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Corsair iSeries: Get In Control With Corsair Link

Corsair iSeries: Get in control with Corsair Link

What is Corsair Link & iSeries?

Corsair Link is a revolutionary technology which is unique to the Corsair iSeries components, that let you monitor and control your PC's components directly from Windows, and customise your rig in ways never before possible.

Upgrade your PC with iSeries components, such as an AXi Series power supply, a Hydro Series H80i or H100i liquid CPU cooler, and even Dominator Platinum memory, and take full command of your system. You can view real-time energy usage, fine-tune the cooling, and even customise the lighting in your rig. The only limit is your imagination.

Corsair Link Compatible Products

The new design will look great in your current system -- or your next build -- and the user-swappable light bar lets you customize the LED lighting to match your rig. You even can connect Dominator Platinum to the Corsair Link system to monitor temperature and activity. It's memory with both muscle and finesse.


Still Want More? Take Full System Control with Corsair Link Kits

If you want to take full control of your sustem and not just your iseries components then you can upgrade toCorsair Link by using the dedicated Corsair Link Commander. You can add the Lighting Node to control up to3 LED lights in your system, the Cooling Node to control up to 5 fans and monitor hardware temps with 3 sensorsand the GPU Node to monitor the PCI-E Graphics power usage.

Multiple nodes can be added for all of theseto increase your control possibilities. If you opt for just an iseries product then you have the option to adda limited number of nodes to that device, without the need for the Link Commander.

Corsair Link and AXi Series PSUs

Corsair Link and PC Cooling

Corsair Dominator Platinum Memory

  Corsair Link GPU Node Corsair Link GPU Node
Mfr#: CL-9011104-WW
Due in 5-7 days £21.87  


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