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BIT.TRIP RUNNER – Indie Game of the Week

The auto-runner genre is one that’s filled with all sorted of titles so to really stand out you’ve got to create something special

BIT.TRIP RUNNER is a rhythm / music platformer with a fully character-based adventure that’s the latest chapter in the award-winning critically acclaimed BIT.TRIP series.

Run, jump, slide, and kick!


Another fun well paced game that’s only challenge is you get into the rhythm of the level! As with many auto-runners, the pace picks up as you progress and the challenges become more complex. Continue reading BIT.TRIP RUNNER – Indie Game of the Week

Cave Coaster – Indie Game of the Week

It’s time to relaunch Indie Game of the Week with a boom, of dynamite that is!

Cave Coaster is an addictive new Indie Game which sees yourself as a gem hungry miner who loves to ride the rails with his miner buddies and risk it all to claim as many jewels as possible before they fall from the tracks.

We’ve been taking our cart for a ride and here are our thoughts on the game. Continue reading Cave Coaster – Indie Game of the Week