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Google gets into gaming – With a little help from their friends.



So not sure if you missed it but at the Google I/O event we were shown just what to expect from gaming in the near future.  Using a demo of “Rivalry”, which utilized Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 and an NVIDIA K1 Terga processor, the evidence was there for all to see.



“Through our close collaboration with NVIDIA, Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 ‘Rivalry’ project demonstrated at Google I/O shows what’s possible when PC-class gaming technologies and performance are brought to mobile devices” said Tim Sweeney, founder of Epic.

Speaking at the I/O event David Burke, director of engineering for Android advised “Quite literally this is PC gaming graphics in your pocket,” There is no doubt in the near future that PC gaming will be realised on a mobile device. It  actually may be very close indeed as Tim Sweeney , went on to add that ” In less than three weeks we were able to port content built for high-end PC and the DirectX 11 graphics API to Android and Google’s AEP (Android Expansion Pack) extensions for ES 3.1. Developers can deliver incredible graphical complexity on a mobile chipset thanks to Tegra K1 and AEP”

The question remains when will we see an NVIDIA K1 processor in a mobile device?



See more at:




avengers-cast fi

Film and computer game tie-ins: Avengers expansion

With the glut of the latest summer blockbusters already starting to hit cinemas, it got us thinking about some of our favourite film tie-in games. There have been lots of great games based on existing film, giving gamers an already richly populated world that they can truly immerse themselves in when they start playing. With so many to choose from, we thought we’d share some of our favourites.


  • Batman: Arkham Asylum. While not based on the current series of films, it still shares the same dark visuals that have made the modern films so popular, and is a world away from the bright comic-book TV series of the sixties. With a great story and fast-paced action, the game has been understandably very popular with critics. It also looks fantastic, especially when you play it with 3D glasses, like the NVIDIA 3D Vision 2.
  • Equally good, and quite a bit older, is Indiana Jones and The Fate of Atlantis. A standard point-and-click adventure (whatever happened to them?), it allowed gamers to take on the role of Indy in another adventure. Many people remember the game quite fondly, so much so that it has been reissued, allowing a new generation of gamers to play it on modern PCs. If you’re looking for a different kind of game, and want a break from 1st person action games, give this one a try.
  • Aliens vs Predator – Based on at least three different films, the original game (released all the way back in 1999) allowed you to play as the titular characters, as well as a marine from the Aliens film. Still looking remarkably good, despite its age, the game is absolutely terrifying when played as a marine, managing to bring across all the fear of the films. Each race has its own abilities, and nothing beats climbing up a wall and along the ceiling to jump onto an unsuspecting marine below.
  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed – No round up of film tie-ins would be complete without a reference to Star Wars. There have been countless games based on the old and new films. The Force Unleashed is set between the last of the new films and the first of the old ones, letting you play Darth Vadar’s apprentice. Combat is fast paced and fun, allowing you to execute some impressive combos with your lightsabre. A lot of thought also went in to the game world itself, meaning that the plot matches anything in the films, with beautiful locations created specifically for the game.

With the Avengers film out last week, and exciting films like Prometheus and The Dark Knight Rises being launched over the coming months, there’s plenty of scope for some great new film tie-ins. With its non-stop action, The Avengers film would make a great choice. What do you think? Which film (old or new) would you like to see made into a game? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook or in the comments below.

Asus Transformer Prime fi

The Asus Transformer Prime: Raw Tegra 3 quad-core processing power

For the sake of absolute transparency, I’ll openly admit that I want this tablet, so yes my opinion is biased.  Nonetheless, I will try my hardest to present everything that follows as objectively as I can, to ensure you are fairly informed.

By all accounts, the Asus Transformer Prime will be the all conquering champion that Android has been waiting for in it’s battle against the iPad.  Well, that at least is the account you’ll get when you read articles of those from the Google Android camp, of course, Apple advocates will more than likely tell you a different story.  I think it’s fair to say, that those who have an interest in the tablet format but are neutral  towards a manufacturer or operating system, are a little bit excited by the prospect of what the Asus Transformer Prime has to offer.  So let’s get straight into the good stuff.

Design - Sleek elegance

The basic tablet format, for the most part, is fixed.  The main variations are in the dimensions, casing and docking/port options.  The Asus Prime will have a 10.1″ Super IPS+ display with the tech screen of choice, the Corning Gorilla Glass.  You’ll see mention of the Super IPS+ display, which is an acronym for In-Plane Switching, a technique developed to improve viewing angles by allowing the crystal of a display to move parallel to the panel plane instead of perpendicular to it.  This difference allows a reduced amount of light scattering and in turn gives wide viewing angles and good colour reproduction.  The ‘+’ is Asus’s indication that there has been improvements over the previous variant that was present in the predecessor.  The back casing would appear to be a lightweight, brushed metal alloy.  All this is a strong statement of intent and encouragement that the user experience will be of a high quality.

