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Inside: Milky Tea Studios

One of our most recent featured indie games Coffin Dodgers is a real treat and perfect to play as a party game with the whole family. We took the time to visit the studio a few weeks back to see where it all happens and get to know some of the great guys working behind the scenes.


A bit of background on the Liverpool-based company ‘Milky Tea Studios’; it was founded by Jonathan Holmes and one other with the focus of bringing together the whole experience of both games development and creativity. They spend their first decade focused on business to business outcomes but now they are shifting to direct to consumers outcomes.

The whole concept of Coffin Dodgers was thought up on a five-day boat trip Jon took with a number of old retirees. It was an amazing experience and made him realise that no matter how old you get we all want to make the most of the life we’ve got.

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Human Resource Machine – Indie Game of the Week

I guess you can say I’m quite a fan of the work done by Tomorrow Corporation and it’s hard not to be after some really awesome Indie games (World of Goo & Little Inferno).

“Program little office workers to solve puzzles. Be a good employee! The machines are coming… for your job. From the creators of World of Goo and Little Inferno.”

Following on from the beautiful art style of their previous games I was happy to see they’ve continued it. As well the graphically style they have also kept the fun little playful sound effects.

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