Dunc's Missing!

Where is Dunc? Help! Components guru missing in action!

Its official, Dunc has left the building!! The desk of the bushy eye-browed one is looking sadly empty and someone has already nicked his chair!  Hang on, calm down, before you start to panic and dig your black arm bands out you can breathe a sigh of relief as he’s only taken a few days annual leave. Yes, he’s been working his little Nvidia branded socks* off so much that we’ve decided he deserves a (small) break. For this week I’m afraid you’re stuck with me but rest assured normal service will be resumed next week.

(*Dunc has a variety of socks and has no preference to NVidia or any other brand)8GB iPod Touch

Now, I’m not going to pretend to be a product expert like Dunc, nor can I promise you witty antidotes about big breakfasts, kilts and curries but what I can offer you are great deals and a cracking competition. I’ve rifled through Dunc’s stash of goodies and if you place an order between now and Bonfire night you could be in with a chance of winning an 8GB iPod Touch. Simply place your order and email Dunc at duncsdeals@dabs.com your order number. He’ll enter you into the draw and will announce the lucky winner in his blog next week.

So, what’s new at Dabs? Well, last week we hosted the annual Dabs Diamond Awards where we awarded your favourite manufacturers a prestigious Diamond Award. Thousands of you voted and on the night we had all your favourite brands there gagging to know who the winners were. Check out our winners list to see if your favourite brand won. If they didn’t make it this year make sure you vote for them next year!

The awards must have put us in a good mood as this week we’ve gone promotion crazy with offers on Storage, laptops and a range of Sony products. If storage is your thing then check out our latest storage deals in our Storage Spectacular. There’s something for everyone with 2TB internal drives from £72.99, 1TB external storage at just £54.99 and SSD at £144.99 for 128GB. If you’re on the look out for a new laptop or netbook, we’ve got some great deals in our Pricecrash at the moment starting with netbooks at £223 up to an Acer Core i5 at just £597.99. My favourite is actually the Core i3 Acer at £419.99 and the way they’re flying out this week I don’t think that I’m the only one.  

Storage Spectacular

If Sony is the only brand for you then you’ll love their VAT back promo which they launched this week.  There’s a range of products from laptops and touchscreen PCs to digital cameras and LCD TVs. Buy before the 24th December and Sony will refund the VAT you pay. We’re a bit light on stock at the moment but rest assured it will be here soon!

We’ve also had a busy week preparing for the launch of our Christmas store. Yes I know it feels like ages off and the fact that it seems to arrive earlier each year is annoying but we know that a lot of you like to get ahead with your shopping so keep checking the site for our Christmas gift ideas. We’ll have something for everyone and if you’re stuck for gift ideas for your very own IT guru why not drop Dunc an email for some suggestions?Mr Frosty

If I’m honest I’m not a big fan of Christmas and yes, I do know that the marketing team call me Scrooge! In my defence I personally think that my dislike of Christmas stems from me not getting the present that I really wanted when I was a kid. Year after year I put it on the list and year after year dear old Santa failed to deliver. What was it you ask? Mr Frosty! That fantastic machine that turned ice into a rather poor excuse for a slush puppy! I appreciate now that I probably would have used it once and then got bored of it but it’s just not the point! Anyway rant over! What have you always wanted for Christmas but never got?   Post your comment below and the most amusing answer will win £200 to spend on whatever they want at Dabs! Originality please – certain female x-factor judges or premiership footballers are Rio Riotnot what we had in mind!

Talking of my childhood, I read this week that Sony are stopping production of the Sony cassette Walkman in Japan. To be honest with you I didn’t realise that they still made them having sold my soul to Apple some years ago but it did get me thinking about my first MP3 player. It was a Rio Riot and weighed a ton but it was 20GB and cost me 50 quid back from Dabs in 2003. I must admit to hiding it in my bag on train journeys and it did need its own generator to charge it but the point is that it got me onto MP3 and I have never looked back.  What was the first piece of tech to make a difference to your life? 

For those of you who always want the latest kit you’ll probably have the new ati 6800 series on your radar. We’ve got a variety of cards in stock in both the 6870 and 6850 ranges. Check them out today.

