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Diablo III: worth the wait?

With Diablo III having been on the shelves for over a week, you’ll no doubt have got your hands on a copy if you’re a fan of hack and slash games. There has been a massive amount of excitement and build up to the launch (it has been eleven years since the last one), and this latest version gives fans even more of what they’ve come to expect – frantic button mashing, spells, loot and hordes of monsters.

For anyone too young to remember the original games, the premise is fairly simple. You control one of five characters types (barbarian, demon hunter, monk witch doctor or wizard), and have to make your way through a series of dungeons, fighting hordes of monsters and collecting treasure and weapons. As the monsters get harder your character gains more experience, allowing you to use a range of more powerful attacks and weapons. You can also customise your characters, choosing what they wear and the weapons they use, so you can create someone closely aligned to your playing style.

While the game’s single player mode may not have the most original or involving storyline, for many players this won’t matter. Diablo III features a much talked about multiplayer mode, where you can engage in a co-operative game with up to four other players. It’s here that player customisation really comes into its own, allowing you to create complimentary groups of characters to take on the worst the dungeon can throw at them.  Players can also trade with each other in the game’s auction house, allowing them to get hold of stronger weapons and armour much sooner than they otherwise would.

As a security and anti-piracy measure, and in recognition of the game’s co-op focus, Diablo III requires a permanent internet connection. Of course, you don’t want to have to go back and do a level again due to you connection dropping out, so make sure you’ve got a reliable router or network card. Of course, having the official Diablo III gaming mouse will ensure that you’ve got the hardware in place to keep up with the game’s relentless button bashing!