Hardware - Power and grunt

Perhaps the standout feature of the hardware of the Transformer Prime, is the Tegra 3 quad core processor.  Upon release, it will be the first tablet to sport this new configuration which also has a dedicated ultra low voltage fifth-core for handling non-CPU intensive tasks.  The biggest benefit of this is the improvement in battery life which is an approximate total of 12-hours, which is boosted to 18 hours when docked.  Other features include what Asus are calling SonicMaster Technology, which in everyday terms translates as great speaker.  Sound quality is perhaps not the biggest consideration for most guys purchasing a new tablet, but if you’re at home or in a public place and want to watch a video clip, you’ll really appreciate the different in audio quality.  The final hardware point I’ll highlight, is the improvements made to the touch responsiveness, with Asus claim to have halved the normal response time form when the device detects your finger movement and follows along.  It’s an issue that most would generally consider to be a matter of software but this attention to detail, will ensure that Asus as a manufacturer will be held in high regard and compete closely with the likes of Samsung and Motorola.

Software - Android Ice Cream dessert

Currently, what the guys over at Asus have running on the Prime is Android’s Honeycomb OS, not a bad OS but not the latest.  What has already been stated, is that it won’t be long before the Prime will be running Ice Cream Sandwich, the unification OS that will be on both Android tablets and mobile phones.  Clearly, much like the approach taken by Apple with their iOS operating system, having one OS that runs one both mobile phone and tablet is great for app developers and should further help the proliferation of app production and the overall standard of apps available to your Android device.  There has been a lot already said about Ice Cream Sandwich, and perhaps it isn’t the huge leap that everyone wanted to see from Android but even this reiteration of the Android system comes with much welcomed improvements and is the most polished version of Android yet.

So there a brief run through of some of the highlights of the Asus Transformer Prime, there is in fact a bunch of stuff that I haven’t mentioned, such as the hydro-oleophobic coating on the screen or the 8MP camera with an auto-focusing f/2.4 lens and a back-illuminated CMOS sensor capturing 1080p video.  But, I think I covered enough to intrigue you enough to do a bit more digging of your own, and really, that’s where you’re really going to find out what’s interesting to you.  When you find that interesting point, whether it be positive or negative, please share in the comments below.

Below is an early video of the Asus Transformer Prime running the hardware intensive game, Glowball, to demonstrate its capabilities.

Not sure I was entirely objective in this post. :-P


NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti

The latest offering from NVIDIA will soon be with us and it’s just in time for the release of an eagerly anticipated title, Crysis 2.

The key stat with this will be the price point, this new range will be available from £119.98 going up to £139.99 for the 975 MHz, 1GB version. The aim of this would seem to be to pitch the new hardware at those that aren’t necessarily playing the most graphically demanding game, on the highest resolution screen available on the market, with all the settings optimised. We’d all like to, but in reality few of us manage this, so it’s good to see a range of NVIDIA cards that cater for the rest of us. Many of us fall into this camp, in that we want to be able to enjoy our games on our PCs at a decent frame rate, without spending our life savings on a top of the range PC. NVIDIA’s new line has been made with this in mind.

The new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti is intended to alleviate the financial issue sometimes associated with the most graphically dependant titles, and prepare PC gamers and our gaming rigs for the next installment of top tier games without being too aggressive towards our wallets.

Here’s some more info on the new NVIDIA range: http://bit.ly/egKKQ9

Let me know what you think and whether you feel there’s a better alternative out there.


Better Late Than Never!

“Dunc, when ARE you doing another blog?!”

I know, I know, it’s been a while – and I can only apologise to those of you that have followed Dunc’s Deals since July last year – I really have been busy and not lazy (as some have suggested – yes you Debs!) but hopefully from here on out normal service will resume with weekly ramblings and a few hand-picked specials!

The wise amongst you have already signed up to the forum and been taking advantage of the latest and greatest deals we’ve been dropping on there. Sam, Matt and I have tried to keep the questions answered and the community members are always on hand to help – if you’re not yet a member get involved!

First off, I hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year! Although it does seem a distant memory now, it really was only four weeks ago! Thank god its almost pay-day as its been a long month – with that said we have some belting deals for you below. Bully is back for the 2011 – and he wants you to invest your wages wisely!


January has been an unbelievably busy month for products on dabs. We announced that thanks to the success of our Self-Build Bundles we have brought Patriot Memory on as a brand in its own right, and have some killer deals on their ranges in stock today.

Also this month, Intel released their long awaited and hugely anticipated 2nd Generation Core Processors – the new Core i5 and Core i7 CPUs came into stock and many sold out instantly! We have got a huge range of Gigabyte and Asus motherboards ready for the new LGA 1155 socket CPUs and as ever we have some brand new Self-Build Bundles ready – review the full Intel page here.

Corsair Vengeance Memory, which was released to huge acclaim last year was also made available at Dabs this month – we have the full range set-up and plenty of stock at great pricing. Make sure you check the deals below for some great Dunc’s Deals on Memory!

Our lead designer, Mike, has been hard at work putting together the new PC Upgrade for 2011 landing page which looks the dogs wotsits – on there you will find the latest and greatest PC Components ready for any PC Upgrade, bookmark it and check back regularly!

