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  • gandalf

    Indie Game of the Week: Drunken Wizard

    Wizards are just like you and me, most like to socialise and when they do they have a dance, a sing-song and maybe even a drink or two. In fact there are some among the wizarding community, just like the non-wizarding community, that on the […]

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  • stealth-bastard1

    Indie Game of the Week: Stealth Bastard

     There are some fantastic indie games out there and try as I might, I know I miss a bunch of thoroughly entertaining titles.  That knowledge is the sort of thing that keeps me up at night, the thought that I’m missing out, disturbs me even […]

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  • Hard Reset Indie Game

    Indie Game of the Week: Hard Reset

    Hard Reset is a very impressive Indie game, that the developers at Flying Wild Hog only revealed July this year.  Now two months on, the game is a fully fledged shooter which is released early this week.  Incredibly, they managed to pack a great deal […]

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    Sense of Wonder Night 2011 Presenters Announced for the Tokyo Game show 2011

    Hi there guys, following all the interest in Indie games on this blog, we have found a good piece of news that you may find interesting.  The Organisers over at the “Sense of Wonder Night 2011” event have announced ten titles that will be presented […]

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  • Magicka fi

    Indie Game of the Week #2 – Magicka: perhaps one to revisit?

    This is the second instalment of the weekly series Indie Game of the Week.  The first can be found here, which took a look at Bastion. It’s safe to say that the majority of us will be into one or all of the following: Star […]

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  • Realm of the Mad God

    Indie game of the week: Realm of the Mad God

    We’re all for big budget games here at, and like nothing better than hooking up a fully tricked out PC to run the latest highly polished FPS or processor hungry Total War installment. Yet, occasionally, a low budget indie game gets into our sub-conscious […]

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