Angry Birds

The phenomenon of Angry Birds

It’s weird to think but Angry Birds has only been around a little over a year.  It made its first appearance in December 2009 for the iOS and it wasn’t until September 2010 that the beta version appeared on Android.

In this this short space of time it has become a phenomenal success, with over 50 million downloads so far across all platforms.  The main title has been supplemented by Angry Birds Seasons which has been updated for Halloween, Christmas and most recently Valentine’s Day.  Who’s to say there won’t be a release for Easter, St’ George’s Day or even the Royal Wedding.

But sales of the game isn’t all there has been; board games, plush toys and talk of a movie suggest that this will be a title that keeps on giving.  Indeed, there is talk of a sequel already in the works and it promises a fresh concept that brings an innovative gameplay to even more platforms including consoles and a new multiplayer option.

In essence, Angry Birds is an incredibly simple game, you basically slingshot a projectile at a collapsible target.  So what makes this game so special?  One of the most crucial factors for any game or story is the main characters.  The unlikely scenario of egg stealing green pigs being attacked by kamikaze angry birds seems to have really caught the imagination of casual gamers’.  Add to this the improbable construction abilities of the mischievous hungry swine, the colourful animation and catchy audio and Rovio the game developer was onto a mobile gaming classic.

It’s difficult to see what more Rovio will be able to add.  I don’t know anyone that doesn’t have Angry Birds on their phone (though that may be more of a reflection of who I hang out with) though there’s little doubt that there is a hunger for more. When Angry Birds updates come through, the release is widely reported on blogs and throughout the Twitterverse. Even during the Superbowl a code was hidden within a trailer for a new film about birds which initially led to rumours of an Angry Birds Rio game.

I wonder what new surprises there will be in-store for the new Angry Birds.  An element of multiplayer seems to be an opportunity that Rovio have yet to explore fully within this game.  Perhaps one player can be a pig and construct their building whilst your friend is a bird general that chooses from a limited selection of troops.  No doubt there’ll be at least one new type of bird. My guess is a purple goose that bounces for double impact or perhaps a white woodpecker that is superfast and blast through several planks at a time.  Admittedly, those ideas are lame but I’m not a game designer so that’s not a problem.  Either way, it’ll be interesting to see what they come up with and even more interesting to see how this story progresses.

Let me know what you guys would like to see. Perhaps the pigs will get reinforcements from a wild boar or something of the like or perhaps even the buildings will become more intricate?Maybe Rovio will take advantage of the 3D technology that seems to be gathering pace?  Share your ideas and we’ll see who manages to come closest.

And for a bit of fun have a look at this Angry Birds playable cake, what a great birthday treat.