Wrapping up “news” this week is the NVIDIA launch of the brand new GTX 560Ti graphics cards. The new addition to the GeForce line up “equips you with up to 3x the performance of previous generations and enjoy the GeForce GTX gaming experience with the latest technologies such as DirectX 11, NVIDIA® Surround, 3D Vision™, PhysX®, and SLI®” With a starting price of £199.99 these are well worth a look – we recommend the 1GHz Gigabyte Super Overclocked BADBWOY!

While on the subject of NVIDIA, make sure you check out the ‘Show Us Your Claw’ competition where you could win an NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX560 Ti 3D Vision PC or 5 runners up prizes of the new GeForce® GTX560 Ti graphics cards! Be innovative with your entries!



New Year, New Deals… same Challenge Dunc! Just as you did in the yesteryear 2010, you can keep firing in the ‘Price Match Challenges’ and specific deal requests to the email inbox, I am still getting lots but welcome more – get in touch you will always get a reply!

Now the real reason for the delay in Dunc’s Deals returning is I’ve been waiting for Bully to fully recover from his MAMMOTH new year hangover (he was a real mess) but he’s back on form now and has lined up FIVE killer deals for the weekend!

Iiiiiin 1! OCZ Technology 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 already over £25 off, yours with an extra £5 off, usually £39.99!

Iiiiiin 2! Corsair Memory Vengeance 6GB (3x2GB) DDR3, currently £84.99, yours for under £80!

Iiiiiin 3! NetGear Stora 2-Bay NAS, currently £64.99, get £5 off with Bully!

Iiiiiin 4! Asus Intel 2nd Generation P67 Bundle (Mobo and CPU), £5 off – under £295!

Iiiiiin 5! Western Digital 1TB Elements Desktop Hard Drive, currently £49.99 – now £46.99!

Finally make sure you check out the Crucial RealSSD Price downs – these are limited time offers to save up to £50 on SATA 6Gb/s solid state drives!

Keep spreading the word of the blog, offers and dabs in general, and remember if you send me examples of you getting the word out and I’ll send you a download code for Lost Planet 2!



Andy Gray and Richard Keys have been the talk of the country this week following some choice words about female officials in football – no matter what you think about it, the best review of the whole situation was the reporting hypocrisy discussed by Charlie Brooker on last nights 10 O’Clock Live on Channel 4! If you missed it, 4OD!

I want to sign off today in the spirit of Russell Howard with a “Good News” story that I hope some of you have seen. The man with the Golden Voice – Ted Williams – an ex-radio voiceover from Ohio has been re-discovered on the streets following years of drink and drug abuse and a chance YouTube clip has helped him get back on his feet and to work once again! Super-fans of  homeless Ted will be pleased to know that his former tent AND infamous cardboard sign are now for sale on ebay! Good luck to you Ted!

Dunc's Missing!

Where is Dunc? Help! Components guru missing in action!

Its official, Dunc has left the building!! The desk of the bushy eye-browed one is looking sadly empty and someone has already nicked his chair!  Hang on, calm down, before you start to panic and dig your black arm bands out you can breathe a sigh of relief as he’s only taken a few days annual leave. Yes, he’s been working his little Nvidia branded socks* off so much that we’ve decided he deserves a (small) break. For this week I’m afraid you’re stuck with me but rest assured normal service will be resumed next week.

(*Dunc has a variety of socks and has no preference to NVidia or any other brand)8GB iPod Touch

Now, I’m not going to pretend to be a product expert like Dunc, nor can I promise you witty antidotes about big breakfasts, kilts and curries but what I can offer you are great deals and a cracking competition. I’ve rifled through Dunc’s stash of goodies and if you place an order between now and Bonfire night you could be in with a chance of winning an 8GB iPod Touch. Simply place your order and email Dunc at duncsdeals@dabs.com your order number. He’ll enter you into the draw and will announce the lucky winner in his blog next week.

So, what’s new at Dabs? Well, last week we hosted the annual Dabs Diamond Awards where we awarded your favourite manufacturers a prestigious Diamond Award. Thousands of you voted and on the night we had all your favourite brands there gagging to know who the winners were. Check out our winners list to see if your favourite brand won. If they didn’t make it this year make sure you vote for them next year!

The awards must have put us in a good mood as this week we’ve gone promotion crazy with offers on Storage, laptops and a range of Sony products. If storage is your thing then check out our latest storage deals in our Storage Spectacular. There’s something for everyone with 2TB internal drives from £72.99, 1TB external storage at just £54.99 and SSD at £144.99 for 128GB. If you’re on the look out for a new laptop or netbook, we’ve got some great deals in our Pricecrash at the moment starting with netbooks at £223 up to an Acer Core i5 at just £597.99. My favourite is actually the Core i3 Acer at £419.99 and the way they’re flying out this week I don’t think that I’m the only one.  

Storage Spectacular

If Sony is the only brand for you then you’ll love their VAT back promo which they launched this week.  There’s a range of products from laptops and touchscreen PCs to digital cameras and LCD TVs. Buy before the 24th December and Sony will refund the VAT you pay. We’re a bit light on stock at the moment but rest assured it will be here soon!

