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Indie Game of the Week: Gunpoint

I struggle not to start most of the posts in this series, with some sort of statement on how Indie Game developers form the nucleus of creativity in gaming and how their freedom from the constraints of big studios expectations means that they can push innovative gameplay.

This time around, I’m going to skip all that ( :-p), and get straight to what is shaping up to be a truly challenging and rewarding indie game title. What I will say is that, like a lot of Indie developers Tom has taken a great deal of time to engage his prospective audience, by creating a solid blog and regularly updating his YouTube page with the progress of his game development. That he provides so much commentary is very endearing and he even asks how much he should charge for this title, if at all.

Gunpoint is still in the works but from the trailer you’ll get a pretty solid idea of how the final product will look and play.

I’m going to attempt to give a written explanation of the distinct game mechanics but I’ll keep it brief because the video does a better job than any number of words. Essentially it is a puzzle game mixed with a bit of espionage and a dash of shooting. That may not sound amazing in itself but just take a look.

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