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  • New York Rockefeller pano

    Building the perfect photo editing PC: part one

    With so many of the readers of our blog keen photographers, we wanted to provide some help and advice on how to create the perfect machine for editing photos. Rather than doing it ourselves, professional wildlife photographer Richard Peters has very kindly written a blog […]

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  • Intel Core i5 FI

    The best processors you can buy

    Editor’s note: this is a guest post by Dave at, one of our favourite sources for tech news and reviews. Here are his thoughts on the best processors around today. Things have been changing pretty quickly in the world of processors recently. First off […]

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  • InstallProcessor

    Guide: How to Install a Processor

    This is a Techradar article in association with What shall we compare the computer processor to this week? How about the human brain or perhaps the heart? We could go mechanical and try the car engine? In truth, there’s nothing man-made that really matches the […]

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