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  • The Binding of Isaac

    Indie Game of the Week: The Binding of Isaac

    If you paid attention in religious education classes in school, you might be slightly surprised at the name of this week’s indie game, whose plot is inspired by a story in the bible where Abraham is asked to sacrifice his son Isaac. One of the […]

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  • Mario Portal

    Indie Game of the Week: Mari0

    Ever wished a wish that seemed so implausible that even mentioning it to your closest confident was too risky, as it would likely result in prolonged mockery at your expense? As a kid, I once considered who was better out of Mario and Sonic. Nowadays […]

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  • Armed-with-Wings-Culmination-logo

    Indie Game of the Week: Culmination

    It has been awhile since we looked at an in-browser game for Indie Game of the Week.  I guess some might argue that they don’t, strictly speaking, fall into the ‘indie’ bracket but I think for all but a few intents and purposes, these titled […]

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  • Dragon Slaying Runescape

    Indie Game of the Week: Runescape

    Everyone has time to engage with an online multiplayer game every now and then, and Runescape is not one to miss. Gaining 156 million accounts in its ten year life-span, Runescape never ceases to impress and we felt it was about time it got a […]

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