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Indie Game of the Week #2 – Magicka: perhaps one to revisit?

This is the second instalment of the weekly series Indie Game of the Week.  The first can be found here, which took a look at Bastion.

It’s safe to say that the majority of us will be into one or all of the following: Star Trek, Star Wars, Monty Python, 300 and anything to do with myth and sorcery. Anyone not accounted for in that list? Great.  So that’s a good starting point as to why you may well be interested in Magicka.   Now let’s move on to the next feature you’ll like, the gameplay mechanics.

In Magicka, rather than pressing a button or selecting what magic spell you would like to cast, as you would do in Fable or Final Fantasy, you perform an incantation through skilled movements of your fingers through magical teachings.  This is an art form commonly known as typing, but nonetheless, it does present a strong characteristic of gameplay that is not found in many different games of this genre and it fits in really well with the overall style too.

This initially can sound a little complicated but it actually becomes pretty intuitive very quickly.  Fire and the various other elements are assigned to a key.  Fire is F, Cold is R and Lightning is the A key.  Then you’re able to stack the elements up to five times to boost the resulting power output, delivering more damage to those that were foolish enough to cross you.  When you become confident and begin experimenting, you can combine your elemental attacks for even more devastating and spectacular carnage.  For example, a combination of Cold, Lightning and Arcane unleashes a beam that’s ideal for foes hemmed into a narrow corridor such as a bridge or between two high-sided hills.

Whilst this should all sound like the making of a very satisfying RPG, Magicka suffered terribly from some hideous glitches when it was first released.  Lag would quite likely be the least of your worries, as the law of physics seemed not to apply at all in some instances and if they did, they were lethal.

The all powerful creators of the Magicka world have since addressed this, made improvements and added some of the more crucial laws of thermodynamics that we frequently take for granted.  Now is a great time to give this game another chance and if you haven’t tried it already, you may find that it rewards you handsomely.

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