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Indie Game of The Week: Legends of Yore

All that talk of Diablo III earlier in the week has made us reminisce about the good old days of the dungeon crawler RPG, before fancy graphics and big budgets. This has brought us to an indie game that should be firmly in the heart of anyone who has a soft spot for collecting treasure and levelling up. Legends of Yore is a top-down RPG, with the graphical styling and controls of a game made for the original NES console.

Choosing one of three character types (archer, warrior or wizard), players make their way in the world, interacting with NPCs and completing quests for gold coins and experience points. With enough experience points you get to level up and gain new skills, as well as buy new weapons and armour when you get enough gold. The quests generally consist of exploring dungeons and killing enough of a certain monster, rescuing someone, or defeating a boss.

While this may sound fairly run of the mill, the game is very addictive, and there are a number of things to keep you coming back to it. The developer has split the game world up into continents, which you can only cross when you have enough money and experience. Players can also get their hands on a number of different pets, starting out with a chicken or monkey, which can help out by attacking enemies, and which can also be levelled up. It’s these little touches which make the game something you’ll want to come back to.

To make things even more addictive, the game can literally be played anywhere. As well as a standalone PC download, it is available through a browser and for the iPhone and Android platforms. All your progress is stored on a central server, so you can play at home, and then carry on playing during your daily commute. Just don’t blame us if you wonder where your day has gone!


Indie Game of the Week: Mactabilis

I really enjoy space shooters and this isn’t the first time that I’ve mentioned the genre on this blog.  I make no apology for this and I can assure you that this won’t be the last time I lovingly eulogise about my latest discovery.

Today I want to bring to your attention, Mactabilis which is an attempt to take a modern approach to the classic genre.  In doing this, Bruno Beaudoin and his team at Blazing Bit Games, have added  elements that we have all become accustomed to such as, achievements, unlockables, online multiplayer and RPG influences.  One of the most distinct gameplay features of this title is the option to shift between two zones whenever you decide it will be beneficial to do so.  For example, when side-scrolling, you can switch between the background and the foreground or if you’re in a top down view, you can can switch between the ground and the air.

Perhaps one of the most endearing aspects of this title, is that there is only one full timer on the team.  This constraint dictated a number of choices that were taken with the game.  I’m a firm believer that often when options are limited, that is when the talented get the most out of their creativity.  This seems to be the case here, Bruno, the self confessed fan of shmups (shoot ’em ups) has produced a title that is less of a bullet hell and has options for customisation and other RPG elements.

If you haven’t guessed by now, I strongly recommend Mactabilis.  At £2.99 you’ll get a solid game that has already received several new features and updates.  Once I get home, I shall be spend the next few hours before bedtime, getting fully immersed in this world.

Let me know what you think of this game if you have a go yourself.  Is it all I said it would be?

Also, Joystiq have done an excellent interview which gives a bit more insight into what Mactabilis is all about.

Doom Behind You

Dabs Technical Glossary: The Gaming Edition

It’s easy to enjoy the gaming experience without understanding all the terms and definitions used.  But once you do understand the most common terms, it opens you up to an even greater appreciation of some the games that you have enjoyed.  And you’ll be better equipped to speak to others about the games you enjoy playing.  We’ve put together a short guide, on some of the most common terms, which I think will at the very least be helpful for a few.  Let’s get straight into it:

The Mirror Edge protagontist in a model view
The Mirror Edge protagonist in a model view

Models:  Models are the digital shapes of everything you see on screen in a game.  Depending on the game and it’s level of detail, models can be very complex and highly detailed, but they don’t usually include any colour schemes or detailing.  When a model is finalised, the textures are added to it as well as colour.  Textures are designed to give colour to everything you see within the game afterwards.

HUD:  HUD stands for Heads Up Display.  The Heads Up Display is anything that you can see on the screen while you are playing the game.  For example this could be information that is in the game such as health, the weapon of choice, ammunition, and a map.  Because there is so many different genres of games and so many innovations in each genre, every HUD is unique.  Good HUDs that are created by developers can really make all the difference to the accessibility and overall quality of the game.

: Gameplay is a general term that refers to anything you can do in a game. Gameplay features can include shooting, jumping, buying and selling in-game items, and interacting with Non-Player Controlled (NPC) characters.  A game with a high number of available gameplay features gives the majority of gamers a unique experience.  When executed well, this is can make for a more interactive and fun game to play.

Doom's First Person Shooter perspective (FPS)
Doom's First Person Shooter perspective (FPS)

FPS (First Person Shooter)First Person Shooters are an extremely popular genre of videogames.  In this genre, you see through the eyes of your character, typically with a weapon in hand.  In a number of FPS games, your character has no dialogue at all.  This is done so that any reaction your character may have is imagined by you.  This tactic is most often used to immerse the player further into the story, allowing you project as much of your own creation onto the character as your imagination allows.   A few of the most popular FPS titles include Call of Duty, Halo and Doom.

RPG (Role-Playing Game)
: In Role-Playing Games, you control one or more characters, and every attribute about them.  This means that while you play the game, your character(s) may get stronger, faster, gain intelligence, or improve in a number of other skills.  Most RPG’s are based in fantasy worlds and can take cues from popular mythology.  This genre specialises in creating very large and interactive environments for the player to explore and to utilise a very wide range of items and weapons.  Games of this genre typically take a long time to complete and have good replay value.

That a briefly look at some of the terms you may come across, this I would say is level one.  Of course there is so much more we can go through and I expect this will make up a future blog post.

Please let me know what you think and if there are any other areas or terms you would like covered.  If this is the first level, what term do you suggest should make up level 2 of this gaming terms guide?