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  • matt the n00b

    Part 1: A n00b In Need

    For 6 long years I’ve sat here helping to shift boxes of things I don’t really understand. Don’t get me wrong, I know DDR5 memory is an improvement on DDR3 and that Intel’s Core i7 processor is a step up from their Core i5, but I don’t really know why. (Apparently, “cos it’s 2 more“ isn’t a sufficient answer!) So to try and expand my limited knowledge, and to keep me busy for the next few weeks, I’m going to roll up my shirt sleeves, do a bit of research and build a desktop PC from scratch.

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  • intel-sandy-bridge-chip

    The best Intel Sandy Bridge motherboards around

    Editor’s note: this is a guest post by Dave at, one of our favourite sources for tech news and reviews. Here’s his thoughts on the best Intel Sandy Bridge motherboards around today. Intel’s current best consumer processor is undoubtedly its Sandy Bridge range with […]

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  • Cheetah

    Buyers’ Guide: The top SSDs on test from £130

    Storage News There is a wide range of SSDs to choose from and selecting the most appropriate drive can be a tricky choice.  Having a good look around can be very worthwhile, once you know what it is you need to look out for and […]

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  • book of knowledge

    Dabs technical glossary: The SSD edition

    In an effort to break down barriers and make technology more open to everyone, me and the rest of the guys here at Dabs felt it may be useful to begin a regular feature which lays bare some of the frequently used technical words and terms,  […]

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  • Whistle Stop

    Media streamers buyers’ guide checklist

    Media streamers can be tricky to buy, especially as they are not yet commonplace within UK homes, which means there aren’t many people that you can go to for advice on what to buy.  Fortunately, you’ve no need to seek advice anywhere else as you’ve […]

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  • Network Attached Storage

    The benefits of NAS

    One of the main benefits of NAS over an external HD is that it is a standalone device so it does not have to be directly attached to a computer

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  • InstallProcessor

    Guide: How to Install a Processor

    This is a Techradar article in association with What shall we compare the computer processor to this week? How about the human brain or perhaps the heart? We could go mechanical and try the car engine? In truth, there’s nothing man-made that really matches the […]

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  • InstallPowerSupply

    Guide: How to Install a Power Supply

    This is a Techradar article in association with Desktop PC power supplies – more often called PSUs – don’t get too much attention, which is a shame. It’s that anonymous metal box that powers everything inside and many peripherals outside of the PC. It’ll dictate how […]

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  • How to Install a Graphics Card

    Guide: How to Install a Graphics Card

    This is a Techradar article in association with It seems like PCs can never have enough 3D graphics power. Higher resolutions, more effects, better image quality and film-like post-processing effects seem to keep even the latest cards working hard. But even upgrading to a […]

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  • How to Install a Hard Drive

    Guide: How to Install a new Hard Drive

    This article was originally posted by Techradar in association with, and has been edited by a member of the forum, ‘Fov’. Adding, upgrading or installing a new hard drive is always about one thing – storage, storage, storage. For less than £30 you […]

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