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Monitors and Towers: Which are compatible?

Why we don't bundle

As you may have noticed, our Desktop PCs aren't bundled in with Monitors. This is for a number of reasons, the most important being that we want to give you the most choice possible when it comes to designing your perfect PC. However, we know that for some of you who may be new to buying Monitors and Towers separately, the staggering choice Dabs provides can seem rather daunting. That's why we decided to write this little how-to guide for choosing a Monitor to compliment your new PC Tower.

A brand for all seasons

From Acer to Zalman, Apple to Zoostorm, the sheer range of Monitors and PCs we provide can seem daunting. As we said before, we are committed to giving you complete freedom to choose your perfect set up.

However, our strength can be a weakness, as we are often confronted with a number of emails all asking a very similar and incredibly valid question: Is (x) Monitor compatible with (y) Tower?

This is a great question. Some of us here at Dabs are Mac users and have never even had to contemplate the different choices of Monitors, let alone the thousands of different brands and models on offer. So how do you know which one to choose?

Essentially, it's all in the connection.

Monitors and Towers will have specific 'Display/Video' ports, sometimes VGA, sometimes DVI, maybe even HDMI every so often. To work out which Monitor is compatible with your prospective Tower, refer to this handy spec...

Tower Specs

...Highlighted in red is the Display/Video spec, in this case VGA, so having found that out it's just a case of finding a monitor that has the same Output spec, like this one for example...

Monitor Specs

...We even have the option of searching Monitors by their connection type, making it even easier to make the right choice for you.

Other than that, and buying a cable which fits the specs also (again, refer to specs of Tower and Monitor, and some Monitors come with cables anyway), the rest is all up to you and anything goes. Fancy a 30inch Monitor? So long as the connection matches it makes no odds with the machine (it may make some odds with your eyes, though).

Happy building!



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