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Black Ops 2: are you ready for it?

If you thought the excitement couldn’t get any greater than with the original Black Ops, then you were wrong. Announced recently, Black Ops 2 is promising to deliver even more of what fans want. While it might almost be crossing over into Modern Warfare territory with its near-future setting, the chance to blow up giant walking robots and use armed quadcopter drones will be more than most fans can resist. Check out the trailer below for some of these machines in action:

With a release date of November 13th for all versions, you’ve got plenty of time to make sure you get some practice in. Of course, having a machine to match the game’s requirements will mean the experience isn’t ruined by jerky frame rates or crackly sound. While the game’s engine may look similar to the previous version, you can be assured Treyarch will have tweaked the graphics to make it look as good as possible. A new graphics card can give your system the necessary boost to make the game as smooth as possible – take a look at these cards. A bigger monitor can ensure that you don’t miss any of the action, and a first-person shooter specific mouse will stop you blaming your hardware next time you miss that all important shot.  Of course, if you don’t want to alienate your loved ones/family/roommates with the constant sound of gunfire, have a look at a gaming headset. How are you preparing for Black Ops 2? Or is there another game that you’re more excited about? Let us know!