Your favourite PC game of all time is…

Recently, we asked our Facebook fans what their favourite PC game of all time was….(drumroll)…

Minecraft took first place and was followed by League of Legends and Train Simulator 2012. Yes, you read that right… Train Simulator 2012 is your third favourite PC game of all time!

Surprisingly, these flew past popular games such as Half-Life 2, GTA: San Andreas and Crysis.

 This leads us to the conclusion that you like trains and building blocks.

However, not everyone agreed with this. For example, David Finch said “How in Gods Hell did TS2012 even get on the list of best game ever? lol.” (voted for Pong). If you also disagree, you can still vote for your favourite and we will update this post if the results change. Click here for the full results and to vote if you haven’t already!

Also, feel free to rant in the comments section below!

    One thought on “Your favourite PC game of all time is…

    1. I definitely agree, as I added Minecraft to the list in the first place.
      Even though I do like the game, and it is very good. I base that purely on the fact that I’ve played it now for well over a year almost every day, which must mean I like it.

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