World Cup Fallout, Frozen Britain and Bully Drops 10 Deals!

“Snow is falling, all around me!”

Unless you have literally been living under a rock this week then you will have, in some way or another, been affected by this snow! What better way to sum that up than in the immortal words of Shakin’ Stevens! Dabs has been affected too with some members of staff not being able to get in and so its all hands on deck – so you’ll be pleased to know (Debra) it’s a short blog today!

The whole country has been gripped by the Snow this week with not only the transport network and school infrastructure grinding to a holt but as usual the news networks went weather crazy! If you didn’t watch the Charlie Brooker’s Newswipe News Coverage Of “Frozen Britain” piece from earlier in the year, then this is a perfect time to check it out! General slippy hilarity and the over-exaggerated media view of the cold snap!

Away from being typically British and chatting about the weather, the rest of the week has been dominated by two pieces of news:  Julian Assange becoming a household name with the most recent secret file leaks via the WikiLeaks website, and of course the news that despite having a “excellent remarkable presentation” (Sepp Blatter’s words) they opted to give World Cup 2018 to Russia…there are no words.

Onto the good news now, and its all dabs.com related! Last week’s month end FREEBIE FRENZY went so well we have decided to carry on with one of them and bring in a new one!

  • FREE Delivery on ALL External Hard Drives during December
  • FREE Microsoft Compact Mouse with ALL Laptops and Netbooks (worth £18)

Once again, these are limited time offers, so be quick and capitalise in time for Christmas! As if that wasn’t enough, we are SO committed to getting you the best deals and the best prices that we have reintroduced the Price Match Challenge in time for Christmas!



It’s been another busy week for new products hitting the web in time for Christmas; first up we have the two new Seagate Barracuda Green 3.5” Hard Drives with SATA 6Gb/s interface – available in 2TB and 1.5TB capacities. The new Barracuda LP family offer a low-power drive with rock-solid performance and whisper-quiet, super-cool operation.

Also made available this week is the new range of ReadyNAS Ultra 2’s from Netgear. The ReadyNAS Ultra series are twice as fast as legacy ReadyNAS products and offer the most flexibility for those who want to store, share and protect your prized multimedia collections. The Diskless model starts at £289.99.

Zotac have also released new additions to their Z-Box Mini-PC/Barebone range including the DVD-RW versions of their hugely successful Blu-Ray models – the full range can now be seen here.



The machine that is Challenge Dunc rolled on against this week with both ‘Price Match Challenges’ and specific deal requests coming to the email inbox – keep them coming, Christmas is looming!

Bully is all fired up this weekend as a little bird told him this weekend was gonna be a stonker for online sales so he’s rolled out the big guns for you!

Iiiiiin 1! Freecom 320GB XXS Mobile Drive, was £55, now under £37!

Iiiiiin 2! Gigabyte Ultimate Self-Build PC Bundle, now with £70 off, just £379.98!

Iiiiiin 3! Kingston HyperX 6GB (3x2GB) DDR3 Memory, currently £99.99, get £30 off with Bully!

Iiiiiin 4! Synology DS210J 2-Bay NAS Server , £10 Off already and now, £5 extra off – under 135!

Iiiiiin 5! Samsung 1.5TB G3 Station Desktop Hard Drive, currently £64.99 – now with £5 off!

Iiiiiin 6! OCZ Technology 120GB Vertex 2 Solid State Drive, currently £169.99 – now with £5 off!

Iiiiiin 7! Asus GeForce GTX 470 Graphics Card, currently £179.99 – get £5 off this weekend!

Iiiiiin 8! Asus O!Play HD2 HD Media Player, currently £99.99 – stream for less with £5 off!

Iiiiiin 9! Iomega 500GB eGo Portable Ruby Red USB 3.0 currently £59.99, yours with £5 off!

Iiiiiin 10! Asus Intel Ultimate Motherboard & CPU Bundle, with £10 off, now £339.98!

Keep spreading the word of the blog, offers and dabs in general, and remember that if you buy a deal you could WIN A BUNDLE (see last week for details) – send me examples of you getting the word out and I’ll send you a download code for Lost Planet 2!


Enjoy one of the last few weekends before Christmas, and the snow while you don’t have to travel to work! If you do get snowed in, or want to hide from the cold weather, then ensure you keep warm with our HOT Christmas deals in the Christmas Store.

This weekend I intend to mourn not only the failed World Cup bid but also a comic legend! Time to dust off my copies of Airplane and the Naked Gun films and pay tribute to the legend Leslie Nielson who sadly died this week at the age of 84 – hence the quote!