We’ve also had a busy week preparing for the launch of our Christmas store. Yes I know it feels like ages off and the fact that it seems to arrive earlier each year is annoying but we know that a lot of you like to get ahead with your shopping so keep checking the site for our Christmas gift ideas. We’ll have something for everyone and if you’re stuck for gift ideas for your very own IT guru why not drop Dunc an email for some suggestions?Mr Frosty

If I’m honest I’m not a big fan of Christmas and yes, I do know that the marketing team call me Scrooge! In my defence I personally think that my dislike of Christmas stems from me not getting the present that I really wanted when I was a kid. Year after year I put it on the list and year after year dear old Santa failed to deliver. What was it you ask? Mr Frosty! That fantastic machine that turned ice into a rather poor excuse for a slush puppy! I appreciate now that I probably would have used it once and then got bored of it but it’s just not the point! Anyway rant over! What have you always wanted for Christmas but never got?   Post your comment below and the most amusing answer will win £200 to spend on whatever they want at Dabs! Originality please – certain female x-factor judges or premiership footballers are Rio Riotnot what we had in mind!

Talking of my childhood, I read this week that Sony are stopping production of the Sony cassette Walkman in Japan. To be honest with you I didn’t realise that they still made them having sold my soul to Apple some years ago but it did get me thinking about my first MP3 player. It was a Rio Riot and weighed a ton but it was 20GB and cost me 50 quid back from Dabs in 2003. I must admit to hiding it in my bag on train journeys and it did need its own generator to charge it but the point is that it got me onto MP3 and I have never looked back.  What was the first piece of tech to make a difference to your life? 

For those of you who always want the latest kit you’ll probably have the new ati 6800 series on your radar. We’ve got a variety of cards in stock in both the 6870 and 6850 ranges. Check them out today.

And finally talk moves back to Christmas (bah humbug) with Dunc’s very own Synology Santa promo. Simply buy the Synology 2 bay Nas and each week one lucky buyer will win two 1TB hard drives. This promo is running until the 28th November so there’s plenty of time to win!

That’s it from me. Enjoy your weekend and don’t forget to put your clocks back an hour!


Forums and Football, Deals and Dopiaza

“McDunc – I’m Not Lovin’ It”

Just when you thought this week couldn’t get any betterafter the jubilant return of the Chilean miners… it’s the return of Dunc! Happy Friday everyone!

In the same week as 33 Chilean miners returned from two months underground, dabs.com FC recorded their second win on the bounce – two amazing feats of endurance and teamwork! I am still at a loss to as how it happened – not the Chilean miners, they got out thanks to planning and precision – I’m talking about our back to back victories! The mind boggles!

For next week only, you can call me McDunc – no thanks to you lot. I’m going back to my semi-Scottish roots! In the seven days since the last update, the majority of you have managed to ensure that the “Should Dunc wear a Kilt to the Dabs Diamond Awards later this month” poll is leaning heavily in favour of me donning the tartan and showing my pins – thanks for that! While I may be less than grateful for your votes in the poll, we are grateful for all your votes for the actual awards – the response has been overwhelming! The votes are now closed and are being counted and verified by our very own Dermot O’Leary – Michelle. The winners will be announced online after the awards ceremony next week, as will the winner of the prize for voting – stay tuned!

Today marks the day that the long awaited new game Medal of Honor is released in the UK, and as those eagle eyed regulars to the blog will have seen, we have secured an exclusive offer in conjunction with the guys at EA Store. For today only you can get 20% off with a voucher code, to get the code and the full details check out the blog post.

This week we have launched two new aspects on dabs.com – a new section of the Blog called “Ponderings” and our long awaited forum! The new blog section opened with our very own Matt giving his thoughts on memories and the need, or rather not, to retain them.

The forum, which went live yesterday, has been in the idea stages for some time and we know many of you have been waiting for us to get one online for even longer! Well the wait is over – and we have to thank all the IT guys (Alex, Ste, Mark), the marketing team (Mike, Matt and Sam) and everyone who helped bring the forum online over recent weeks. Sign up today and get posting, as there is a special prize that will be announced later today on the forum!


In The News

Quiet week in all honesty, lots going on but very little of it has caught my eye – don’t forget you guys can always submit stories you find interesting via comments or Speak to Dunc and ill ensure if I use them you get credited! One thing that did catch the eye was the ever-busy Google. Whilst finding time to squeeze in  a 32% jump in profits, they also have announced that they have been testing automated cars that have clocked up over 100,000 miles without human interaction – crazy!


Product News!

Last week you guys took to the news of the Synology USB Station 2 pre-order by placing your pre-orders in droves! Today stock has landed and you can now secure the product for under £80!

This week we have a host of new offers ready for you to take advantage of, the first is a new Self-Build bundle! Those of you who are familiar with our Asus Intel and AMD bundles will know what to expect, but this time we have partnered with Gigabyte to offer a one off Ultimate Bundle! The bundle sees the GA-890FXA-UD5 Motherboard, AMD Phenom II X6 1055T, Corsair 4GB DDR3 [2x2GB] Memory and  Windows 7 Home Premium brought together for under £450! Not only that, but we are throwing in 2 Game Downloads: Storm Rise + Lost Planet! Stock due next week!

