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Can I change the date or other information on an invoice?

Read on if you'd like to know...

  • If you can change the information on an invoice.

In Brief...

  • When your order is despatched, we produce an invoice which is emailed to you if you've set that as a preference on your account.
  • Unfortunately, we're not able to change any of the information printed on the invoice, including the date.

Further information
The information on the invoice (including the date) is tied in to our computer system. For this, and for legal reasons, we are NOT able to change any of the information on it. This includes the invoice date.

To set your account so that you can get invoices automatically, log into your account by clicking the "My Dabs" tab near the top left corner of our web site. When you've logged into your account, scroll to "other options" section at the bottom and click "Edit communication preferences". On the next screen there's an option to opt to get electronic invoices.