Sci-Fi and our future!

Your favourite Sci-Fi movie of all time:

Our recent Facebook poll asking you what the greatest Sci-Fi of all time was – indicated that The Matrix was the most popular. I personally agree that The Matrix is a classic, even with the terrible sequels tainting its image slightly. It’s got bullet-time, badass action sequences and computers with cranial spikes…what more could you ask for!?

The future influenced by Sci-Fi:

Science fiction is at the heart of any ambitious computer enthusiast. Some would even say that the imaginative portrayal of technology in the Sci-Fi’s of the past have directly inspired products of today.

Take a look at this clip from Star Trek: TNG for example: Picard has what most people nowadays would recognise as an Apple iPad and the other dude has a pair of what could be Microsoft’s rumoured upcoming Kinect glasses.


Other examples would be the Knight Rider’s AI as inspiration for Siri and the UI in Minority Report laying the cool-as-hell-if-it-worked-properly path for the Kinect. (Unfortunately, both those products havent travelled far down the cool-as-hell-if-it-worked-properly path).

Can you think of any other examples? Also, let us know what fictional technology you’d like to see come to life in the future!

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