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Indie Game of the Week: Runescape

Everyone has time to engage with an online multiplayer game every now and then, and Runescape is not one to miss. Gaining 156 million accounts in its ten year life-span, Runescape never ceases to impress and we felt it was about time it got a revisit after years of updates and expansions.

Although the game begins slowly (but then again, how many games do you really enjoy the tutorial missions for?), once you get your first ‘level up’ you’ll feel a need to keep coming back for more. The choice of becoming a magic, melee or ranged attack expert, through area-specific levelling up also allows for a greater level of strategy when choosing your next opponent in player vs player combat (magic is strongest against melee, melee is strongest against ranged and ranged is strongest against magic).

And don’t be afraid that you’ll get tired of repetitive gameplay, the usual repeating of the same mission over and over in order to level up is not necessary; Runescape offers a huge mixture of different mini-games and quests across the fantasy world. Personal favourites include quests from the mildly insane ‘Ali Morrisane’ who sends you as part of the Rogue Trader task, into the trading side of Runescape and also the large magnitude of mini-games, varying from su-duko to battling other players in the duelling arena – within which players are able to stake items as bets before entering battle. The Free-2-Play section of the game is huge and delivers nearly everything you would have thought you could ever need from an online game. However, once the monthly subscription is paid, the user is entered into a world three times the size of that available to the none-subscription users and is able to learn skills only available to those who have paid – making what is already a good game rather remarkable for a relatively low cost.

From fighting evil wizards to gatherings of goblins, Runescape offers us yet another brilliant insight to the pixelated world of online fantasy. It’s great to see an old game learning new tricks – Runescape has lost none of its original magic and yet feels in no way dated. This one was definitely worth the revisit.

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