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Indie Game of the Week: Mari0

Ever wished a wish that seemed so implausible that even mentioning it to your closest confident was too risky, as it would likely result in prolonged mockery at your expense?

As a kid, I once considered who was better out of Mario and Sonic. Nowadays kids are quite spoilt and you have irritating crossovers where Mario and Sonic compete in Olympic events. Answer me this, how is that tubby plumber ever realistically supposed to keep up in a sprint against a blue hedgehog who can run so fast that his name is typically used before boom or after super? I could continue my rant, but that would be unbecoming, so let’s focus on the positive.

Occasionally an indie developer will happen across an idea so beautiful and seemingly simple that they are captivated by the concept and are forced to bring it through to fruition. This has been the case in the creation of Mari0, which put in the most simple terms is the answer to the question of, what would happen if, in Super Mario Bros. Mario was able to use a Portal gun?

And this is a true answer, as the developer Stabyourself has completed a full recreation of the Original Super Mario Bros., and equipped the Nintendo veteran with an Aperture Science Handheld portal device.  The game also features a four-player co-op, a level editor, 33 different Mario hats, Minecraft style toolbar and a bunch of other tweaks, edits, adjustments and modifications.  If the thought of this alone hasn’t whetted your appetite then this video will, because it shows how a classic can be re-awesomed by tenderly shoving some modern in its face.

This game is free to download but there are still a few teething problems so be patient and check the forum for solutions to known problems, if this does run smoothly, it’ll be pure joy.

Mario music star

Top Five Gaming Soundtracks

With the upcoming ‘Distant Worlds’ concert at the Royal Albert Hall celebrating the music from the Final Fantasy series and the recently passed Legend of Zelda: 25th Anniversary Symphony in London’s Hammersmith Apollo, it got me thinking about how much a good soundtrack can really impact a gaming experience.

Therefore, in true internet-list fashion, here’s my top five videogame soundtracks OF ALL TIME:

Super Mario World (SNES)

Possibly the most iconic videogame music ever made, the original theme music from Super Mario World was such a bar-setter that I simply couldn’t afford to leave it out. There’s also been some great renditions and remixes of the theme as well, from rap to classical music. Have a listen to this Super Mario Bros. Medley by the Eminence Symphony Orchestra.

The Legend of Zelda- Ocarina of Time (N64 and now 3DS)

Music has always been an important feature in the Zelda games over the years, but none of them made more use of it then in the N64s ‘Ocarina of Time’. Equipped with a magical ocarina, the character’s use of music literally moves the plot forward and I think is one of the main reasons to why it is frequently voted as the best game of all time. Here is The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Saria’s Song.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS2)

Originally, I was going to include Vice City, but in the end I realised that not only was I going to feature San Andreas, but it needed to standout on its own as well. Set in the early 90s, also known as the golden age for American West-Coast gangster rap, in a sense your character lives out the song lyrics as you cruise around in your low rider ‘straight pimping’. Here’s the classic by Dr Dre Nuthin but a G Thang.

Final Fantasy VII (PS-ONE)

Final Fantasy VII is a great game with a great soundtrack. No doubt some of the tracks from this game will feature at the ‘Distant Worlds’ concert at the Royal Albert Hall. Here’s Cloud’s Theme.

Gran Turismo (PSONE)

I think a lot of people forget how cool some games were when they were first released and the first Gran Turismo on Playstation is a perfect example of this. You could drive and modify almost any car available at the time and it had a great selection of music to go with it. Listening to Feeder whilst flying along in a souped-up Nissan Skyline was one of my personal highlights!


Just because I’ve a soft spot for all things Street Fighter, here’s one of the more contemporary classics from Marvel vs Capcom 2.

Think I’ve missed anything? Feel free to comment below.


Distant Worlds- Music from Final Fantasy
Royal Albert Hall- 5th November

The Music of Zelda-25th October