Indie Game of the Week: Drunken Wizard

Wizards are just like you and me, most like to socialise and when they do they have a dance, a sing-song and maybe even a drink or two. In fact there are some among the wizarding community, just like the non-wizarding community, that on the odd occasion can underestimate the potency of an intoxicating beverage. Now being drunk and magically endowed can be rather interesting, far from being a problem, it can be rather entertaining, as you might imagine.

Drunken Wizard is an excellent indie game (it took 1st place in the Build & Win Construct 2 Contest) that begins to explore some of the scenarios an inebriated wizard might encounter. One of the main issues is how to get some distance between yourself and an angry girlfriend, that just needs some time and space to cool off a little. The game itself is a short play through but there are a couple of different routes you can take to completion. Your main attack will be to shoot fireballs but there is also a staff that can be picked up to use as a secondary weapon.  Power-ups will appear when you kill enemies that help add extra burn to those fireballs.  All in all, it’s a game well worth your attention and a concept that has a wealth of potential.

If you’d like to give a go, click here. And if you’d just like to take a look, check out the video below.

For more information on Drunken Wizard and more indie games, visit Indie Games the weblog.

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