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Thermal Radar 2
Real Time Temperature Detection and Heat Removal

Thermal Radar 2 allows you to monitor your system’s temperature whilst removing unwanted heat making for a longer lasting and reliable system.
This feature allows you to assess and report on the thermal status of your system. It also allows you to use Thermistor cables which measure the temperature of devices. Not only that but you have complete fan control and customisation with this Motherboard. With up to 8 fan holders you can adjust and customise each fan as well as quickly switch between different fan profiles on demand.
Thermal Armor
Enhances Thermal Conviction and Customise Air Flow
The unique Thermal Armor design on the TUF Motherboards enhances thermal conviction. It covers key areas with directed airflow and makes temperatures stay low for improved stability in all environments.
It does this by the I/O fan drawing in cold air and redirects hot air away from essential components.This Motherboard now benefits from a new adjustable flow valve. When open, this valve allows for better cooling over the VRM heat sinks. When closed it directs the air the full length of the high efficiency heat-pipe and heatsink array, to remove maximum heat away. This is a great feature for water cooling systems.
Durability Guaranteed
TUF Component: Japanese-Made 10K Black Metallic Caps
TUF now goes Micro ATX with Z87 GRYPHON
Now have the option of the Gryphon Z87 Armor Kit
Guaranteed Service - 5 Year Warranty

The ultimate reliability of TUF Series is not only based on advanced thermal design, military-standard components and strict reliability tests, but also on the 5 Years Warranty* which is proudly provided.
* This service will follow the local standard and service policy.
** This service only covers failures or malfunctions that occur during the warranty period and under normal use conditions, as well as any material or workmanship defects.

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  Asus SABERTOOTH Z87 S1150 Intel Z87 DDR3 ATX Asus SABERTOOTH Z87 S1150 Intel Z87 DDR3 ATX
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  Asus GRYPHON Z87 S1150 Intel Z87 DDR3 mATX Asus GRYPHON Z87 S1150 Intel Z87 DDR3 mATX
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**Be advised that some features are subject to specific models