This week saw the launch of the new NVIDIA GTS 430 range of Graphics cards that are aimed at the casual gamer market and those looking for performance from their PC. From editing photos to HD video, watching blu-ray movies and playing DX11 titles like Civilization V – the new cards pack a punch at a great price point. Check out the range we have starting at under £60.

Finally, just today we have launched two new promotions on dabs.com. First up is the Netgear ReadyNAS duo, where you can claim a 1TB or 2TB hard drive for free on selected models and the second is on Western Digital VelociRaptor Hard Drives where you can get yourself a FREE copy of the just released Medal of Honor game for PC! Check out the full details and see the included drives here.



Product Deals & Challenge Dunc Continues!

After a great response to last week’s “Challenge Dunc” I’m looking forward to seeing what next this brings – suggest deals you want to see and drop me a note via ‘Speak to Dunc’ with your ‘Price Match Challenges’ this week, and I’ll do all I can to get the deal you need!

First up on the exclusive front, I want to ensure you get the BEST price in the market right now for the Samsung 1TB S2 Portable hard drive. Currently on dabs you can get at an already amazing price of £89.99, and last week I offered it to you guys for £79.99. But for one week only, with this link, you can get it for even less – £76.98!

Moving on to some Solid State Drive deals, we’ve just taken stock of some fantastically price OCZ Onyx Series products. The 64GB is now down to £79.99 and the 128GB has hit a great price of £159.98. I can’t knock anything else off, but I am going to say that if you buy one you can have a £40 game voucher for EA Store – just email me with your Sales Order Number!

Some of you have already spotted it, but to those that haven’t, you should take advantage of the special bundle that is on the Intel Ultimate Self-Build Bundle. Right now you can save over £20 on Kingston HyperX 6GB (3x2GB) DDR3 1600MHz Memory when bought with the bundle – check it out today and take advantage!

Remember, keep spreading word about the blog offers and let me know about when you mention the blog online as you WILL bag yourself a freebie!

Anyone For Curry?

OK that’s it for another week – I’m off out tonight with some of the boys from work for a few beverages of the alcoholic variety and a curry at Akbars in Manchester! It is with a heavy heart (but a belly full of curry) that we will be celebrating the departure of Mike in our IT Development team, who is off to pastures new – yes celebrating, we didn’t like him much anyway! Only joking Mike, you know you’ll be missed!!

Have a good weekend and don’t forget to enter our “Win a buyagift.com experience worth £150”. In the words of our proposal Romeo, Mike, as mentioned last week – “I only have one question…”


Gingerbread & Fry-ups, Stephen Fry & 3D, United at last!

“Bless The Bottoms of Technology!”

According to my trusty calendar it’s been 10 weeks since I first started the Dunc’s Deal updates! In less than three months you guys, and girls, have embraced the Dunc and taken advantage of plenty of free offers and exclusive deals – thank you for all your support!

Now we’ve moved the updates to the all-new dabs blog, we would love to chat to you all more, and hear your wants and needs.  Forgive me if I sound like a cliché, but we’ve made it as simple and easy to get in touch and are now more accessible than ever! Whether you contact us via the blog, Facebook, Twitter or email;  you can rest assured, wherever possible, we WILL come back to you! On that note, I asked last week for suggestions on promotions you’d like to see for the Intel 40GB SSD and a Seagate GoFlex 1TB NAS box that are sat on my desk – submissions have been a bit light so exercise your democratic right, and have your say this week!

So what’s been happening in the dabs offices this week I hear you ask! No cheese, lager, cookies or biscuits to report this week – this week we have been mostly eating….Grasmere Gingerbread! Oh yes, the world famous Gingerbread – adored by Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Renée Zellweger and knicker- making Corrie actor Antony Cotton. Having been in Grasmere at the weekend, we brought a batch back, which went down a storm! If you haven’t had some then you’re missing out – get yourself to Grasmere (or their website!)

We’ve also had a busy week preparing our TV Bonanza – which is live now with some fantastic offers across a range of tellyboxes. ‘Tis the season of upgrading and investing in TV don’t ya know – so take advantage before September 24th!

Last week when we launched the Dabs Blog, we made you all honorary members of the gifted and talented (they told me to write that!) dabs.com marketing team, by inviting you to pitch in and help name our blog! The Facebook discussion page has seen lots of activity, and the suggestions have been keeping us entertained this week! We’ve seen the good, the bad, and the downright ugly, so get inspired and keep the ideas coming thick and fast! Get involved today and you’re in with a chance to win the £350 Sonos Zoneplayer S5 if you pick the winning name!


While on the subject of TV, Stephen Fry has unveiled his guide to Sky 3D which launches on October 1st in the UK. Now I’m an avid Sky HD viewer, but 3D hasn’t captured me just yet. Stephen Fry, however, always commands attention – especially when in this video he argues that he invented 3D-TV (as well as the peep-hole for the modern-day under-pant) and tells a bloke from Sky he is an imbecile before biting him – go Fry!

Also in the news this week was the launch of the Beta of the new IE9 browser – with many calling it “ie-mazing.” Now I’m a Firefox chap through and through, but the reports so far say that Microsoft has pulled its socks up. I’ll be checking it this weekend and will report back – drop your thoughts on your browser of choice as a comment below.


