan posted an article on Android and whether the fragmentation of the platform was by design on Google’s part to give the customer the maximum possible choice. While I agreed with some of it, not all. I’m a big Android fan, I own a […]

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  • Android Donut, Cupcake and Ice Cream Sanwich

    Android Fragmentation – it’s all about choice

    One of the most popular Android handsets in the UK and indeed the phone I use myself has been the HTC Desire. For most owners it currently runs on the 2.2 version of the Android OS known as Froyo. This isn’t too bad really given that the most recent version is 2.3 also known as Gingerbread. Not a big case for the crime a gross fragmentation there you might think.

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  • SSDBlog3

    Solid State Drives: What’s the buzz?

    Solid state drives have been a popular inclusion into many PCs recently, and the list of benefits for adding them into your setup is long.  Yet I’ve recently talked to a few people on Twitter and on Facebook to explain why they are a good […]

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