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  • AMD Radeon HD 7700 series fi

    AMD Radeon 7700 series GPU

    AMD are on a fast-paced launch schedule at the moment with a number of GPUs being launched, this week I’d like to have a quick look at the Radeon 7000 series, carrying with it the 28nm Graphics Core Next architecture first introduced in Tahiti.  If […]

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  • duncs-deals-update15

    Win a Samsung Tellybox, 3TB, ChristNAS, Welephant and Bad Jokes

    “Don’t Call It A Come Back!”  Hello. It’s me. Dunc. Remember me? Old faithful readers of Dunc’s Deal will realise that it’s been three long weeks since my last update. I’m not one for excuses, but I will let you know why I’ve been MIA. […]

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