As I mentioned last week, 5am on Monday was to be a big day in the world of graphics cards – and it didn’t disappoint! Yes, the NVIDIA GTS 450 was finally launched! Squaring up directly against the ATI Radeon 5770 cards, it has received mixed reviews, but it certainly packs performance at a great price point – check out our full range of cards starting at £94.98

Blog regulars will already have spotted that we have teamed up with the EA Store this week to giveaway £2,000 worth of Game Downloads – all you have to do is spend over £200 on Motherboards, ProcessorsGraphics Cards, Hard Drives and Memory on dabs.com and you can claim – simples!

New product wise, it’s been a good week for LaCie! The new Wireless Space 1TB and 2TB NAS products are available for pre-order on dabs right now and Sam, our Social Media Guru – sorry Sam, updated the blog with this fantastic product news page about them! Stock is expected later this month. Not only that, but we just took stock of the new USB 3.0 versions of the 1TB Minimus and the 500GB Rikiki! LaCie product names always keep us amused in the office, keep it up LaCie!

Finally, we got the new Zotac Z-Box Mini-PC with BluRay – both complete and barebone versions – live on dabs ready for pre-orders. Stock is due later this month – place your orders today!


Last week’s NASTRAVAGANZA went down a storm both on Dunc’s Deals and the email we sent out, so today I’ve put together a fresh variety of special offers for you to take advantage of!

Firstly we’ve teamed up with Buffalo to give you the chance to get £10 off and “Win A Dualie” – now despite its name this doesn’t win you Ali-G’s missus – but it could win you the Buffalo 500GB Dualie for iPhone and iPod! Between September 16th and September 30th 2010 if you purchase the Buffalo 1TB (2 x 500GB) LinkStation Duo NAS from dabs, you automatically go into a draw to win. Dunc’s Deal customers also get first dibs on a £10 voucher off the NAS product! Simply enter BUFFNAS754 at checkout!

Next up is the Plextor External Slim Top-loading Blu-Ray player. Currently £79.99 on dabs, but we have a £10 off voucher available on it this week – simply use PLEX751 at checkout to deduct £10 from the price!

We’ve also taken more stock of the Buffalo 500GB JustStore Portable Hard Drive this week, and instead of paying £47.99, you can use this link to snap it up for under £45!

For those of you who have always craved Crossfire, let me help you get it for less! We already dropped the price by £15 this week to £249.99, but for one week only, you guys can get an extra £10 off! Use this link to get the XFX ATI Radeon 5770 HD 1GB Bundle with Dirt2, plus £10 DabsPlay Voucher for just £239.99!

Finally this week, take advantage of £10 off the Seagate 2TB FreeAgent® GoFlex™ Home NAS – just £129.99 with this link.

Snap up these offers while you can, and spread the word about the blog offers! If you post any Dunc’s Deals mentions elsewhere on the web, send me a link and you might bag yourself a freebie!


Mario has been in the news twice this week – the Nintendo version celebrates his 25th Anniversary and the lesser-known Bolton version, our very own Mario Frappola, has had his gut-busting 5,000 calorie ‘Ultimate Breakfast’ declared the biggest full English breakfast in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records! The £10 masterpiece packs 10 eggs, 10 sausages, 10 rashers of bacon, 10 slices of toast, five black pudding slices, tomatoes, mushrooms and baked beans – and its free if you can polish it off in under 20 minutes!

Unluckily for me, Mario’s achievement has sparked an insurmountable level of peer pressure in the dabs.com HQ and I have agreed (or technically been bullied into submission) to take on Mario’s ‘Ultimate Breakfast’! So I struck a deal – if my loyal Dunc’s Deals readers comment on the blog this week, and show support for the cause, I will step up to the plate (the big, greasy, bacon-filled plate) and take on the ‘Ultimate Breakfast’! What’s more, we’ll film it for your sick and twisted pleasure! So have your say, should I bust a gut in the name of Dunc’s Deals…you decide!

As with all good things, this week’s blog must come to an end, and I got to get back to chasing the deals – drop your comments, enjoy your weekend and check back next week for more!


Mountain Rescue, Mafia and Monday off!

What a difference a week makes, 168 little hours!

Well, well, well… here we are again! It’s Friday! Not just any Friday though – it’s special in oh so many ways! First off, it’s the last Friday of the month, which means its Pay Day. Luckily Ann in Human Resources agreed to pay me – but only because I ensure she gets her weekly Bacon and Cheese toastie for breakfast. Secondly, the last Friday of the month means Nicola – PA to the directors of dabs.com – lets us wear our own clothes, as long as we pay a quid for charity. Now I still say own clothes as if I’m at school – I always wear my own clothes – it’s socially inappropriate not to… but “dress down day” sounds rubbish!

So here I am typing away furiously with my Bacon Barm in one hand and my £1 ready to donate to Bolton Mountain Rescue (don’t ask) placed on my keyboard. Another reason why this Friday is EXTRA special is that it’s a Bank Holiday weekend – is it just me or does it feel ages since the last? The marketing team – Sam, Matt and our newest designer Michelle – were so excited that they have been working hard on a fantastic Bank Holiday offers email that went our last night, and also bargain-filled landing page on the website. So don’t worry about the weather this weekend, spend some time looking over our Bank Holiday bargains and invest your pay cheque wisely!