And finally talk moves back to Christmas (bah humbug) with Dunc’s very own Synology Santa promo. Simply buy the Synology 2 bay Nas and each week one lucky buyer will win two 1TB hard drives. This promo is running until the 28th November so there’s plenty of time to win!

That’s it from me. Enjoy your weekend and don’t forget to put your clocks back an hour!

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    "All this wine nonsense! You get all these wine people, don't you? Wine this, wine that. Let's have a bit of red, let's have a bit of white. Ooh, that's a snazzy bouquet. Oh, this smells of, I don't know, basil. Sometimes you just want to say, sod all this wine, just give me a pint of...mineral water." - Alan Partridge

    15 thoughts on “Where is Dunc? Help! Components guru missing in action!

    1. Every year, what did I want for Christmas? An older brother. Doh. It took me a good few years to realise it was never going to happen…

    2. Well thats me out of a job!! Loving the blog post Michelle! :-)

      Hope everyone has been getting their orders on to stand a chance of winning the iPod! Cant believe you rifled through my stash of goodies, nice find!!!

      Back to the office tomorrow – a much enjoyed break! (PS if anyone is waiting for game vouchers/email responses i’ll be getting to you first thing in the morning).

      I always wanted a Space Hopper or a swing ball, never got either!

    3. I had an older brother so I wished I didn’t when I was young :p (of course we get along now), for chirstmas one year all I wanted was a Megadrive I was going on about it endlessly from June that year. Christmas came and there was a nice big box under the tree, I opened it and I practically went insane when I saw a Sega………. Mastersystem box. Needless to say I was in a bad mood until a few minutes later I sort of settled down and opened the box (figuring it was better than nothing) they had only gone and put a Megadrive in the Mastersystem box I went insane again plugged it in played Sonic for 2 weeks straight then stopped and it was left collecting dust for about 6 months.

      1. All i have ever wanted is trouble/stress free Christmas- the old fashioned way
        not so commercial- and all people to think about the homeless /destitute
        not about themselves- go on give a bit back for Christmas

    4. I used to look through the Littlewoods catalogue and drool over the Johnny Seven gun. It was completely out of this world! Those 7 different weapons on one toy rifle – and some of them I never knew existed!

    5. I also wanted a Mr Frosty and never got him :( Though I did manage to get the Tin Can Alley shooting range which I’d patiently waited all year for only for my older brother to bags first go on it and then swiftly broke the site off it first go. I was peed off for weeks after while taking skelly shots at the ‘tin’ targets imaging his ugly mug on it. The year after I got my beloved Bontempi organ (yeah it was the 70s) and guess who wanted first dibs on it again? Stupidly I thought surely it can’t happen again, but yes he broke the C major Key and I clonked on that stupid thing for years. The moral of the story is ‘If it ain’t broke it ain’t xmas’.

      1. Ah a blast from the past – a Bontempi organ! I had one too which my auntie gave me. I drove my parents mad as I am not musical at all. Anyone under the age of 25 is probably wondering what on earth we are on about!

    6. i always wanted a pair of roller skates but never got them, always first on my xmas list
      the annoying thing was my sister got a pair one year for xmas and she wouldnt let me use them.
      she then decided that i could have one of the skates and she the other, i was over the moon grinning away :) off we set one skate each i went down on my rear end and broke my little finger !!! never wanted skates again lol..

    7. ZX Spectrum. Oh god, sitting in front of our one and only telly for days and days over the christmas holiday as the snow fell outside, typing in the magic incantations from the little manual. Now, with a PhD in Computing, a degree in Artificial Intelligence, and working at an IT company, I’d say that that little machine made my favourite present, and answered your question of most life-changing present. While the rest of my family sat around and spoke in hushed tones of me getting square eyes, or becoming anti-social, I was training for my future life. Sadly my future life is often going round to their houses to fix their technology because they were too scared of it when they had the opportunity to learn it. 😀 Great article Michelle. I’d have gone for a Sodastream over a Mr. Frosty though 😉

    8. lol my Mrs always said she wanted a Mr Frosty haha poor children rofl

      Myself I always wanted scalextric, every xmas for years I hoped to unwrap it…..never happend =( lol

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