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    Google gets into gaming – With a little help from their friends.

      So not sure if you missed it but at the Google I/O event we were shown just what to expect from gaming in the near future.  Using a demo of “Rivalry”, which utilized Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 and an NVIDIA K1 Terga processor, the […]

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    Google home entertainment: What can we expect?

    It’s been a long time coming, in hindsight.  For years Google have said that the next big thing for Google would be, whatever the next big thing in search is, because that what Google do and that is by and large, their main source of […]

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    The Asus Transformer Prime: Raw Tegra 3 quad-core processing power

    For the sake of absolute transparency, I’ll openly admit that I want this tablet, so yes my opinion is biased.  Nonetheless, I will try my hardest to present everything that follows as objectively as I can, to ensure you are fairly informed. By all accounts, […]

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    Thoughts on the Google Chromebook

    What the Chromebook is, is a Netbook design to cater for modern day requirements. How many of us would even turn on our laptop if we didn't have an internet connection?

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    Forums and Football, Deals and Dopiaza

    “McDunc – I’m Not Lovin’ It” Just when you thought this week couldn’t get any betterafter the jubilant return of the Chilean miners… it’s the return of Dunc! Happy Friday everyone! In the same week as 33 Chilean miners returned from two months underground, […]

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    Memories, Like the corners of my mind……Who are you again?

    My long term memory is awful, and I mean really, really bad. I struggle to remember any of my childhood clearly. I don’t remember the names of the people who were my friends for years at school, mates I went on holiday with. The lads that […]

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