“168 little hours” ago it was last Friday, and I was telling you how looking out of the window here at dabs seemed like the apocalypse was upon us. Well I’m happy to report that Bolton was spared this week, and it is currently glorious sunshine! Will it last? We doubt it! Edit: Its 3.30pm and it looks like hell again!

As I also told you last week, I am now sat next to ‘Social Media Guru’ Sam. The response to last week’s #Free Game Friday on Twitter, and our “What do you like about dabs” Facebook giveaway were very impressive. ‘Follow’ and ‘Like’ us respectively to get involved!

The ‘Speak To Dunc‘ section has also been busy this week – thanks for all your comments and suggestions. Please keep sending them in! You never know, a ‘Don’ might visit your inbox if I like what you send in…


MAFIA II IS HERE, ARM YOURSELF WITH AN NVIDIA® GeForce® GRAPHICS CARD! Sorry for shouting – it’s the excitement in the office! The game is out now, and the NVIDIA promotion is live. Steve (consumer team product manager) and Clive (Customer Services Supervisor) have already accosted me begging for vouchers! However I’m afraid if you want to grab a free download…you can… but only when you buy qualifying NVIDIA® GeForce® graphics card – check the landing page out for full details.

From the FreeD winners announcement, to last week’s un-boxing of the ASUS AMD and Intel Self Build PC Bundles, the feedback for the last couple of videos has been really positive. Unfortunately I haven’t had time to complete one this week, as I’ve been working non-stop to get the best deals around for my loyal ‘Dunc’s Deals’ readers. For next week’s video, I’m calling in the troops, Dunc needs YOU! I want you to drop me a line via ‘Speak To Dunc‘ with your suggestions as to what YOU want me to video next week. But please do keep it clean, and keep it legal – I don’t want to end up on fail blog (which by the way is a great YouTube channel if you’re ever in the mood for some good old-fashioned laughter at other people’s misfortune)! I think this is my favourite fail blog video of all time…Best Man Fail.

I also told you last week that the hotly-anticipated exclusive XFX CrossFireX 5770 Graphics Card bundle was available. The offer actually received a ‘Kit Guru Must Have‘ award this week – so thanks to the guys there! Remember that the offer comes with two single slot variants of the 5770, a Dirt2 game download, and when you buy you can email me to claim a £10 DabsPlay voucher! In addition, to celebrate the ‘Kit Guru Must Have’ award, we are giving a FREE download of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 to anyone who buys before August 30th 2010. Simply place your order and I will send you a download code via email, worth £34.99!


I received some great feedback about the exclusive offers on Dunc’s Deals last week, so I have decided to repeat a couple, as well as offer a few extra ones for you today. First up, I want to replicate the £25 discount offer on the Asus AMD Ultimate – strictly for Dunc’s Deal readers. For the Asus Intel Entry bundle, you can have £5 off – and remember the Intel Bundles could win you a £300 Solid State Drive!

A couple of ‘Storage Specials’ for you now! I’m repeating the £5 discount offer on the Seagate 2TB Barracuda – now just £84.98. Or if you’d rather upgrade to SSD, then this Corsair 128GB Performance is perfect – even better with £10 off just for you!

We’ve also just dropped the price of the Buffalo 2TB LinkStation Live NAS by £15 for all users – but for Dunc’s Deals readers, I’ve squeezed another fiver off for you! Finally, for storage, here is the Hitachi 1TB XL Series Desktop hard drive with £5 off (usual price £54.99)!

Promotion wise we have just been able to restart the Kingston SSD Pricedown Promotion to run between August 25th – September 10th 2010, check it out today, you can save up to £35! Intel have also done some price moves on their X25 Mainstream Sold State Drives so ensure you take a look at the range.

Finally – as I am excited about the Bank Holiday Weekend I have decided to give away some games to anyone who buys a graphics card over £100 between August 26th and August 31st 2010. If you buy any ATI Radeon or NVIDIA GeForce graphic card worth over £100 – you can claim a free game! Click here to find out how!

Enjoy the deals – make suggestions as to what else you’d like to see here by contacting me!


Well that’s it – another week down – and yes, that means its 119 days to Christmas… whoa, that’s actually pretty scary! Have a great extended weekend everyone – take advantage of the extra day, and make sure you check out the Bank Holiday Bargains page and all the other deals we’ve got for you below.



Helping Kris Akabusi (tenuous), Hose-pipe Bans and Crazy Deals!

It’s Friday once again and as I am writing this, and you are reading it, it must mean we all survived Friday 13th – although looking out of the window here at dabs it looks like the apocalypse. It is gloomy and currently lashing it down…not only that, but there are some rumbles of thunder… is it really mid-august? It’s not all doom and gloom though for us up north; yesterday our Hose Pipe Ban was lifted – yeah, thanks for recognising that it has rained for seven weeks straight up north United Utilities!

Another reason to be happy is that the football season is back; Blackpool are flying high, Preston are bottom of the league (sorry Mike – our head designer and loyal/foolhardy/optimistic PNE fan) and Bolton are mid-table! Happy days! If you don’t like football don’t worry; X-Factor starts tomorrow! I for one look forward to seeing Simon crush the dreams of mis-guided teens for the next few weeks!

So while your Saturdays now belong to Jeff Stelling and Simon Cowell, your Fridays still belong to Dunc… so onto the good stuff!

After last week telling you that we had a big desk move at dabs – I too have been relocated – in fact I am now sat next to our “Social Media Guru” Sam (he doesn’t call himself that, we do). He is the man who handles all your Twitter and Facebook queries. He also launches unique promotions for dabs including Free Game Friday on Twitter – follow us now to take part!

Now the Kris Akabusi link may be tenuous but allow me to explain. Last week I told you that a Massachusetts man had a pea plant was growing in his lung – that question was subsequently in our local Pub Quiz this week and my team, Quiz Akabusi , were in quick with the answer. Just shows that you can visit dabs.com, read Dunc’s Deals, buy some kit, and be successful at quizzes. Winner! So if you’re in a pub quiz team, let Dunc help you out – always remember that Bluetooth was named after King Harald of Denmark, and Kentucky is known as ‘The Bluegrass State’. You can thank me later…

Speaking of winning things, Laura – our Networking and Optical/PSU product manager – wants to see your originality, or be made to laugh! To win a Plextor 4x External Slim Top-loading BD-ROM worth £79.99 all you have to do is follow us on Twitter or Facebook and tell us what Blu-ray film you are most looking forward to watching and why – easy!

Thanks again for all your comments and free download claims via the Speak To Dunc section – this week I want to find out what you DO and DON’T like about dabs. Anything and everything. After all, if we don’t know, we cant help! Drop me a comment today and I will ensure that you get a free download voucher for Assassins Creed II!

Before we get onto the products a quick shoutout to all the students getting their results this week, hopefully you all got what you needed! Whether you’re after something ready for school/college or just looking to invest your student loans wisely, ensure you take a moment to look over our extensive Back To School range.


Thanks for checking out last week’s video that announced the winners of our NVIDIA Free D Promotion we ran in July – if you missed it, watch it now on our YouTube channel. One man I reckon did watch it was Comedian David Mitchell – he was so upset about not winning, he used his popular Soapbox on YouTube to complain about the gimmickry of bad 3D… in bad 3D! If you want to watch his video, click here – but if you want to watch it in 3D, then drop me a message on Speak To Dunc and I’ll send you a set of cardboard 3D glasses – 20 pairs available!

When I filmed last week’s video, I also unboxed our brand new ASUS AMD and Intel Self Build PC Bundles. If you’ve ever wondered what you actually get in there, or want to see the fantastic prizes available for buying the AMD or Intel versions, check out the video below.

Please be aware that when I filmed the video, the Intel promotion was not confirmed; but I can now tell you that anyone buying one of the Value, Performance or Ultimate Intel Self-Build Bundles will be automatically entered into a draw to win an Intel 160GB X25-M Solid State Drive worth over £300!

As promised last week our XFX CrossFireX 5770 Graphics Card bundle is now in stock! Two single slot variants of the 5770 are in the bundle, along with a Dirt2 game download. When you buy you can email me to claim a £10 DabsPlay voucher! Another dabs.com exclusive!


Once again, you lot went crazy for the exclusive Dunc’s Deal special offers; so I want to keep this tradition up! To get the discounts, just use the special links below!

First off, let’s give you some crazy pricing on the bundles you’ve just seen above! For the Asus AMD Ultimate bundle how does £25 off grab you? For the Asus Intel Performance bundle you can have £10 off! Remember too that the AMD bundles get you in the pot to win a Case and PSU, and the Intel bundles could net you a free SSD!

Looking for storage? Look no further with this exclusive price of £44.99 on the Samsung 1TB Spinpoint F3 7200RPM hard drive, or if you need more space I have £5 off the Seagate 2TB Barracuda – now just £84.98. Finally before I sign off on the exclusives, we just took stock of this Buffalo 1TB Linkstation Duo – this Dunc’s Deal link gets you £10 off!

Keep the orders coming in for the Asus AMD Self-Build PC Bundles – you haven’t disappointed so far! Don’t forget that orders in August go into a draw to win a Corsair Professional Series HX750W PSU worth over £110 and a Thermaltake Aguila VD1000BNS Mid Tower ATX Case worth over £60!

I hinted last week that loyal Intel customers were soon to be catered for with an Entry, Performance and Ultimate Bundle – the latter packs a Core i7-930! Take a look now and get your orders on. We will have a similar promo for a giveaway on these bundles to be launched next week; however rest assured that all orders for August will be counted in the draw!


OK calm down, don’t get too excited, I said ‘may be’! I’m supposed to be off diving with Tiger Sharks this weekend with the missus, so it depends if one of them decides I look tasty – fingers crossed they are veggie and Dunc doesn’t end up fish food! Have a great weekend everybody – check out the other deals we’ve got for you below and get in touch via Speak To Dunc. For those wanting RSS feeds too – it’s coming… sooner than you think!